This is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. Some of it is my research, much of it has been shared with me.

DISCLAIMER: This is my speculative data. I've verified very little of it. Use it for hints and pointers, but do your own research!

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This data changes often. If you've arrived from a search engine, it's could be that you don't see the information you were looking for. The current index for can be found here. You can email me at genealogy at for updates, removal requests, etc.

Creyke, Rev John
Creyke, Ralph
Creyke, Ralph (d. 7 Jun 1828)
Creyke, Ralph (d. 24 May 1826)
Creyke, Ralph
Creyke, Ralph
Creyke, Ralph
Creyke, William
Creytzen, Arnoldine Charlotte Von (b. 16 May 1673) (d. 2 Jul 1749)
Creytzen, Georg Wilhelm Herr (b. Abt 1647)
Cribbs, Elbert Cullen (b. 14 Jan 1891 at Bromide, , , Okla.) (d. at Aluts, , , Okla.)
Cribbs, Ellen (b. 14 Jan 1891 at Bromide, , , Okla.) (d. 1897 at Bromide.Okla., , ,)
Cribbs, Marion (b. at Durant, , , Okla.) (d. at Durant, , , Okla.)
Cribbs, Maude (b. 11 Apr 1892 at Okla., , ,) (d. at Bromide, , , Okla.)
Cribley, Kenneth Clair
Criche, Margaret (b. Abt 1549)
Crichton, Agnes (b. Abt 1412 at Crichton, , Edinburgh, Scot.) (d. Aft Nov 1493)
Crichton, Andrew (b. 1845)
Crichton, Catrena Lynn
Crichton, Charles Julian (b. 1828)
Crichton, Chase Lacey
Crichton, Christian (b. Abt 1439 at Of Sanquhar, Dumf., & Barmuckity, Elgin, Scot) (d. Bef Mar 1477-1478)
Crichton, David (b. 1841)
Crichton, David Maitland Makgill (b. 4 Mar 1801)
Crichton, Eleanor Julian Hog (b. 1831) (d. 1844)
Chricton, Elizabeth (b. 1410 at Crichton, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland) (d. 9 Jun 1479 at Strathbogie, , Aberdeenshire, Scotland)
Crichton, Elizabeth
Crichton, Elizabeth Caroline Mary (d. 23 Apr 1856)
Crichton, Frank Hamilton
Crichton, Frederica (b. 1849)
Crichton, Grant Gordon
Crichton, James
Crichton, James (b. Abt 1408 at Of, Crichton, Edinburgh, Scotland) (d. Abt 1469)
Crichton, Sir James
Crichton, James
Crichton, James
Crichton, James
Crichton, Sir James
Crichton, Sir James
Crichton, Jane
Crichton, Janet (b. Abt 1408 at Of, Calderwood, Lanark Shire, Scotland)
Crichton, Janet (b. Abt 1461)
Crichton, Hon Janet
Crichton, Janet Esther (b. 1843)
Crichton, John (b. 1330 at Crichton, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland) (d. 12 Dec 1423)
Crichton, John (b. 1278 at Crichton, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland) (d. Bef 1357)
Crichton, John
Crichton, Joseph Lee
Crichton, Lady Kathleen (b. 1905)
Crichton, Larry Andrew
Crichton, Laurel Jeannette
Crichton, Lewis
Crichton, Lady Mabel Florence Mary (b. 31 Mar 1882)
Crichton, Margaret
Crichton, Martha Cunningham (b. 1837)
Crichton, Mary Stuart (b. 1829)
Crichton, Molly Evenstar (b. 10 Aug 1971 at Winsor, , , VT)
Crichton, Philip Lacey
Crichton, Jr Richard Scott (b. Abt 1948)
Crichton, Robert
Crichton, Thomas Hog (b. 1830)
Crichton, William (b. 1304 at Crichton, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland) (d. Bef 1393)
Crichton, Lord William (b. 1383 at Crichton, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland) (d. 1455)
Crichton, William
Crichton, 3rd Lord William
Crichton, William (d. 9 Dec 1686)
Crichton-Stuart, Alexander Colum
Crichton-Stuart, Amanda Mary
Crichton-Stuart, Angela Mary Monica (b. 25 Mar 1940)
Crichton-Stuart, Anthony
Crichton-Stuart, Audrey (d. 24 Sep 1962)
Crichton-Stuart, Camilla
Crichton-Stuart, Carolina Moira Fiona
Crichton-Stuart, Caroline Mary Katherine (b. 3 Nov 1949)
Crichton-Stuart, Cecilia
Crichton-Stuart, Charles Patrick Colum (b. 10 Mar 1939)
Crichton-Stuart, Christina Marie (b. 1983)
Crichton-Stuart, Claudia Miriam Joanna (b. 24 Jun 1913)
Crichton-Stuart, Jp Colum Edward (b. 3 Apr 1886) (d. 18 Aug 1957)
Crichton-Stuart, Constance (d. 14 Dec 1933)
Crichton-Stuart, Constance Penelope (b. 5 Nov 1907) (d. 3 Nov 1969)
Crichton-Stuart, Lieut David (b. 8 Feb 1911)
Crichton-Stuart, David Ogden
Crichton-Stuart, Dudley (b. 4 Mar 1871) (d. 19 Jul 1939)
Crichton-Stuart, Eileen Caroline
Crichton-Stuart, Elspeth Ann (b. 1954)
Crichton-Stuart, Flora (b. 3 Aug 1941)
Crichton-Stuart, Frances Elizabeth
Crichton-Stuart, Francis Paul (b. 1984)
Crichton-Stuart, Frederick James (b. 1981)
Crichton-Stuart, Frederick John Patrick (b. 6 Sep 1940)
Crichton-Stuart, Henry Colum (b. 1 Apr 1938)
Crichton-Stuart, Ione Jane
Crichton-Stuart, Ismay Catherine (b. 1909)
Crichton-Stuart, James Charles
Crichton-Stuart, James Frederick Dudley (b. 17 Feb 1824) (d. 24 Oct 1891)
Crichton-Stuart, Jean (b. 28 Oct 1908)
Crichton-Stuart, Jerome Niall Anthony (b. 1 Jan 1948)
Crichton-Stuart, John (b. 4 Aug 1907) (d. 14 Aug 1956)
Crichton-Stuart, John (b. 20 Jun 1881) (d. 25 Apr 1947)

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