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Family Sheet

Name: Thomas Figgins Jarvis Note Born: Abt 1804 at Harrison County, , , WV Married: 25 Dec 1822 Died: 18 Feb 1879 at Kanawah County, , , WV Other Spouses: Alsey Jarvis
Father: John Jarvis Ii Mother: Sarah Hood\o''brien
Name: Ailsey Bently Connolly Born: 1803 at Harrison County, , , WV Died: 20 Jun 1875 at Kanawah County, , , WV Father: George Coleman Connelly Iii Mother: Sallie Morris
Name: William Harrison Jarvis Born: 1825 at Lewis County, , , WV Died: 13 Oct 1885 at Calhoun County, , , WV Wife: Debra Marks
Name: Weeden Harrison Jarvis Born: 28 Aug 1826 at Lewis County, , , WV Died: 30 Aug 1890 at Calhoun Coounty, , , WV Wife: Elizabeth J. Hensley
Name: Catherine Jarvis Born: 7 Mar 1828 Died: 26 Aug 1886 at Calhoun Coounty, , , WV Husband: James Goldsmith
Name: Alfred Harrison Jarvis Born: 20 Dec 1829 at VA, , , Died: 18 Dec 1908 at Calhoun Coounty, , , WV Wife: Sarah T. Hensley
Name: Josiah Jarvis Born: 17 Apr 1831 at Calhoun Coounty, , , WV Died: 13 Jun 1901 at Calhoun Coounty, , , WV Wife: Lydia Hunt
Name: George Jarvis Born: 1834 Died: Jun 1866 Wife: Sarah E. Siers
Name: Matilda Jarvis Born: 8 May 1836 at Lewis County, , , WV Died: Husband: Benjamin Butler Parsons
Name: Lucinda Jarvis Born: Abt 1838 at Gilmer County, , , WV Died: Bet 1860 and 1863 Husband: William Harold
Name: Caleb Jarvis Born: 1 Mar 1839 at Kanawah County, , , WV Died: 24 Apr 1896 at Kanawah County, , , WV Wife: Sarah Jane Hall
Name: Thomas P Jarvis Born: 10 Dec 1841 at Calhoun Coounty, , , WV Died: 14 Jul 1919 at Oka, , Calhoun Couonty, WV Wife: Martha Ann Barber
Name: John Wesley Jarvis Born: 16 Aug 1842 at Kanawah County, , , WV Died: 2 Dec 1922 at Kanawah County, , , WV Wife: America Schoonover
Name: Mary Jane Jarvis Born: 5 Jun 1844 at Calhoun Coounty, , , WV Died: 14 Feb 1916 at Calhoun Coounty, , , WV Husband: Lewis Ellison
Name: John Jarvis Born: 26 Dec 1845 Died: 1865
Name: Mahala Jarvis Born: 1848 Died: Husband: John G Myers
1). 1735328.ged lang connolly.ged The family moved to what is now Calhoun County and bought property from Philip Starcher in 18 32. Eventually, they owned about a thousand acres of land. Shortly after the Civil War, the y sold their Calhoun County property and moved to Kanawha County.Their holdings, near present day Big Chimney, WV, were referred to as The Jarvis Bottom in Byrne s Tales of the Elk. BeamandWilson.FTW Calhoun County Census, 1860 JARVIS, 916 Thomas Jarvis...56...Harrison...Farmer Alsie B...54...Harrison Wesley...16...Kanawha Mahala...13...Gilmer


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