This is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. Some of it is my research, much of it has been shared with me.

DISCLAIMER: This is my speculative data. I've verified very little of it. Use it for hints and pointers, but do your own research!

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This data changes often. If you've arrived from a search engine, it's could be that you don't see the information you were looking for. The current index for can be found here. You can email me at genealogy at for updates, removal requests, etc.

Franks, Alice Mable (b. Abt 1913 at Hardin County, , , Tennessee)
Franks, Allen
Franks, Artie (b. Abt 1915)
Franks, Barbara
Franks, Bella
Franks, Benjamin
Franks, Blannie
Franks, Brenda
Franks, Carloman Prince Of (b. Abt 945 at Of, Laon, Aisne, France) (d. Bef 953 at , Rouen, Seine Maritime, France)
Franks, Catherine (b. 8 Feb 1848 at Laurens Co., , , SC) (d. at Laurens Co., , , SC)
Franks, Catherine Cecilia Jane
Franks, Cathy
Franks, Charibert II Of The (d. 632)
Franks, Charles
Franks, Charles (b. Abt 1812 at SC, , ,)
Franks, Charles Mansil (b. 28 Feb 1833 at Laurens Co., , , SC)
Franks, Childebert III Of The (d. 711)
Franks, Childebert Of The (d. 662)
Franks, Childeric II Of The (d. 675)
Franks, Childeric III Of The (d. 751)
Franks, Chilperic I Of The (d. 584)
Franks, Chilperic II Of The (d. 721)
Franks, Chlodovech (Clovis) III Of The (d. 694)
Franks, Chlothar II Of The (d. 629)
Franks, Chlothar III Of The (d. 673)
Franks, Chlothar IV Of The (d. 719)
Franks, Colonel
Franks, Dagobert (St.) II Of The (d. 679)
Franks, Dagobert I Of The (d. 639)
Franks, Dagobert III Of The (d. 715)
Franks, Dale
Franks, Daniel (b. 1887 at Tennessee, , ,)
Franks, David (b. 1856)
Franks, Della
Franks, Dewey Lee (b. 1900) (d. 9 Aug 1941)
Franks, Donald Ray
Ellis, Donna Joan (b. 23 Feb 1968 at Haleyville, Winston Co., Alabama,)
Franks, Duchess Of East (b. Abt 328 at of Germany, , ,)
Franks, Duchess Of East
Franks, Eliner T. (b. Abt 1887)
Franks, Eliza Edna (b. 29 Apr 1914)
Sullins, Eliza Jane (b. 6-16 Feb 1823 at Missouri, , ,)
Franks, Elizabeth (b. Abt 1839 at Tennessee, , ,)
Franks, Ella
Franks, Emma Virginia (b. 1919)
Williams, Emoly (b. 12 Nov 1875) (d. 25 Jun 1948)
Franks, Eneth Ray
Franks, Ersula (b. Abt 1909 at Tennessee, , ,)
Crow, Etta (b. 23 Jan 1911 at Alabama, , ,)
Bozeman, Evelyn
Franks, Floy
Franks, Frances M. (b. 1845-1847 at Hardin County, , , Tennessee)
Franks, Gather Lee (b. 14 Dec 1921) (d. 28 Dec 1921)
Franks, George Harris
Franks, Gertrude E. (b. 2 Sep 1872 at Bangor, , , ME)
Franks, Glen (b. Mar 1898 at Tennessee, , ,)
Franks, Glenda
Franks, Goldie Olive
Franks, Henri Prince Of (b. Abt 953 at Of, Laon, Aisne, France) (d. Abt 953)
Franks, Herschell (b. Abt 1918 at Hardin County, , , Tennessee)
Franks, Hester
Franks, Hildegard Princess Of (b. Abt 944 at Of, Laon, Aisne, France)
Franks, Holley D.
Hollis, Ila (Ollie) (b. 2 Jun 1902 at Alabama, , ,)
Franks, Inez (b. 1921 at Anderson Co., , , SC) (d. 22 Dec 1996 at Pickens, , Pickens Co., SC)
Franks, J. P. (b. Abt 1928)
Franks, Jack
Franks, James
Franks, James B.
Franks, James D (b. 1920) (d. 1982)
Franks, James Lewis
Franks, James Woodrow (b. 15 Feb 1924 at Marion Co., Alabama, ,) (d. 18 Sep 1999 at Carraway Methodist Hospital, Birmingham, Jefferson Co., Alabama)
Brasseal, Jane
Franks, Janie
Franks, Jerome (b. Abt 1863)
Franks, Jimmy Lee (b. 26 Feb 1964 at Winfield, Marion Co., Alabama,)
Franks, Joe
Franks, Joe
Franks, Joe
Franks, Joe
Franks, Joel
Franks, John
Franks, John (b. Abt 1844 at Tennessee, , ,)
Franks, John A.
Franks, John P. (b. 1892)
Franks, John Tyler (b. 10 Jan 1851 at Franklin, , , NC) (d. 11 Aug 1945 at Murphy, , , NC)
Franks, Joseph (Joe)
Franks, Jowers? (b. Abt 1916 at Hardin County, , , Tennessee)
Franks, Judy
Franks, Julie (b. 1902-1904 at Tennessee, , ,) (d. at Of Gillis Mills, , , Tennessee)
Franks, Junior
Franks, Kate
Franks, Kate (b. 1908-1911 at Tennessee, , ,)
Franks, Kristen
Franks, Laura Lee
Franks, Leah Christine (b. 25 May 1991)
Warren, Letha Etma (b. 15 Jul 1924 at Marion Co., Alabama, ,)
Franks, Letha Jeanette (Jean) (b. 13 Jul 1946)
Franks, Lewis (b. Abt 1815 at North Carolina, , ,)
Franks, Lois (b. 1918) (d. 26 Aug 1998 at Liberty, , Pickens Co., SC)

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