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DISCLAIMER: This is my speculative data. I've verified very little of it. Use it for hints and pointers, but do your own research!

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(none), Wittikind
(none), Witwe ( )
(none), Wivette Of Champagneois (b. Abt 935 at Marne, , , France)
(none), Prince Of Oppeln Wladislaw (b. Abt 1330 at Of Opole, , Opole, Poland) (d. 8 May 1401 at Opole, , Opole, Poland)
(none), Prince Of Oppeln Wladislaw (b. Abt 1203 at Of, Opole, Opole, Poland) (d. 13 Nov 1281)
(none), Prince Of Poland Wladislaw I (b. at Of, Krakow, Krakow, Poland) (d. 2 Mar 1332-1333)
(none), King Of Poland Wladislaw I (b. Abt 1043 at Of, Krakow, Krakow, Poland) (d. 4 Jun 1102 at Plotzk, , , Poland)
(none), King Of Poland & Hungary Wladislaw III (b. 31 Oct 1424 at Krakow, , Krakow, Poland) (d. 10 Nov 1444)
(none), Wladiwoy Of Bohemia (d. Abt 1003)
(none), King Of Poland Wladyslaw
(none), Of Cracow Wladyslaw III (d. 1231)
(none), Of Poland Wladyslaw III (d. 1444)
(none), Wm
(none), Of Asgard Wodan (b. Abt 220 at Asgard East Europe, , ,) (d. Bet 253 and 311)
(none), Woffe
(none), Margrave Of Brandenburg Wolfgang (b. May 1482 at Of, Berlin, Brandenburg, Prussia)
(none), Count Of Castell Remlinge Wolfgang Dietrich (b. at Remlingen, , Unterfranken, Bavaria) (d. 8 Apr 1709 at Castell, , Unterfranken, Bavaria)
(none), Count Of Castell Wolfgang I (b. 12 Mar 1481-1482 at Castell, , Unterfranken, Bavaria) (d. 5 Jul 1546 at Castell, , Unterfranken, Bavaria)
(none), Count Of Castell Remlinge Wolfgang II (b. 20 Jul 1558 at Rudenhausen, , Unterfranken, Bavaria) (d. at Remlingen, , Unterfranken, Bavaria)
(none), Count Of Waldeck Eisenberg Wolrad (b. 16 Jun 1563 at Waldeck, , Wldck, Grmn) (d. 12 Nov 1587)
(none), Count Of Waldeck Eisenberg Wolrad II (b. 27 Mar 1509 at Of, Eisenberg Castle, Wldck, Germany) (d. 15 Apr 1578 at Eilhausen, , Wldck, Germany)
(none), Wormley (b. 1780)
(none), Wratislaw Of Bohemia
(none), Wright
(none), Prince Of Belz Wsiewolod (b. Abt 1244)
(none), King Of East-Anglia Wuffa Of East-Anglia (d. Abt 578)
(none), Wulfech
(none), Wulfegunde
(none), Wulfhard
(none), Wulfhard
(none), Princess Of England Wulfhild (b. Abt 998 at Of, , Wessex, England)
(none), Wulfhilda
(none), Earldorman Of Mercia Wulfric Of Mercia (d. Abt 1002)
(none), Wulfrun
(none), Wulfrun Of Tamworth (d. Aft 943)
(none), Wurteh (b. Abt 1730 at Cherokee Nation Now GA , , ,)
(none), Wuscfrea
(none), Wynefrith (b. Abt 1560 at London, , Middlesex County, England)
(none), Xaintonge
(none), King Of Armenia Xerses I Of Armenia
(none), King Of Persia Xerxes I ''The Great'' Of Persia (b. at Abt. 519 BC , , ,) (d. at Abt. 465 BC , , ,)
(none), King Of Persia Xerxes II Of Persia
(none), Princess Of Leon Ximena
(none), Ya''rub Ibn Yashjub
(none), Yahya
(none), Grand Duke Of Yaropolk Yaropolk II (b. 1082 at Of Pereyaslavl, , Kiev, Ukraine) (d. 18 Feb 1139)
(none), King Of Armenia Yasdagrid I
(none), Yashjub Ibn Nabit
(none), Yashjub Ibn Zayd
(none), Yazdagird
(none), Yazdagird
(none), Yazdagrid
(none), Caliph Of Damascus Yazid II Of Damascus (d. Abt 724)
(none), Yeava (b. 1891 at Austria, , ,)
(none), Grand Duchess Of Russia Yekaterina
(none), Yelizaveta Alekseyevna Of Baden
(none), Yffi
(none), Yffi
(none), Ymbergide
(none), Princess Of Italy Yolanda (b. 1901) (d. 1986)
(none), Countess Of Flanders Yolande (b. 1176 at Of, , Flanders, Belgium) (d. 26 Aug 1219 at Constantinople, , Constantinople, Turkey)
(none), Yolande Of Aragon
(none), Of Aragon Yolante (b. Abt 1228 at Spain, , ,) (d. 1300 at Roncevalles, , ,)
(none), Yoshiko K. (b. 1 Oct 1937)
(none), Priest Of Akhmin Yuia (Iuaa) Of Egypt
(none), King Of Galicia Yurij I (b. Bet 24 Apr 1252 and 1257 at Of, Galich, Stanislav, Ukraine) (d. 24 Apr 1308)
(none), Yusik I Of The Gregorids (b. Abt 266)
(none), Yusuf Of Denia (b. at Denia, , Alicante, Spain)
(none), Yvonne
(none), Zabdi
(none), Zadi (b. Abt 1828 at NY State, , ,)
(none), Zaid
(none), Zaid
(none), Zaida (Isabella) Of Denia (b. 1075 at Denia, , , Spain) (d. 12 Sep 1107)
(none), Count Of Andrzej Zamoyski
(none), Prince Of The Hittites Zannanza Of The Hittites
(none), Zarah (b. private)
(none), King Of Sophene Zariadres Of Sophene
(none), Prince Of Ostrogski Zaslawski Jerzy (b. Abt 1432 at Of, Kamenets Padolsk, K Pdls, Ukraine) (d. Abt 1500)
(none), Of Al-Hirah Zayd
(none), Zayd Ibn Humaysa
(none), Zaynab
(none), Zaynad
(none), Duke Zbigniew Of Poland (b. Abt 1080) (d. Abt 1107)
(none), Princess Of Bohemia Zdenka (b. 11 Nov 1449 at Of, Podebrady, Podebrady, Czechoslovakia) (d. 1 Feb 1509-1510 at Tharandt, , Dresden, Saxony)
(none), Zebulun Ibn Jacob (b. at Paddanaram, , ,)
(none), Zelma C. (d. 1978)
(none), Zenobia ( ) (b. at Abt. 94 Ad , , ,)
(none), Zerah (b. at Abt 1751 BC , , ,) (d. at Abt 1529 1480 BC Rameses, , Goshen, Egypt)
(none), Zeror (b. at Abt. 669 BC , , ,)
(none), Zerubbabel (b. at NE 12 1 MT 1 12, , ,)
(none), Prince Of Poland Ziemomysl (b. 892 at Poznan, , Poznan, Poland) (d. 964)
(none), Prince Of Kujavia Ziemomysl (b. Abt 1241 at Of Dobrzyn Nad W, , Bydgoszcz, Poland) (d. Bef 24 Dec 1287)
(none), Duke Of Poland Ziemowit (Siemowit) Of Poland (b. 835 at Poznan, , Poznan, Poland) (d. 892)
(none), Prince Mazovia Ziemowit (b. Abt 1316 at Of, Czersk, Bydgoszcz, Poland) (d. 16 Jun 1381)
(none), Prince Of Kujavia Ziemowit (b. Abt 1264 at Of Dobrzyn Nad Wisl, , Bydgoszcz, Poland)
(none), Prince Of Czersk Ziemowit (b. Abt 1350 at Of Czersk, , Bydgoszcz, Poland) (d. 30 Apr 1426)
(none), Emperor Of The Holy Roman Empire Zikmund (b. 14 Feb 1367-1368 at , Nhurnberg, Mittelfranken, Bavaria) (d. 9 Dec 1437 at Znojmo, Znojmo, , Jihomoravsk√Ĺ Kraj, Czech Republic)
(none), Zilpah
(none), Countess Of Sayn Zimburgis (b. 1469 at Of Sayn, , Rheinland, Prussia) (d. 2 Jul 1499 at Westerburg, , Hessen Nassau, Prussia)

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