This is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. Some of it is my research, much of it has been shared with me.

DISCLAIMER: This is my speculative data. I've verified very little of it. Use it for hints and pointers, but do your own research!

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This data changes often. If you've arrived from a search engine, it's could be that you don't see the information you were looking for. The current index for can be found here. You can email me at genealogy at for updates, removal requests, etc.

Lindsey, Dorothy Suzanne (b. 2 Dec 1931)
Lindsey, Dwight
Lindsey, Edith (b. 24 Feb 1897 at Seneca, , Oconee Co., SC)
Lindsey, Elizabeth
Lindsey, Elizabeth (b. at Orange Co., , , NC) (d. 1850 at Orange Co., , , NC)
Lindsey, Elizabeth Louise (b. 19 Sep 1960)
Lindsey, Eric William
Lindsey, Ernest
Lindsey, Frances Mozelle (b. 16 Mar 1911 at Liberty, , Pickens Co., SC)
Lindsey, Freddie
Lindsey, George Ellison (b. 1880) (d. 1945)
Lindsey, George L. (b. 1870)
Lindsey, Georgia Mae
Lindsey, Haskel David
Lindsey, Haskel David (b. 30 Mar 1893) (d. at Greenwood, , , SC)
Lindsey, Henry William (b. 26 Mar 1866) (d. 26 Mar 1935)
Lindsey, Horace (b. 1864)
Lindsey, Ida
Lindsey, Isaac (b. Abt 1840)
Lindsey, James (b. 1865)
Lindsey, James
LINDSEY, James R. (b. 6 Jun 1829 at Terry, , , Alabama)
Lindsey, Jason
Lindsey, Jeffrey Andrew
Lindsey, Jennifer
Lindsey, Jessica Dawn
Lindsey, Jo Ann
Lindsey, Joe Arrien
Lindsey, John
Lindsey, John B. (b. 1866)
Lindsey, John L
Lindsey, John W.
Lindsey, Joseph William
Lindsey, Karen
Lindsey, Kathryn Randolph
Lindsey, Kenneth C. (b. 21 Jan 1904)
Lindsey, Kenneth Clarence (b. 12 Mar 1957)
Lindsey, Kenneth Lee (b. 26 Jan 1929)
Lindsey, Kimberly Ann
Lindsey, Laura Rebecca (b. 1855)
Lindsey, Leslie Howard
Lindsey, Lou
Lindsey, Mamie (b. 1861)
Lindsey, Margaret Ethyl (b. 16 Aug 1909 at Seneca, , Oconee Co., SC)
Lindsey, Marikay
Lindsey, Martha
Lindsey, Mary Alice
Lindsey, Mary E. (d. at Y, , ,)
Lindsey, Mary Jane
Lindsey, Mary Nell (b. 17 Jan 1919 at Cocke Co., , , TN) (d. 18 Aug 2000 at Cocke Co., , , TN)
Lindsey, Mary Sarah (b. 26 Sep 1772 at Orange Co., , , NC) (d. 22 Jul 1839 at Martin Co., , , IN)
Lindsey, Matthew Nicholas (b. 2 Nov 1966)
Lindsey, Mike
LINDSEY, Morris (b. 21 Mar 1791 at New Orleans, , Orleans, Louisiana)
Lindsey, Nan
LINDSEY, Nancy (b. 29 Aug 1824 at Terry, , , Alabama) (d. 24 Apr 1875 at Mountain Dell, , Washington, Utah)
Lindsey, Nancy Dee
Lindsey, Nell
Lindsey, Neomy
Lindsey, Opal
Lindsey, Oscar (b. 1844)
Lindsey, Palestine (b. 1852)
Lindsey, Pam
Lindsey, Pam
Lindsey, Pamela
Lindsey, Parthena (d. at Y, , ,)
Lindsey, Paul
Lindsey, Rachael (b. 18 Jul 1838 at Probably Nelsonville, , Athens County, Ohio) (d. 3 Feb 1915 at Eugene, , Lane County, Oregon)
Lindsey, Raymond Smith (b. 12 Dec 1908) (d. 26 Aug 1980)
Lindsey, Reefer Odom
Lindsey, Richard
Lindsey, Robert Bishop
Lindsey, Sally Hampton (b. 13 Sep 1878 at Berea, , Greenville Co., SC) (d. 10 Feb 1915 at Chattanooga, , , TN)
Lindsey, Sara Jane (b. 20 May 1942)
Lindsey, Sheila
Lindsey, Shirley
Lindsey, Stephanie Christine
Lindsey, Stephen Michael (b. 22 Jan 1988)
Lindsey, Steven Robert
Lindsey, Susan Rae (b. 28 Feb 1955)
Lindsey, Susannah (b. Feb 1802) (d. Oct 1902)
Lindsey, Thomas
Lindsey, Thomas A. (b. 1869)
Lindsey, Thomas Cline
Lindsey, Thomas H
Lindsey, Timothy Cloer (b. 4 Aug 1964)
Lindsey, Tobin Lee (b. 10 Oct 1961)
Lindsey, Tracy Lynn
Lindsey, Van Bryan (b. 21 Sep 1965)
Lindsey, Van Bryan (b. 3 Apr 1909) (d. 8 Aug 1958)
Lindsey, Viktoria Lynne (b. 19 May 1962)
Lindsey, W.H.
Lindsey, Wanda Lee (b. 2 Aug 1926) (d. 23 Jan 1986)
Lindsey, Wendy Kay (b. 28 Jul 1963)
Lindsey, Jr William Anthony (b. 19 Feb 1966)
Lindsey, William Anthony (b. 19 Feb 1940)
Lindsey, William Phelps
Lindsey, Wilma (b. 8 Dec 1930)
Lindsley, Ann Odgen (b. 1791) (d. 28 Dec 1822 at At Age 32 Years, , 4 Months, 12 Days)
Lindsley, Elizabeth (b. 11 Jan 1768) (d. 9 Jan 1857)

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