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Family Sheet

Name: King Stephen Iv Blois Of England Note Born: Bet 1095 and 1097 at Blois, , Loir Et Cher, France Married: at Associated With, , , Died: 25 Oct 1154 at Dover Castle, , Kent, England Other Spouses: Matilda Of Boulogne Countess Of Boulogne
Father: Count Etienne Henri Count Of Blois Of Blois And Chartres Mother: Countess Adaele Beauclerc Of Blois
Name: Dameta Of Normandy Born: Died:
Name: Almaric Born: (suppressed / living) Died:
Name: Ralph Born: (suppressed / living) Died:
Name: Sybilla Born: (suppressed / living) Died:
Name: William Born: (suppressed / living) Died:
Name: Gervaise Of Westminster Born: Abt 1117 Died:
1). royalty.ged Stephen of Blois, cr. King of Engalnd, 26 Dec. 1135, b. 1095 6, d. 25 Oct. 1154 m. ca. 1119 1120, Matilda of Boulogne, b. ca. 1105, d. Hedingham Castle, Kent, 3 May 1152, dau. of Eustace III, Count of Boulogne, and Mary, dau. of Malcolm III Canmore, Kingof Scots, and St. Margaret, dau. of Edward, the Aethling. Stephen, The Irresolute King by general consent the chroniclers of the time suggest that Stephen was an attractive personality. Good natured, courteous, brave as a lion in battle and 7GGDAU. Dict of Nat l Biog Eng Pub A Vol 37 p. 53, 54, V o l 5 4 p . 1 51 156 Kingsof Eng Eng 176 p. 38 44 Tab So u v Ge n Fran ce 2 2, Tab 6, 56 Burke s Peerage EngP 194 9 pr ef p . 252 M emoir s of Warren A12 A79 Vol 1 p. 148 . Archi ve Re cord SL C, UTedwardiii.ged Stephen was the grandson of William the Conqueror, th r o u g h his daughter Adela and Stephen, Count of Blois. B o r n ci rc a 1096, he was about half dozen years older th a n hi s cou si n and rival for the throne, Matilda, daught e r of H enry I . S tephen married Matilda of Boulogne, wh o b ore hi m five c hild ren, only three of whom survived i nfan cy Eus tace, Mar y, an d William. Stephen s father di ed i n the Hol y Land i n 1102 , and he was raised by his U ncl e Henry I. H enry wa s genuine lyfound of Stephen, an d gra nted his neph ew estat es on bot h sides of the Engli sh Cha nnel. Stephen , by 1130 , was the r ichest man in En gland a nd Normandy. Stephen s reign was beset by problems from the beginn i n g . S tephen had promised to recognize his cousin as la wf u l h eir , but Matilda was in Anjou at the time of Henr y s d eath . St ephen, in a rare exhibition of resolve, cr oss ed t he Ch anne land took control in England, being cr owne d o n Decemb er 22 , 1135. The first few years were ca lm, b ut t he Wels h and Sc ots attacked in 1138, followe d by inv asion s of Mat ilda, he r second husband Geoffre y Plantagen et o f Anjou , a nd her ha lf brother Robert o f Gloucester . Civi l war ensue d until clo se to the end o f the reign , as th e rivalry divi ded loyaltie s. Stephe n captured an d release d Matilda Mati lda later cap ture d Stephen and t raded hi m for Robert of Gl oucester, h a dalso had been ca ptured. T he succession probl em wen t beyon d the hostiliti es of th e two cousins Stephe n wa nted his so n Eustace t o be name d heir, and Matilda wan t ed her son Henr y fitzEm press to s ucceed to the crown . I t became academic in 115 3, when Eus tace died and th e two s ides reached a compr om ise Stephe n would rule u nopposed u ntil his death, as t h e throne wou ld pass to H enry of Anjou , crowned Henry I I i n 1154. Henry s death came soon, just a year later in 1154. 1 0 6 6 a nd All That offered a humorous but accurate acco u n t o f th e civil war ... Stephen and Matilda or Mau d sp en t th e reign escaping from each other over the sn o w in n igh tgown s.Anglo Saxon Chronicle addressed bot h t he virt ue s of th e man, and the nature of the era I n th e days o f t his Kin g there was nothing but strife, e vil , and robbe ry , for quic kly the great men who were tr aito rs rose agai ns t him. Whe n thetraitors saw that Ste phe n was a good hu mor ed, kindly , and easy going man wh o inf licted no punish ment , then the y committed all mann er o f horrible crimes . .. . And so it l asted for ninete en ye ars while Stephe n was K ing, till the l and wasal l undon e and darkened wit h such d eeds, and men sa id ope nly tha t Christ and his ang els slept . Source it !BIRTH edwardiii.ged, edwardiii.ged !DEATH edwardiii.ged, edwardiii.ged


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