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Family Sheet

Name: King Henry I "beauclerc" Plantaganet Of England Note Born: 1070 at Selby, , , Married: Died: 1 Dec 1135 at Lyons La Foret, , , Normandy Other Spouses: Ansfride Ansfride
Gieva De Tracy
Nesta Ap Rhys
Sibyl (adela) (lucy) Corbet
Countess Isabel De Vermandois Of Leicester
Princess Adelicia Brabant Of Brabant
--- ---
Mrs-henry I, Concubine England
Sibyl (adela) (lucy) Corbet
Mrs-henry I, Concubine England
Sybilla Corbet
Edith Sigulfson
Mrs-henry I, Concubine 4 England
Mrs-henry I, Concubine England
Nest Verch Rhys
Mrs-henry I, Concubine England
Edith Fitzforne Of Greystoke
Gieva De Tracy
Mrs-henry I, Concubine England
Mrs-henry I, Concubine England
Ansfride Mrs-henry I, England
Elizabeth De Bellmont
Princess Matilda Edith Of Scotland
Isabel (elizabeth)de Beaumont
Queen Adeliza Of Louvain
Father: King Guillaume I De Normandie Duke Of Normandy, King Of England Mother: Queen Matilda Flanders Of England
Name: Nest Verch Rhys Born: Died:

1). 1 UPDA 2 DATE 6 AUG 1100 2 PLAC Acceded Westminster Abbey,London, Englan HENRY I 1068 1135 , a king of England, was the youngest son of William the Conqueror. He succeeded his brother William II in 1100. Henry married Matilda, daughter of Malcolm III of Scotland and his wife, Margaret, a member of the Saxon royal house of England. Thus, Henry gained the support of his Saxon subjects and strengthened his descendants claim to the throne. Henry promoted centralized rule and gave the royal courts greater authority. He seized Normandy from his eldest brother, Robert, in 1106 and later prevented Robert s son, William, from taking control of what had been his father s lands. After his own son s tragic death by shipwreck, Henry arranged for his daughter, Matilda, to succeed him. But when Henry died, his nephew Stephen became king. 5 Aug 1100 1 Dec 1135 reign of Henry I of England. He was the youngest son of William the Conqueror. Nicknamed Beauclerc because he could read and write. He was a strong king and quickly took control of England when his brother William Rufus was Killed in the New Forest. When the eldest son, Robert came back from the Crusade he didn t manage to beat Henry and became Henry s prisoner until he died. Henry ruled England well. He married the daughter of the King of Scotland. They had two children William and Matilda. Prince William was drowned in 1120. Henry made the Barons accept Matilda as his heir to become Queen when he died . Matild s cousin Stephen was chosen to be king, this led to civil war and Matilda never became queen Update from Queen s Official Web Site 8 10 97. Henry I After William s death while hunting in the New Forest in 1100, his younger brother, Henry I reigned 1100 35 , succeeded to the throne. By 1106 he had captured Normandy from his brother, Robert, who then spent the last 28 years of his life as his brother s prisoner. An energetic and decisive ruler, Henry centralised the administration of England and Normandy in the royal court, and extended royal powers of patronage. Reigned 1100 1135. Duke of Normandy 1106 1135. His reign is notable for important legal and administrative reforms, and for the final resolution of the investiture controversy. Abroad, he waged several campaigns in order to consolidate and expand his continental possessions. Was so hated by his brothers that they vowed to disinherit him. In 1106 he captured Robert and held him til he died. He proved to be a hard but just ruler. He aparently died from over eating Lampreys! Additional Information Henry I was the youngest son of William the Conqueror. Henry was granted 5000 pounds of silver when William I died. He spent several years shifting loyalties from one brother to the other. This led to the brothers signing a mutual accession treaty to keepHenry from ever holding the crown. When Robert left on the crusade, Henry realized that William s death would result in his gaining the throne. William would later die on a hunting trip, but Henry s involvement is uncertain. Within 3 days of William s death he was crowned king. Robert headed back to Normandy to reclaim it from Henry, but by 1106 Henry had regained Normandy and Robert spent the rest of his life in prison. Henry I married Eadgyth, who later changed her name to Matilda. Matilda had two sons and a daughter. One of the sons died early, and the other, William, died in the wreck of the White ship in 1120. Matilda died in 1118, and Henry remarried, but that marriage produced no children. Henry also had two illegitimate children Robert de Mellent, Earl of Gloucester, and Sibylla, wife of King Alexander I of Scotland. Henry gained his nickname, Beauclerc, because of his education. Beauclerc means great scholar. During his reign, the church protested the king selling appointments to the clergy as a means of gaining money. Henry didn t do much about it until the pope threatened to excommunicate him in 1105. Following this, Henry agreed to stop selling the appointments, but still managed to maintain a deciding voice in the clerical appointments. Henry I made the Norman barons swear allegiance to his niece, Matilda, as the future queen of England. This was doomed to fail, however, and Stephen of Blois would become the next king of England. Henry died in 1135.


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