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I'm Rob Salzman (email: genealogy at
8630 SW Scholls Ferry Rd #133, Beaverton OR is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. It contains everyone I know who are connected to European Royalty or Nobility. Some small part of it is my original research, but most of it has been generously shared with me!

It is important to understand: This is SPECULATIVE DATA. Most of it is unverified. Use it for hints and pointers, but DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!!!

You can leave a comment on each page here. If you want to be notified when this site changes, you can leave contact information here. I can always be reached at the mailing address above, or by email at genealogy at  

I've added a changelog so you can see what's upcoming here.

This website updated on November 18, 2016.

Adair, Billy Titus
Adair, Boyce
Adair, Brian
Adair, Brice Holloway (b. 12 Nov 1846 at , , NC) (d. 7 Jun 1892 at Alcorn., MS)
Adair, Burnie (b. 1898)
Adair, C. D. (b. Abt 1800)
Adair, Calvin (b. Abt 1810 at Adairsville, Bartow, GA)
Adair, Carl Donald
Adair, Carl William (b. 1918) (d. 1918 at , Laurens, SC)
Adair, Carmellia (b. 24 Jan 1857) (d. 24 Jan 1925 at , , MS)
Adair, Carrie Belle (b. 1905) (d. 27 Feb 1926)
Adair, Carroll Dale
Adair, Cassie
Adair, Cecil Clyde
Adair, Celie Lynn
Adair, Charlene Denise
Adair, Charles (b. 1871)
Adair, Charles Alan (b. 5 Nov 1915) (d. 11 Mar 1971)
Adair, Charles D. (b. 1803 at Pendleton Dist, SC)
Adair, Charles Newton (b. 9 Jun 1896) (d. 6 Feb 1959 at , Laurens, SC)
Adair, Charlotte (Lightfoot) (b. Abt 1785 at Adairsville, Bartow, GA) (d. Sep 1838 at Cherokee Nation East)
Adair, Charlotte (b. Abt 1806) (d. 1865 at Cane Hill, AR)
Adair, Charlotte (b. 1818 at Adairsville, Bartow, GA)
Adair, Charlotte Ann (b. 1838)
Adair, Charlotte June
Adair, Charner Lafayette (b. 13 Jan 1874 at Spartanburg, Spartanburg, SC) (d. 12 Feb 1943 at Spartanburg, Spartanburg, SC)
Adair, Chase Mitchell (b. 23 May 1995 at Montgomery, AL)
Adair, Child
Adair, Clemmie L (b. 1900)
Adair, Clyde Lawrence (b. 12 Feb 1902) (d. 30 Jan 1965 at , Laurens, SC)
Adair, Cody Russell (b. 17 Oct 1992 at Montgomery, AL)
Adair, Collins (b. 1838 at Cherokee Nation, GA)
Adair, Connie Bell (b. 1914) (d. 1987)
Adair, Daisy M (b. 1904) (d. 21 Jun 1953)
Adair, Dale Keith
Adair, Dalton Bernard
Adair, Dalton Lafayette (b. 16 Dec 1895) (d. 15 Jun 1972)
Adair, Daniel Allen
Adair, Danny Wilford
Adair, Danya Cerys
Adair, Dave Bernard
Adair, David Alan
Adair, Delilah (b. 26 Jul 1814 at TN) (d. 16 Nov 1862)
Adair, Dennis Charlton
Adair, Dixie Jean
Adair, Donna Faye
Adair, Dustin Nathanial
Adair, Edley (b. Abt 1826)
Adair, Edmond
Adair, I Edward (b. Abt 1760 at Scotland) (d. Bet 1794 and 1854)
Adair, II Edward (b. Abt 1789 at Cn East, GA.)
Adair, Edward (b. 7 Feb 1789 at Adairsville, GA) (d. 21 Dec 1864 at Cherokee Nat West, It)
Adair, Edward Alexander (b. 1834)
Adair, Edward Caldwell
Adair, Edward Everett (b. 1850)
Adair, Edward Underwood (b. 23 Sep 1833 at GA) (d. 4 Nov 1861)
Adair, Effie (b. 1869) (d. 1972)
Adair, Elbert Earl (b. Abt 1804)
Adair, Elijah (b. 28 Jan 1904) (d. 20 Mar 1988)
Adair, Elijah Washington (b. 1861)
Adair, Eliza (b. Abt 1852)
Adair, Eliza Ann (b. 7 Aug 1852 at Walhalla, Oconee Co., SC) (d. 30 Jul 1896 at Easley, Pickens Co., SC)
Adair, Elizabeth (b. Abt 1830) (d. Bef 1894 at Braggs, I.T. OK.)
Adair, Elizabeth
Adair, Elizabeth (b. 1816 at Adairsville, Bartow, GA)
Adair, Elizabeth Jane (b. 14 Sep 1831 at Cherokee Nation, GA)
Adair, Elizabeth Neely (b. 1826 at GA)
Adair, Elizabeth O (b. Abt 1824)
Adair, Ellen C. (b. 1835) (d. 1902)
Adair, Emily (b. 8 Aug 1843 at Cherokee Nation, OK)
Adair, Esstel (b. 1877)
Adair, Eva F (b. 1900)
Adair, Evelyn Doris
Adair, Evie Audrey
Adair, Forrest Elmer (b. 1916) (d. 1995)
Adair, Frank Horace (b. 23 Apr 1928) (d. 9 May 1928)
Adair, George (b. 14 Feb 1892) (d. 1961)
Adair, George (b. 1896)
Adair, George
Adair, George Annah (b. 11 Jan 1878) (d. 21 Jan 1923)
Adair, II George Washington (b. 11 Dec 1806) (d. 3 Apr 1862 at Cherokee Nat West, It)
Adair, George Washington (b. 31 Jan 1821 at Cherokee Nation, GA)
Adair, George Washington (b. 1814 at Pendleton Dist, SC)
Adair, George Washington (b. 4 Jul 1846 at , Greenville, SC) (d. 6 Nov 1925 at Spartanburg, Spartanburg, SC)
Adair, George Washington (b. 1849 at , , SC) (d. 1929 at , Union, MS)
Adair, George Washington I (b. Abt 1802)
Adair, Gertrude
Adair, Gilbert (b. Abt 1582)
Adair, Hannah (b. 1850)
Adair, Hannah (b. 1860)
Adair, Hannah Lucinda (b. 1870)
Adair, Hannah Theresa (b. 25 Jan 1850)
Adair, Harriet (b. 1835)
Adair, Harry (b. 21 Mar 1895) (d. 4 Nov 1987)
Adair, Helen (b. Abt 1654)
Adair, Henry
Adair, Henry Cleveland
Adair, Homer Alexander (b. 14 Oct 1878) (d. 1967)
Adair, Horris (b. 18 Jun 1882)
Adair, Hue Leonard (b. 1889)

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