This is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. Some of it is my research, much of it has been shared with me.

DISCLAIMER: This is my speculative data. I've verified very little of it. Use it for hints and pointers, but do your own research!

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This data changes often. If you've arrived from a search engine, it's could be that you don't see the information you were looking for. The current index for can be found here. You can email me at genealogy at for updates, removal requests, etc.

Jetton, John (b. Abt 1725) (d. Abt 1815)
Jetton, Martha Pearl (b. 1910)
Jetton, Sarah Sharp (b. Abt 1830)
Jetton, Sarah Sharp (b. 6 Jun 1788) (d. 7 May 1821)
Jetton, Walter C
Jetzel, Charles Jared
Jetzel, Chelsey Rose
Jetzel, D. Kyle
Jetzel, Erin
Jetzel, Jerry
Jetzel, Keath B.
Jetzel, Kreg Wayland
Jetzel, Krystal K.
Jetzel, Kurtis Paul
Jetzel, Lyndsey
Jetzel, Matthew
Jevic, Milan Petroni
Jewel, Alma
Jewel, David (b. Abt 1719) (d. Bet 1747 and 1810)
Jewel, Elizabeth (b. 1796) (d. 9 Oct 1865)
Jewel, William
Jewell, Adrian
Jewell, Albert Charles (b. 19 Apr 1918 at Lawton, , Comanche, OK)
Jewell, Allie Florene (b. 24 Oct 1906) (d. 29 Nov 1907)
Jewell, Andrea Damon
Jewell, Andrew
Jewell, Annie
Jewell, Barbara Joan (b. 24 May 1935) (d. 19 Aug 1936)
Jewell, Barry Hendricks
Jewell, Bessie (b. 1909) (d. 29 Oct 1998)
Jewell, Bessie Leona (b. 24 May 1894) (d. 5 Sep 1990)
Jewell, Betty Jo (b. 4 Aug 1926 at Enid, , Garfield, OK)
Jewell, Bonnie
Jewell, Candice Nicole
Jewell, Charlotte A.
Jewell, Christine
Jewell, Clarence Ardell (b. 23 Oct 1872) (d. at Shawnee, , Pottawatomie, OK)
Jewell, David Lloyd
Jewell, Donald Gregory
Jewell, Donald Rudolph
Jewell, Donald W
Jewell, Edna
Jewell, Edna Delphine (b. 22 Oct 1930 at Enid, , Garfield, OK)
Jewell, Edward (b. 1844 at Pickens Co., , , SC)
Jewell, Edward Eugene (b. 30 Jun 1924) (d. 8 Apr 1992)
Jewell, Edward H
Jewell, Elijah
Jewell, Elizabeth (b. <1668> at Rowley, , Essex, Massachusetts)
Jewell, Elizbeth Sabine (b. 26 Oct 1915 at Geronimo, , Comanche, OK)
Jewell, Ellen Jane (b. 9 Oct 1947)
Jewell, Emma (b. Mar 1890 at , , , KS)
Jewell, Florence (b. 1931) (d. 15 Apr 1935 at Six Mile, , Pickens Co., SC)
Jewell, Frances (b. 23 Feb 1643 at Salisbury, Essex Co., Massachusetts, USA)
Jewell, Fred L
Jewell, Grace
Jewell, Greg
Jewell, Harriet Ann (b. 25 Oct 1821 at Essex, , , Vermont)
Jewell, Harry Vincent (b. 1921)
Jewell, Hattie J (b. 6 Jan 1883) (d. 13 Oct 1915)
Jewell, Henry Calvin (b. 25 Feb 1892 at Hennesey, , , OK) (d. 24 Sep 1957 at Sioux City, , , IA)
Jewell, Henry Monroe (b. May 1853 at , , Ogle, IL) (d. 4 Apr 1927 at Brick, , , OK)
Jewell, Hugh B
Jewell, Ilar R
Jewell, Irene
Jewell, J Benny
Jewell, J E
Jewell, J N
Jewell, J T
Jewell, Jack Phillip
Jewell, James Anthony
Jewell, James C (b. 1909) (d. 28 Nov 1991)
Jewell, James Lewis (b. 1810 at Pickens Co., , , SC)
Jewell, Jennifer Lynne (b. 12 May 1982 at Portsmouth, , Rockingham County, New Hampshire)
Jewell, Jessie Kirkwood (b. 1874 at Greenville, , , SC) (d. 11 Sep 1949 at Liberty, , Pickens Co., SC)
Jewell, Joe Thomas (b. 25 Feb 1883) (d. 21 Mar 1960)
Jewell, John Lee
Jewell, Jorian Mitchell
Jewell, Justin Thomas (b. 26 Mar 1987 at Omaha, , Douglas County, Nebraska)
Jewell, Kelli Dawn (b. 16 Mar 1983 at Portsmouth, , Rockingham County, New Hampshire)
Jewell, Kenneth David (b. 6 Apr 1984 at Anchorage, , , Alaska)
Jewell, Kenneth Don
Jewell, Kitty (b. Jul 1888 at Bird City, , Cheyenne, KS) (d. 23 Feb 1889 at Bird City, , Cheyenne, KS)
Jewell, Laura
Jewell, Lawrence
Jewell, Lawrence Ronald
Jewell, Lizzie Mae (b. 18 Apr 1904 at Anderson Co., , , SC) (d. 25 Jun 1990 at Easley, , Pickens Co., SC)
Jewell, Louise
Jewell, Lucy
Jewell, Mack (b. 1846 at Pickens Co., , , SC)
Jewell, Margaret
Jewell, Mary
Jewell, Mary Elizabeth (b. 4 May 1890) (d. 7 Sep 1987 at Greenville, , , SC)
Jewell, Mary T. (b. 29 Dec 1823) (d. 25 Sep 1853)
Jewell, Matthew Thomas
Jewell, Mattie Lee (b. 16 Dec 1905) (d. 7 May 1936)
Jewell, Mercy
Jewell, Minnie (b. 10 Nov 1904 at Pickens Co., , , SC) (d. 12 Jan 1986 at Six Mile, , Pickens Co., SC)
Jewell, Muriel
Jewell, Narcissus (b. Abt 1877 at SC, , ,)

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