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I'm Rob Salzman (email: genealogy at
8630 SW Scholls Ferry Rd #133, Beaverton OR is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. It contains everyone I know who are connected to European Royalty or Nobility. Some small part of it is my original research, but most of it has been generously shared with me!

It is important to understand: This is SPECULATIVE DATA. Most of it is unverified. Use it for hints and pointers, but DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!!!

You can leave a comment on each page here. If you want to be notified when this site changes, you can leave contact information here. I can always be reached at the mailing address above, or by email at genealogy at  

I've added a changelog so you can see what's upcoming here.

This website updated on November 18, 2016.

Kempe, John
Kempe, John
Kempe, John
Kempe, John
Kempe, Margery
Kempe, Mary (b. 1587 at Chilham, , Kent, England) (d. at Chilham, , Kent, England)
Kempe, Mary Anne
Kempe, Mary Anne
Kempe, Nicholas
Kempe, Nicholas
Kempe, Nicholas
Kempe, Nicholas
Kempe, Rn Nicholas (b. 1757) (d. 1829 at Unmarried Aged 72)
Kempe, Nicholas John (b. 30 Nov 1808)
Kempe, Olena Dorothea (b. 31 Jul 1874 at Richfield, Sevier Co., UT) (d. 17 Nov 1951 at Salt Lake City, UT)
Kempe, Peter
Kempe, Richard
Kempe, Richard
Kempe, Sir Knt Robert (d. 20 Aug 1647)
Kempe, Robert
Kempe, Sir Robert (d. 26 Sep 1710)
Kempe, Sir Robert
Kempe, Samuel
Kempe, Samuel (d. at Voyage Of Discovery With Captain Cook)
Kempe, Sarah
Kempe, Thomas
Kempe, William
Kempe, William (d. 1799)
Kempe, William
Kempe, William
Kempe, William
Kempe, William
Kempe, William (b. 14 Mar 1806)
Kempe, William
Kempe, Sir William Robert (b. 1744) (d. 11 Oct 1804)
Kempe, Rev Sir William Robert
Kemper, Ann Eliza (b. 13 Dec 1868)
Kemper, Artemisia (b. 27 Apr 1790) (d. Mar 1825)
Kemper, Arthur Smith (b. 4 May 1794) (d. 31 Aug 1849)
Kemper, Reverend Burdett (b. 24 Feb 1788) (d. 18 Mar 1876 at Kentucky)
Kemper, Burdette (b. Abt 1870)
Kemper, Charles T
Kemper, Ebenezer (b. 25 Oct 1778) (d. Bef 1780)
Kemper, Fanny (b. 12 Feb 1782) (d. 18 Oct 1839)
Kemper, Frederick (b. 26 Jul 1800) (d. Bef 1805)
Kemper, Frederick B. (b. 2 Oct 1825) (d. 7 Feb 1864)
Kemper, Henry (b. Abt 1735 at Fauquier County, Virginia)
Kemper, Henry (b. 20 Feb 1786) (d. Bef 1890)
Kemper, Henry Clay (b. 27 Dec 1831 at Garrard County, Kentucky) (d. 22 Apr 1896 at Evergreen, Louisiana)
Kemper, James A. (b. 29 Mar 1804) (d. 5 Jun 1887)
Kemper, James Thompson (b. 27 Nov 1829) (d. 29 Mar 1873)
Kemper, John (b. 27 Nov 1757 at Fauquier County, Virginia) (d. 22 Jan 1833 at Garrard County, Kentucky)
Kemper, John (b. 8 Jul 1692 at Musen, Germany) (d. at Virginia)
Kemper, John (b. 29 Nov 1798) (d. 20 Jul 1825)
Kemper, Joshua (b. 5 Oct 1783)
Kemper, Joshua Burdett (b. 26 Jul 1837 at Near Lancaster, Kentucky) (d. 26 Jun 1930 at Kentucky)
Kemper, Lucy (b. 4 Mar 1792) (d. 6 Mar 1876)
Kemper, Lucy (b. 18 Nov 1825) (d. 12 Dec 1908)
Kemper, Lucy (b. 4 Jan 1817 at Perry, OH) (d. 24 Mar 1887 at Roseville, Muskingum, OH)
Kemper, Martha (d. Jan 1864)
Kemper, Martha Ann (b. 11 Nov 1827) (d. 11 Jan 1864)
Kemper, Mary Ann (b. 2 Apr 1820) (d. 27 Feb 1871)
Kemper, Mary Octavia (b. 22 Sep 1871) (d. 29 Jan 1960)
Kemper, Mayme Nina
Kemper, Nancy (b. 13 May 1796) (d. 1841)
Kemper, Peter W
Kemper, Sidney Jemima (b. 7 Dec 1859 at Rapides Parish, Louisiana) (d. 22 Apr 1937 at Evergreen, Louisiana)
Kemper, Thorton B. (b. 1 Jul 1780) (d. 1 Nov 1878)
Kemper, Wilhelmina (b. 12 Nov 1821) (d. 18 Sep 1896)
Kempf, Andreas (b. 2 May 1975 at Wurzburg, Germany)
Kempf, Dorothea (b. 11 May 1978 at Wurzburg, Germany)
Kempf, Harald (b. 13 Apr 1946 at Germany)
Kempf, Urich (b. 6 Apr 1984 at Wurzburg, Germany)
Kempf", Elsie
Kempf", Karan
Kempson, Elizabeth
Kempson, John
Kempson, Margaret
Kempson, William
Kempster, Christopher
Kempton, Jacob Curtis (b. 1772)
Kempton, Manasseh (b. Bet 1582 and 1614) (d. Bet 1639 and 1701)
Kempton, Mary Beth (b. 1959)
Kempton, William Arnold (b. Feb 1872 at Massachusetts) (d. 1933)
Kemtrsen, Anna (b. 1892)
Beck, Kenneth (b. 31 Mar 1947)
Kenady, Cynthia (b. 1822 at TN)
Kenamore, Charles B. (d. at Saint Louis Co., MO)
Kenamore, Don
Kenamore, Elizabeth Carolina (b. 1808 at TN) (d. 1881)
Kenamore, George Rufus (b. 29 Jan 1847 at Maury Co., TN) (d. 6 Apr 1928)
Kenamore, Grant Allen (b. 14 Feb 1824 at Maury Co., TN) (d. 7 Jul 1885 at Salem, Dent Co., MO)
Kenamore, John William (b. 12 Feb 1787 at SC) (d. 10 Feb 1862 at Cassidy, MO)
Kenamore, Margaret (b. Jan 1822)
Kenamore, Martha (b. 1813 at Giles Co., TN) (d. 1861 at Porter Township, MO)
Kenamore, Mary S. (b. 1827 at Maury Co., TN) (d. 29 Apr 1900)
Kenamore, Matilda (b. 1814) (d. 1854)
Kenamore, Nancy (b. 1820 at Southport, Maury Co., TN) (d. at Porter Township, MO)
Kenamore, Rufus Clair (b. 22 Oct 1875 at Salem, Dent Co., MO) (d. 3 Nov 1935 at Portland Co., OR)

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