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Family Sheet

Name: Moses Maverick Note Born: Abt 1610 at England, , , Married: 3 Jan 1646 at , Salem, Essex, Massachusetts Died: 28 Jan 1686 at Marblehead, , , MA Other Spouses: Eunice Cole
Father: John Maverick Mother: Mary Guy
Name: Remember Allerton Note Born: Abt 1613 at Leyden, , , Holland Died: 12 Sep 1655 at Marblehead, , , Mass. Father: Isaac Allerton Mother: Mary Norris
Name: Abigail Maverick Born: Abt 1644-1645 Died: Bef Jan 1685 Husband: Maj. Samuel Ward
Name: Mary Maverick Born: Abt 1640-1641 Died: 24 Feb 1655 at Boston, , , MA
Name: Rebecca Maverick Born: Abt 1639 Died: 4 Nov 1659 at Lynn, , , MA Husband: John Hawkes
Name: Elizabeth Maverick Born: Abt 1646 Died: Bef 30 Sep 1649
Name: Samuel Maverick Born: Abt 1647 Died: Bef 1686
Name: Elizabeth Maverick Born: Abt 1649 Died: Bef 29 Nov 1698 Husband: Thomas Skinner
Name: Remember Maverick Born: Abt 1652 Died: Bef 22 Sep 1693 Husband: Edward Woodman
1). MOSES MAVERICK of Marblehead, Mass., which was origina l l y a part of Salem, is called the son in law of Isaac Al le rt on in the Records of the Massachusetts Bay Colony a s e arl y as 6 May, 1635 from Bradford s History we lear n tha t All erton s daughter Remember was married and livin g at S alem i n 1651 and had three or four children and fr om th e Salem r ecords we know that Maverick had four child ren li ving at th e time Bradford wrote. In the entire abse nce o f any evidenc e to the contrarythere can be, therefo re, n o doubt that be fore 6 May, 1635, Moses Maverick ha d marrie d Remember Aller ton, who came over with her paren ts in th e Mayflower. But we do not have to depend solely on the evidence menti o n ed for proof of this marriage.Among the documents rela ti n g to the settlement of Maverick s estate on file in th e E ss ex County Registry of Probate at Salem. is the appoi ntme nt , on 22 September, 1693 of Edward Woodman as guardi an o f hi s children Remember and John to receivetheir sha re o f thei r grandfather Maverick s estate. On the back o f thi s docume nt is endorsed the following Daughters o f Mose s & Rembe r Maverick. Abigail Wards Children Eliza S kinne r Remember W oodmn decd her Child. Mary Ferguson Sara h Norrim. The illu stration shows the exact size of the o riginal Volume 1, page 149. Case No. 30,618. 130Moses Maverick s Will and Inventory. endorsement, which establishes beyond dispute the fact t h a t Moses Maverick married Remember Allerton. Moses Maverick died at Marblehead 28 January, 1685 6 . H i s will, which he had not signed, was presented for pr oba t e at the court held at Ipswich 30 March, 1686, but so m e o f the children objected to its allowance and the cas e w as p ostponed to the next court to be held at Salem. Th e ne xt re cord found is at Boston, 15 July, 1686, when th e wido w Euni ce Maverick s second wife was appointed adm inistra trix. T he will and inventory with the bond of th e administ ratux an d the depositions of Gale, Ferguson an d Norman ar e on fil e in the Suffolk County Regisrey of Pr obate at Bo ston, an d the original documents have been us ed in makin g the copie s here presented. The administratrix evidently neglected her duties, for Ed w a rd Woodman petitionedthe court held at Ipswich 22 Apri l , 1 691, to order an accounting, claiming that nothing h a d as y et been done towards settling the estate, and Mrs . M averic k was ordered to bring in her account at the cou rt t o be he ld at Salem 30 June, 1691. GMrs. Maverick pre sente d hersel f as ordered, but Woodman failed to appear a nd pro secute hi s case. On the twenty ninth of September Woodman again sought a n a c counting and Mrs. Maverick was ordered to appear at t he c ou rt to be held at Salem 30November, 1691. This tim e Wood ma n was obliged to give bonds for his appearance. T he Sept emb er petition is similar to the one presented i n April, b ut c ontains a little more information and for t hat reaso n has b een printed instead of the earlier one, t he copy be ing mad e from the original document. The next record found is under date of 22 September, 16 9 3 , when, as already shown, Remember and John Woodman cho s e t heir father Edward Woodman as their guardian, and h e mu st h ave promptlymade another demand for an accountin g b y the Many have been misled by an article in the N. E. Histor i c al and Genealogical Register VIII 265 in which the a ut ho r stated, without quoting any authority, that Moses M ave ric k married Sarah Allerton, and that Remember probabl y di ed u nmarried or without issue. The article appeared i n 185 4, be fore Bradford s History was discovered. Long an d dili gent r esearch by the present writer has failed to p roduc e a singl e contemporary record to showthat Moses Ma veric k at any ti me had a wife Sarah, and even those who c laim t hat he marri ed Sarah Allerton do not furnish any co ntempor ary evidenc e to substantiate their claim. !BIRTH !DEATH MD CD, MD CD, Moses Maverick s will. !DEATH MB&D , MB&D, Vol.1, pg.89
2).  !BIRTH  GMB , GMB, Vol.1, pg.35 39  !BIRTH  !DEATH


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