This is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. Some of it is my research, much of it has been shared with me.

DISCLAIMER: This is my speculative data. I've verified very little of it. Use it for hints and pointers, but do your own research!

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This data changes often. If you've arrived from a search engine, it's could be that you don't see the information you were looking for. The current index for can be found here. You can email me at genealogy at for updates, removal requests, etc.

HALL, (twin) Todd Jeffrey
Hall, Tony
Hall, Tony
Hall, Tonya
Hall, Tonya Ann
Hall, Tonya Kaye
Hall, Tracie
Hall, Truman Alonzo (b. 18 Feb 1875 at Floyd Co., , , GA) (d. 26 Mar 1941 at Rome, , , Ga)
Hall, Tudor Norton
Hall, Tudor R (b. 24 Oct 1865) (d. 12 Feb 1911)
Hall, Tudor Tucker (b. 6 Dec 1844 at Darien, , , GA) (d. 28 Aug 1918 at Highlands, , , NC)
Hall, Unknown
Hall, Unknown (b. Abt 1868)
Hall, Unknown
Hall, Ursula Louisa (b. Abt 1825 at SC, , ,)
Hall, Valorie Denice
Hall, Van Columbus (b. 14 Nov 1905 at Owensburg, , , IN)
Hall, Van Columbus (b. at Owensburg, , , IN)
Hall, Vanesse Leah
Hall, Varnell
Hall, Vayton W. (d. at Y, , ,)
Hall, Vera Grace (b. 1939) (d. 1939)
Hall, Vera Inez (b. 1903 at Gordon Co., , , GA) (d. 1993)
Hall, Verna Lee
Hall, Vickie
Hall, Victor Lynn
Hall, Victoria Lee
Hall, Vincent
Hall, Vincent
Hall, Virgie
Hall, Virgil (b. 1904) (d. 1933 at Pine Knot, , , KY)
Hall, Virgil Clark (b. 22 Dec 1911 at Weston, , , OR)
Hall, Virginia
Hall, Virginia
Hall, Virginia Ann
Hall, Virginia May
Hall, Virginia Murray (b. 12 Oct 1914 at , , Caroline, VA) (d. 15 Jan 1996 at Richmond, , Henrico, VA)
Hall, Vivian
Hall, Vivian (b. Abt 1898)
Hall, Vola
Hall, Vola Ettner (b. 27 Apr 1895)
Hall, W
Hall, W H
Hall, W R
Hall, W. Bernard
Hall, W. Bernard
Hall, W. Bernard
Hall, W. Bernard (b. 1909)
Hall, W. Y. (b. Abt 1862)
Hall, W.R.
Hall, Wallace (b. Abt 1852)
Hall, Wallace
Hall, Wallace
Hall, Wallace
Hall, III Wallace Legette
Hall, Jr Wallace Legette
Hall, Wallace Legette (b. at Conway, , , AR)
Hall, Walter
Hall, Walter
Hall, Walter Palo
Hall, Warner Wright (b. 17 Oct 1904 at Calhoun, , , GA) (d. 1978 at Annapolis, , , MD)
Hall, Wayne M.
Hall, Webster Monroe (b. 1857) (d. 1926)
Hall, Wesley Garland (b. 4 May 1959 at Shreveport, , Caddo, LA)
Hall, Wesley W. (b. Jan 1852 at Caldwell Co., , , TX)
Hall, Wilburn Briggs (b. Abt 1835)
Hall, Wilda Opal
Hall, Wiley
Hall, Will
Hall, Will G. (d. at Y, , ,)
Hall, Willa Ruth
Hall, Willard
HALL, William (b. Abt 1736 at of Halltown, , Jefferson, West Virginia)
HALL, William (b. Abt 1708 at of Halltown, , Jefferson, West Virginia) (d. Aft 21 Oct 1764 at Halltown, , Jefferson, West Virginia)
Hall, William (b. 1766) (d. at Y, , ,)
Hall, William (b. 1864 at Swefling, , , Suffolk)
Hall, William (b. 1836 at Benhall, , ,)
Hall, William (b. 1879)
Hall, William
Hall, Secretary To William (d. 1699)
Hall, William (d. 1971)
Hall, William (b. Bet 1845 and 1853 at Pickens District, , , SC)
Hall, William (b. 15 Sep 1857 at Murray Co., , , GA) (d. 9 Dec 1945)
Hall, William
Hall, William (b. Abt 1728 at Maryland Maybe, , ,) (d. Abt 1797 at Laurens District, , , SC)
Hall, William (b. Abt 1832)
Hall, William
Hall, William (b. Abt 1784) (d. Sep 1866 at Deepstep, , , Georgia)
Hall, William (b. Abt 1750)
Hall, William (b. Abt 1760) (d. 1 May 1814 at Statesburg, , , South Carolina)
Hall, William (b. Abt 1730)
Hall, Dr. William (b. 1789 at Charleston, , , South Carolina) (d. 4 Sep 1867)
Hall, William (b. Abt 1860)
Hall, William (b. Abt 1464 at Debdon, , Essex, England) (d. Bet 1494 and 1555)
Hall, William
Hall, William (b. Abt 1613 at England, , ,) (d. 1675 at Portsmouth, , , RI)
Hall, William (b. 14 Jan 1645 at Portsmouth, , , RI) (d. 5 Sep 1691 at Portsmouth, , Newport, Rhode Island)
Hall, William (b. 11 Jan 1726 at Marshfield, , , MA) (d. Bef 31 Dec 1763)
Hall, William (b. Abt 1798)
Hall, William (b. 1774)

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