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Hohenlohe, Ruprecht Prince Of (suppressed - may be still living)
Hohenlohe, Sigmund Count Of (d. 8 Aug 1534)
Hohenlohe, Sofie Christine Countess (d. 2 Aug 1666)
Hohenlohe, Sofie Magdalene Countess (d. 14 Jun 1627)
Hohenlohe, Sofie Magdalene Countess (d. 1680)
Hohenlohe, Ulrich Count Of (d. 1502)
Hohenlohe, Ulrich Count Of (d. 1490)
Hohenlohe, Ulrich IV Von (d. 1407)
Hohenlohe, Wandebre Countess Of (b. Abt 1552 at Of, Neuenstein, Jagstkreis, Wurttemberg)
Hohenlohe, Wandelbar (b. Abt 1531 at Of Waldenburg, Jagstkreis, Wurttemberg)
Hohenlohe, Wilhelm Heinrich Count (d. 25 May 1656)
Hohenlohe, Wolfgang Ernst Count (d. 21 Jan 1588)
Hohenlohe, Wolfgang Friedrich Count (suppressed - may be still living)
Hohenlohe, Wolfgang Otto Count (d. 11 Oct 1632)
Hohenlohe Barten, Christian Count Of (d. 13 Jun 1675 at Haltenbergstette, Jagstkreis, Wurttemberg)
Hohenlohe Braune, Anna Von (suppressed - may be still living)
Hohenlohe Hohenlohe, Albrecht Von (suppressed - may be still living)
Hohenlohe Ingelf, Adolf Prince Of (suppressed - may be still living)
Hohenlohe Langenburg, Albrecht Wolfgang Prince (d. 17 Apr 1715 at Langenburg, Jagstrkeis, Wurttemberg)
Hohenlohe Langenburg, Christian Kraft Count Of (d. 2 Oct 1743 at Ingelfingen, Jagstkreis, Wurttemberg)
Hohenlohe Langenburg, Luise Princess Of (d. 17 Jan 1881 at Koschentin, Schlesien, Prussia)
Hohenlohe Langenburg, Philipp Ernst Count Of (d. 8 Feb 1628)
Hohenlohe Neuenstein, Albrecht Count Of (d. 16 Nov 1575 at Stuttgart, Neckarkreis, Wurttemberg)
Hohenlohe Oehringen Neuenstein, Auguste (suppressed - may be still living)
Hohenlohe Waldenburg, Barbara Countess Of (d. 2 Mar 1665)
Hohenlohe Weiker, Albrecht I Von (d. 15 Jun 1429 at Oehringen, Jagstkreis, Wurttemberg)
Hohenlohe-Neuenstein, Philip Of (d. 1606)
Hohenlohe-Weikersheim, Wolfgang Of (d. 1610)
Hohensee, Steven Ray (d. Abt Jan 1987 at Springfield, Greene, MO)
Hohenstaufen, Agnes Countess Of (d. 9 May 1204)
Hohenstaufen, Agnes Of (suppressed - may be still living)
Hohenstaufen, King Of Germany Conrad III (d. 15 Feb 1152)
Hohenstaufen, Emperor Holy Roman Empire Frederick I "Barbarossa" (d. 10 Jun 1190 at Holy Land)
Hohenstaufen, Duke Of Swabia Friedrich II (d. 6 Apr 1147)
Hohenstaufen, Gertrude Of Swabia (d. 1191)
Hohenstaufen, Emperor Of The Holy Roman Empire Phillip II (d. 21 Jun 1208 at Murdered)
Hohenstaufens, Princess Of Germany Agnes Of Germany (d. 1237 at , Germany)
Hohenstaufens, Conrad 1V (d. 1254)
Hohenstaufens, Conradin Of Jerusalem (d. 1268)
Hohenstaufens, Princess Of Sicily Constance (d. 1302)
Hohenstaufens, Emperor Of Germany Frederick II Of Germany (d. 13 Dec 1250 at , Monreale, Palermo, Sicily)
Hohenstaufens, Emperor Germany Heinrich VI Of Sicily (d. 1197)
Hohenstaufens, Henry Of Germany (d. 12 Feb 1248)
Hohenstaufens, Jordan Of Germany (d. 1236 at , Ravenna, Emilia Romagna, Italy)
Hohenstaufens, Manfred Of Sicily (d. 1266)
Hohenstaufens, Princess Of Germany Maria (d. 1235 at Louvain, Belg)
Hohenstauffen, Count In The Riesgau Frederick (d. 1094)
Hohenstauffen, Mary Of (suppressed - may be still living)
Hohentaufen, Henry (b. 1137)
Hohenzollen, King Of Sweden Frederick I (suppressed - may be still living)
Hohenzollen, Queen Of Greece Sophie (d. 13 Jan 1932 at Frankfurt, Germany)
Hohenzoller, Prussia Victoria Elisabeth Charlotte (d. 1 Oct 1919 at Baden Baden)
Hohenzollern, Prince Of Prussia Adalbert Ferdinand Berengar (d. 1948)
Hohenzollern, Prince Of Prussia Albert (d. 1872)
Hohenzollern, Prince Albert Wilhelm Heinrich (d. 20 Apr 1929 at House Hemmelmark, Eckernfoerde, Schleswig Holste, Germany)
Hohenzollern, Prince Prussia Albrecht Friedrich (d. 8 Oct 1580)
Hohenzollern, Of Prussia Alexandrine (d. 1892 at , Schwerin, Mecklenburg Schwerin, Germany)
Hohenzollern, Princess Alexandrine Irene (d. 1980)
Hohenzollern, [Duchess Meckle Anna (d. 19 Jun 1567 at Lubz, Mecklenberg, Germany)
Hohenzollern, Anna Amelia (d. 1787)
Hohenzollern, Anne Catherine (d. 29 Mar 1612 at Copenhagen, Denmark)
Hohenzollern, Anthony (d. 1866)
Hohenzollern, Augusta (d. 1841)
Hohenzollern, Prince Of Prussia Augustus Wilhelm (d. 12 Jun 1758 at Oranienburg, Brandenburg, Prussia)
Hohenzollern, Prince Of Prussia Augustus William (d. 1949)
Hohenzollern, Carl Christian Of (suppressed - may be still living)
Hohenzollern, King Of Romania Carol (d. 10 Oct 1914 at Castle Pelesch, Sinaia, Romania)
Hohenzollern, Princess Cecilie Victoria Anastasia (d. 1975)
Hohenzollern, Charles (d. 1883)
Hohenzollern, Charles (d. 1846)
Hohenzollern, Tsarine Of Russia Charlotte (d. 20 Oct 1860 at Pushkin, St Petersburg, Russia)
Hohenzollern, Prince Christian Sigismund (suppressed - may be still living)
Hohenzollern, Christine (d. 1773)
Hohenzollern, Desiree Margaretha Victoria Of (suppressed - may be still living)
Hohenzollern, Dorothea Von Brandenburg (d. Mar 1518-1519)
Hohenzollern, Princess Of Brandenburg Elisabeth (d. 25 May 1558)
Hohenzollern, Princess Frederica Charlotte Of Prussia (d. 6 Aug 1820 at Oatlands Park, Weybridge, Surrey, England)
Hohenzollern, Frederica Louise (d. 1784)
Hohenzollern, Frederica Wilhelmina Louise (b. 30 Sep 1796)
Hohenzollern, Frederick (d. 1904)
Hohenzollern, Frederick Augustus (d. 1686)
Hohenzollern, King Of Prussia Frederick I (d. 25 Feb 1713 at Berlin, Germany)
Hohenzollern, King Of Prussia Frederick II (d. 17 Aug 1786 at Sans Souci, Potsdam, Germany)
Hohenzollern, Frederick Louis Charles (suppressed - may be still living)
Hohenzollern, Frederick Prince Of (d. 1964)
Hohenzollern, King Of Prussia Frederick Wilhelm IV (d. 2 Jan 1861 at , Palace Sanssouci By Potsdam, Brandenburg, Prussia)
Hohenzollern, Frederick William Charles (b. 26 Sep 1795)
Hohenzollern, King Of Prussia Frederick William I (d. 31 May 1740 at Potsdam, Germany)
Hohenzollern, King Of Prussia Frederick William II (d. 11 Dec 1797 at Marmorpalais, Potsdam)
Hohenzollern, Frederick William Louis (b. 30 Oct 1794)
Hohenzollern, Netherlands Frederika Louise Wilhelmin (d. 12 Oct 1837 at The Hague)
Hohenzollern, Princess Frederike Viktoria (d. 13 Nov 1929 at Bonn)
Hohenzollern, Margravine Of Brandenburg Ansb Friederike (d. 4 Feb 1784 at Schwaningen, Waldshut, Baden)
Hohenzollern, Of Prussia Friederike Auguste Karoline (d. 30 Mar 1800)
Hohenzollern, Prince Friedrich (suppressed - may be still living)
Hohenzollern, Of Prussia Friedrich Heinrich Albrecht (d. 14 Oct 1872 at Berlin, Brandenburg, Prussia)
Hohenzollern, Of Prussia Friedrich Heinrich Karl (d. 26 May 1767)
Hohenzollern, Emperor Of Prussia Friedrich III (d. 15 Jun 1888 at Neues Palais, Potsdam, Germany)
Hohenzollern, Prince Of Prussia Friedrich Karl (d. 21 Jan 1883 at Berlin, Brandenburg, Prussia)
Hohenzollern, Friedrich Karl Nikolaus (d. 15 Jun 1885 at Hunting Castle, Little Glienicke, Brandenburg, Prussia)

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