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Family Sheet

Name: John Terrell Note Born: 1707 at Pamunkey Neck, , New Kent, VA Married: Died: 1764 at , , Franklin, NC Other Spouses: Martha
Elizabeth Harrison
Father: William Terrell Mother: Martha Susannah Waters
Name: Sarah Born: [6] Died: [7]

6). World Family Tree Vol. 77, Ed. 1 7). World Family Tree Vol. 77, Ed. 1
1). From Descendants of John Tyrrell, my pages 27 33 There seems to be something of a discrepancy here. We know thatJeptha Terrell, John Terrell s son was born in the 1730 s. His mother isnamed as Elizabeth in the will. The only solution that seems to fit isthat the marriage to Sarah may have been the first marriage, and thedates for the Chancery suit mentioned above may have been 1731 & 1732rather than 1741 & 1742. Based on this assumption we are going to ShowSarah as the first wife and Elizabeth as the second wife of John Terrell. Will of John Terrell of Franklin Co. NC dated Sept. 20, 1783 In the name of God amen I John Terrell of the County of Franklin inthe State of North Carolina being somewhat indisposed in body but ofperfect sense & memory thanks be to God for his Mercies, but knowing thefrailty of human nature & that it is decreed that all men must surely diedo make & ordain this my last will & testament as followeth that is Igive & bequeath my soul to God who gave it & my body to the Earth to bedecently buried at the discretion of my Executors& as to my worldlyEstate I give & bequeath to my reputed respected wife Elizabeth who iscalled & known by the name of Elizabeth Terrell & with whom I haveCohabited???? ?????my furniture I desire is then provided 5 Negro slavestowit Mingo, big Jack, old Saul, Lidia & Willy also my Mill on SandyCreek & all my household furniture & such of my stock as she may thinkfit during her life & after her decease to be disposed of as hereaftershall be decreed. Item I Give & bequeath to my ruputed respected daughterLoruhimah born of the body of Elizabeth Harrison aforesaid reputed respected wife the Four Negro slaves towit Mourning, Phebe,Patch & after her mother s death old Sal together with the said Negrosincrease. Item I give & bequeath to my reputed respected son Jeptha called& known by the name of Jeptha Terrell born of the body of the aforesaidElizabeth the labor of the 5 negro slaves following during his life &after his decrease to his children as he shallthink proper to them &their heirs forever towit Sare & her child & their increase James &little Jack & after his mother decreases big Jack. Item I give & bequeath to my reputed respected daughter Anneborn of the body of the afsd Elizabeth the 4 following Negro slaves towitJudy & her Child little Amy, Old Amy s Child & little Jenny, Lidias childtogether their increase to her & her heirs For Ever. Item I give & bequeath to my reputed respected son Joel born ofthe body of the aforesaid Elizabeth 7 Negro slaves towit Bob, Sam, OldAmy s child Amy, Old Sal s child, little Saul, Peter, and Priscila,Sabina Lidias children & after his mother s deathLady. I also give himthe plantation & tract of land whereon I now live together with anothertract adjoining thereto Him & his Heirs & assigns for ever. Item I give & bequeath to my reputed respected son Timothy schildren called & known in his lifetime by the name of Timothy Terrellborn of the body of the aforesaid Elizabeth the 4 following Negro slavestowit Andi, Buck & his increase, Nat & after their grandmothers decreaseWilly & his increase to be equally divided among them as they com of agethat is the boys to the age of 21 & the girls to the age of 18. It isalso my will & desire that the widow of my reputed respected sonTimothy shall have a childs part during her life that such part to returnto the children of the said Timothy & be equally divided among them. Item I give & bequeath to my reputed respected son Johnschildren who was called & known in his lifetime by the name of JohnTerrell begotten of the body of the aforesaid Elizabeth as followeth tohis daughter Elizabeth one Negro slave Old Amy to her &her heirs forever. To his son Richmond one negro girl Lucie to him & his heirs forever. To his daughter Susannah one negro boy Will to her & her heirsforever I also give & bequeath to my reputed respected son Johnschildren above mentioned the value of One Good negro to be equallydivided among them & lastly my will & desire is that all & every part ofmy Estate which I have not herein before particularly mentioned &disposed of in legacies together with my Mill on Sandy Creek beforementioned be dividedinto 6 equal totts & equally divided by drawing forthe same by my 4 reputed respected children, towit Jeptha, Joel,Lorihuma & Anne aforesaid & the Orphans of the two deceased John &Timothy& whoever receives the Mill is not to have his til the death oftheir Mother or Grandmother as the case may happen. I hereby nominateand appoint Jeptha Terrell & Joes Terrel & Jenkins Devaney Executors ofthis my last will & testament hereby revoking all other wills heretoforemade or executed. In witness whereof I havehereunto affixed my hand &seal this 10 day of Septm. 1783 cx. Signed, sealed& acknowledged in the presence of Elias Daviney hisLuckey Daviney, John Terrell Seal her mark Susannah Brooks mark. MARRIAGE NOTES FOR JOHN TERRELL AND SARAH Terrell Family Genealogy, byEmma Dicken, p. 261 Sarah sued for divorce as of April 10, 1741. While this case waspending in Chancery, they came to an agreement regarding alimony, and inApril 1742, it was stated that he conveyed to her a certain amount ofproperty with John Mouldin acting as her trustee.No children were namedin the suit. MARRIAGE NOTES FOR jOHN tERRELL AND ELIZABETH HARRISON TidewaterVirginia Families, by Virginia Hutcheson John was called into court several times for his relationship withElizabeth Harrison. It was reported that he had taken Elizabeth into hishome, even though he had a wife, Sarah Terrell. Three children were bornto John and Elizabeth out of wedlock. Each time, John and Elizabeth weretried by the court and placed under a bond of 50 sterling money not tomeet. Even this did not stop them, and they left the colony in 1738. The court was forced to bind out the three children to be raised byother families. They were required to help with the family to pay fortheir keep. Finally in 1749, Sarah Terrell asked the court to appointher separate maintenance from her husband. Johnheld land in CarolineCo. VA in March 1741 and in April 1742, the chancery court ordered Johnto place two Negroes, Beck and Amey, and one gray mare in the possessionof John Mauldin, in trust for Sarah. She was to receive the profits fromthese for her maintenance during her separation and until she shallcohabit with the defendant or until the time of her death. It would have taken an act of the General Assembly to have granteda divorce, but the country court could grant her separate maintenance.Sarah was granted permission to take over her husband s estate because hehad fled the colony with Elizabeth Harrison.A number of the citizens ofthe colony of VA, who did not feel they could comply with the marriagelaws of the colony went to North Carolina to live. John apparently went to Edgecomb Co.NC and settled there withElizabeth Harrison.


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