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I'm Rob Salzman (email: genealogy at
8630 SW Scholls Ferry Rd #133, Beaverton OR is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. It contains everyone I know who are connected to European Royalty or Nobility. Some small part of it is my original research, but most of it has been generously shared with me!

It is important to understand: This is SPECULATIVE DATA. Most of it is unverified. Use it for hints and pointers, but DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!!!

You can leave a comment on each page here. If you want to be notified when this site changes, you can leave contact information here. I can always be reached at the mailing address above, or by email at genealogy at  

I've added a changelog so you can see what's upcoming here.

This website updated on November 18, 2016.

Douwedr, Titie (b. at Eagum, Friesland, Netherlands)
Douwes, Aeltje (b. 1620 at Netherlands) (d. 1688)
Douwes, Elsge (b. 1590 at Netherlands)
Douwese, Dirck (b. at Eagum, Friesland, Netherlands)
Douwese, Evert (b. at Snits, Friesland, Netherlands)
Douwese, Ype (b. at Eagum, Friesland, Netherlands)
Douxsaint, Paul (b. Abt 1695)
Dove, Aaron Ray
Dove, Alvin
Dove, Andrea Leigh
Dove, Betty Louise (b. at Russellville, Arkansas)
Dove, Boise
Dove, Darlene
Dove, Dock (b. 1923 at Royston, GA) (d. 10 Aug 1999 at Easley, Pickens Co., SC)
Dove, Donie (b. 12 May 1888 at GA) (d. 30 May 1971 at Salisbury, NC)
Dove, Donny
Dove, Fay
Dove, Francis
Dove, Furman
Dove, George
Dove, George
Dove, Jean
Dove, Lilly
Dove, Margaret
Dove, Martha
Dove, Michael
Dove, Ray
Dove, Roger
Dove, Thomas
Dove, William G.
Dovel, Amanda Marie
Dovel, Ronald Jean
Dover, Alba Jason
Dover, Alfred Lafayette (b. 7 Dec 1842 at GA) (d. 23 Nov 1922 at TX)
Dover, Anderson (b. 14 Mar 1795 at Pickens Co., SC) (d. 17 Apr 1885 at Polk Co., AR)
Dover, Andrea Gail
Dover, Ann
Dover, Anna Marie
Dover, Annie
Dover, Augustus
Dover, Bell (b. 29 Aug 1885 at Ellijay, GA) (d. 16 Nov 1939 at Ellijay, GA)
Dover, Benjamin F. (b. Abt 1871)
Dover, Benton (b. Abt 1879)
Dover, Bobbie Jo
Dover, Calvin C. (b. 1827 at GA)
Dover, Cammadore (b. at GA) (d. at Dublin, TX)
Dover, Carolyn
Dover, Celia (b. 1798 at SC)
Dover, Claude
Dover, D M
Dover, Dewey
Dover, Elijah Benson (b. 1817 at SC)
Dover, Eliza (b. Abt 1878)
Dover, Elizabeth (Betsey) (b. at GA)
Dover, Essie (b. 30 Aug 1915)
Dover, Eunice
Dover, Francis Johnson (b. 28 Jun 1760 at Haw River, NC) (d. 15 Dec 1851 at Habersham Co., GA)
Dover, Hamilton (b. 1828 at GA)
Dover, Harry (b. 29 Nov 1894) (d. 26 Aug 1976)
Dover, Horace Eldred
Dover, James
Dover, James (b. Abt 1875)
Dover, Jarritt Nelson (b. 1819 at SC)
Dover, Jead
Dover, John William
Dover, John Zachary
Dover, Johnson (b. 1787 at SC)
Dover, Julia Ann (b. 5 Apr 1831 at Habersham Co., GA) (d. 28 Aug 1899 at Cherokee Co., TX)
Dover, Kenneth D
Dover, Lillian Brumbelow (d. 21 Jul 1987 at Dallas, Dallas, TX)
Dover, Lillie Mae (b. 1913 at Greenville, SC) (d. 29 Apr 1999 at Piedmont, SC)
Dover, Lonnie (b. 1 Sep 1915) (d. 15 Feb 1977)
Dover, Marie Graham
Dover, Martha Rebecca (b. 1837 at GA) (d. 1924 at Cherokee Co., TX)
Dover, Mary
Dover, Mary A. (b. Abt 1872)
Dover, Mary Ann (b. 1638 at England) (d. 27 Nov 1675 at Windsor, Hartford, Connecticut)
Dover, Mary Ann
Dover, Mary Ruemma
Dover, Michael Bruce
Dover, Nancy Caroline (b. 1836 at GA) (d. at Cherokee Co., TX)
Dover, Nell
Dover, Nona Lee (b. at Saint Louis, MO)
Dover, Patricia
Dover, Phillip E (b. 5 Dec 1954) (d. 6 Jun 1955)
Dover, Rebecca (b. 23 Jan 1793 at SC)
Dover, Robert De (b. Abt 1161 at Of, Chilham, Kent, England)
Dover, Robert N. (b. Abt 1869)
Dover, Rohsia (Rose) (b. Abt 1188 at Of Chilham, Kent, England)
Dover, Samuel Gordon (d. 16 Nov 1942)
Dover, Sarah (b. 1885 at GA) (d. 1944 at Section, Jackson Co., AL)
Dover, Sarah R. J. (b. Abt 1873)
Dover, Shannon Denise
Dover, Susan (b. 1796 at SC)
Dover, Thompson (b. 1810 at SC)
Dover, Tony
Dover, Virginia
Dover, William Simpson (b. 1800 at Pickens Co., SC) (d. 1867 at Cherokee Co., TX)
Dover, Zella Ray
Dovmontovich, Prince Pskov David

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