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Family Sheet

Name: Joseph H. O''dell Note Born: Abt 1869 at Laurel County ? , , , Kentucky Married: at Mercer County, , , Illinois ? Died: Father: Elisha Jordan (jordan) O''dell Mother: Hannah Williams
Name: Emily O''dell" Note Born: 1870 at Illinois, , , Died:
Name: Susie F. O''dell Born: Abt 1893 at Illinois, , , Died:
Name: Glenn O''dell Born: Abt 1894 at Illinois, , , Died:
1). bobspu.ged BIO Compiler has bent the rules of reliable research in placing this individual in the family group of Elisha Jordan and Hannah O DELL. There is no documentation to support this assignment of parents. Joseph H. O DELL appears on the 1910 census for Mercer County, IL. He gives his place of birth as KY. His age, on the microfilm, is smudged, but it could be either 41 or 47. This could be the son of either Elisha Jordan O DELL or of Elisha s son, Nathaniel O DELL. Hannah WILLIAMS O DELL reportedin 1900 that she had given birth to 11 children, but not all of them had survived. Nathaniel, her first child, was married in 1868 when he was only about 20 years of age. On the 1860 census, Hannah was 25 years of age. She could have easily been young enough to have had Joseph in 1869. Hannah LICKLITER , Nathaniel s wife was reported to be 31 years old at the time of her marriage to Nathaniel, her second husband. She, too, could have been the mother of Joseph. In 1910, Mercer County, IL, Joseph H. is shown as the head of his own household in Perryton Township. His wife, Emily, is listed as 40 years of age, born in IL. A 16 year old son, Glenn, was also born in IL. Under the marital status question, Emily is classifed as married 20 years Joseph s classification is a bit confusing. It reads 2M, 20 years. Compiler was not clear as to the meaning of the 2 M it could mean that Joseph was married twice, or it could mean that Joseph was the second husband of Emily. Although Emily says she was born inIL and Joseph was born in KY, Glenn s place of birth of father reads IL , place of birth of mother reads KY. Compiler assumes this was simply an error on the part of the enumerator in switching the places of birth. Also in Perryton Township, compiler found, in the household of William F. MANNING, a Susie F. O DELL, 17, Servant , b. IL. Susie s father was born in KY, her mother in IL. Compiler suspects this is a daughter of Joseph H. and Emily O DELL. Susie s marital status was Single. It would have been helpful if compiler could have compared 1900 and 1910 census records for Nathaniel s household and Joseph s household. This might have provided answers to some of the questions concerning Joseph s parentage. Unfortunately, compiler did not find Joseph in Mercer County in 1900 although Nathaniel did appear on the 1900 census in the county, his wife was listed as Eliza O DELL and the couple reported that they had been married 0 years. Hannah LICKLITER O DELL s responses to the number ofchildren she had had might have given some clue to whether she was the mother of Joseph O DELL. Evidently, Hannah had died before 1900 or she and Nathaniel were divorced, and Nathaniel had remarried by that time. Since it is not known when Elisha Jordanand Nathaniel O DELL left Laurel County, KY, the county of Joseph s birth is uncertain, as well. Compiler did not find either of the two men on the Laurel County census records for 1870, but some church records indicated that E.J. had been in the county later than 1860. Whether the family resided somewhere other than Laurel County before going on to IL is not known. REF 1. U.S. Census 1910 IL Mercer Co. Perryton Twp. ED 76 Sheet 11 147 147. MF T624 0311. 2. U.S. Census 1900 IL Mercer Co. Millersburg Twp. ED 74 Sheet 13 282 282. MF 623 330. 3. U.S. Census 1900 IL Mercer Co. Millersburg TwpED 74 Sheet 11 224 224. MF 623 330. Source Elizabeth Ann Gilchrist Jun 1998 O Dell.GED
2).  bobspu.ged  REF  1.  U.S. Census 1910 IL  Mercer Co.  Perryton Twp.  ED  76  Sheet  11   147  147.  MF  624 0311. 2.  U.S. Census 1910 IL  Mercer Co.  Perryton Twp.  ED  76  Sheet  1   9  9.  MF  624 0311. Source  Elizabeth  Ann  Gilchrist Jun 1998 O  Dell.GED


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