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Armstrong, Annette
Armstrong, Annie (b. Abt 1875)
Armstrong, Annie M. (b. Abt 1864)
Armstrong, Archibald (b. 1 Jan 1799 at Pendleton, , Anderson Co., SC) (d. 15 Apr 1862 at Hart Co., , , GA)
Armstrong, Audy
Armstrong, Augusta
Armstrong, Barbara
Armstrong, Benjamin
Armstrong, Benjamin Charles
Armstrong, Bernard
Armstrong, Betsy Lucille
Armstrong, Betty Dolores
Armstrong, Beverly Anne
Armstrong, Bobbie
Armstrong, Bolton Samuel (b. 30 Oct 1904 at Campbellford, Northumberland, ON, Canada) (d. 27 Nov 1980 at Belleville, Hastings, ON, Canada)
Armstrong, Breck
Armstrong, Brian Edgar
Armstrong, Bruce Delane
Armstrong, Cameron Bryce
Armstrong, Carl
Armstrong, Carli
Armstrong, Chad Eugene
Armstrong, Chalice Mary Ann (b. Abt 1919)
Armstrong, Charles
Armstrong, Charles Edward
Armstrong, Charles Edward
Armstrong, Charles Eugene
Armstrong, Charles Franklin
Armstrong, Charles Louis (b. 6 Sep 1901) (d. 1978)
Armstrong, Charles Wallace
Armstrong, Chelsa Erin
Armstrong, Cherry Ann
Armstrong, Cheryl Marlene
Armstrong, Christie Nicole
Armstrong, Claude Franklin (b. 14 Dec 1896 at Gridley, , McClean County, Illinois)
Armstrong, Clayton William (b. 10 Apr 1916) (d. 11 Jul 1989)
Armstrong, Cynthia (b. 7 Dec 1960)
Armstrong, Daniel Roy
Armstrong, Danny Neal
Armstrong, Daughter (b. 26 Jul 1966)
Armstrong, David
Armstrong, David Alexander (b. 5 Jan 1811 at SC, , ,) (d. 3 Jun 1889)
Armstrong, David Alexander
Armstrong, David B.
Armstrong, Deborah
Armstrong, Deborah Earline
Armstrong, Donald Bolton
Armstrong, Donna Faye
Armstrong, Doris Helen
Armstrong, Edgar Muir (b. 19 Apr 1926) (d. 10 Oct 1988)
Armstrong, Edward (b. Abt 1785 at New Jersey, , ,)
Armstrong, Edward James
Armstrong, Eleanor
ARMSTRONG, Elizabeth (b. 17 Mar 1757 at New Jersey, , ,) (d. 15 Jan 1837 at Springfield, , Mahoning County, Ohio)
Armstrong, Elizabeth
Armstrong, Elizabeth
Armstrong, Elizabeth (b. 1810)
Armstrong, Elizabeth (b. Abt 1758)
Armstrong, Elizabeth (b. 15 Dec 1923)
Armstrong, Elizabeth (b. 1725 at Scotland, , ,) (d. 1806 at Conemaugh Twp, , Indiana, PA)
Armstrong, Elizabeth Carolyn
Armstrong, Elizabeth Elverna (b. 21 Jan 1882 at , , Dixon, NE)
Armstrong, Elizabeth Rogers (b. 1859) (d. 1895)
Armstrong, Elsie (b. 26 Aug 1894 at Kansas, , ,)
Armstrong, Elsie Viola (b. 19 Mar 1884 at , , Dixon, NE)
Armstrong, Elzie Grady (b. 2 Mar 1899) (d. 24 Feb 1985)
Armstrong, Ephraim (d. 1788 at Northampton Twp., , Burlington Co., New Je)
Armstrong, Erin Sarah
Armstrong, Ester
Armstrong, Eva Mae
Armstrong, Eveline (d. 1849)
Armstrong, Everette Esco
Armstrong, Evie
Armstrong, Ezra
Armstrong, Fanny Rebecca (b. 1821) (d. 1874)
Armstrong, Frances
Armstrong, Francis Marion (b. 10 Jan 1869 at , , Carroll, IL) (d. 28 Aug 1920 at Santee, , , NE)
Armstrong, Freda Annette
Armstrong, Frederick Vivon (b. 1 Apr 1885 at Bismark, , Burleigh Co., ND) (d. 11 Oct 1961 at Spokane, , , WA)
Armstrong, Gay Rhoda
Armstrong, Gayle Eileen
Armstrong, Gerald J.
Armstrong, Gerald Lemar
Williamson, Gertrude (b. 1889)
Armstrong, Gladys (b. 4 Oct 1898) (d. 26 Jun 1900 at Navarro Co., , , TX)
Armstrong, Grady
Armstrong, Gregory Dale (b. 6 Aug 1954)
Armstrong, H. S. (b. 21 Sep 1935)
Armstrong, Harley Dale
Armstrong, Harriet (b. 24 Nov 1832 at Noble County, , , Ohio) (d. 10 Jan 1884 at Somerset, Warren Co., Iowa, age 68)
Armstrong, Harriett (b. 14 Oct 1826 at Cornwallis, , NS, Canada)
Armstrong, Hazel (b. 1917)
Armstrong, Henry
Armstrong, Horace
Armstrong, Houston (b. Abt 1872)
Armstrong, Irvin (b. Abt 1840) (d. at Brown twp, , Knox County, Ohio)
Armstrong, Isabella (b. 11 Jun 1815)
Armstrong, Isabella Irvine
Armstrong, Ivan Daniel (b. 2 Feb 1921 at Chicago, , , IL)

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