This is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. Some of it is my research, much of it has been shared with me.

DISCLAIMER: This is my speculative data. I've verified very little of it. Use it for hints and pointers, but do your own research!

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This data changes often. If you've arrived from a search engine, it's could be that you don't see the information you were looking for. The current index for can be found here. You can email me at genealogy at for updates, removal requests, etc.

Quincey, Richard (b. 1106) (d. 1188)
Quincy, Ann
Quincy, Anna (b. Abt 1723 at Of, Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts)
Quincy, Daniel
Quincy, Edmund (d. Abt 1637)
Quincy, Elizabeth (Isabel) De
Quincy, Elizabeth (b. 1720 at , , , Massachusetts) (d. 1775 at Weymouth, , Norfolk, Massachusetts)
Quincy, Elizabeth
Quincy, Fred (b. 10 Dec 1857 at Lancaster, , Grant County, Wisconsin) (d. 15 Jul 1935 at Denver, , Denver County, Colorado)
Quincy, Helen (Elena) (Ellen) De (b. Abt 1222 at Of Winchester, , H, England) (d. Bef 20 Aug 1296 at Ashby La Zouche, , , England)
Quincy, Joane
Quincy, Joane
Quincy, Joanna (d. 18 May 1695)
Quincy, Col. John (b. 1689 at Boston, , Suffolk, Massachusetts) (d. 1767 at Mt. Wollaston Braintree, Quincy, Norfolk, Massachusetts)
Quincy, John
Quincy, Lucy (b. 1729 at Of, Braintree, Norfolk, Massachusetts) (d. 1785)
Quincy, Norton (b. 27 Oct 1716 at , , , Massachusetts) (d. 1801 at Sp, , ,)
Quindlen, Christine Anna
Quine, Adrian (b. 1967)
Quine, Francesca (b. 1972)
Quine, Hector William
Quiner, Caroline Lake (b. 1839) (d. 1923)
Quiney, Richard
Quiney, Richard (b. 1618) (d. 1639)
Quiney, Shakespeare (b. Abt Nov 1616) (d. 1617)
Quiney, Thomas (b. 1589) (d. 1655)
Quiney, Thomas (b. 1620) (d. 1639)
Quinlan, Elisebeth (b. Abt 1872 at MI, , ,)
Quinlan, Frances C (b. Dec 1873 at IL, , ,)
Quinlan, James
Quinlan, Myrtle Banks
Quinn, Arthur
Quinn, Ashley Denice
Quinn, Christopher J. (b. 1996)
Quinn, Clint
Quinn, Derek (b. Abt 1952)
Quinn, Dorothy
Quinn, Edward
Quinn, Effie Ethel (b. 8 Feb 1896 at Wolflake, Or Shipshewanna, Lagrange County, Indiana) (d. 26 Nov 1961 at Sacred Heart Hospital Garrett, , Dekalb County, Indiana)
Quinn, Ella (b. 1891 at Cleveland, , , GA) (d. 26 Sep 1969 at GA, , ,)
Quinn, Elma
Quinn, Elva
Quinn, Evan
Quinn, Fanny Louella (b. 1876) (d. 1954 at Gordon Co., , , GA)
Quinn, George
Quinn, George
Quinn, Glen
Quinn, Glen
Quinn, Gordon (b. Abt 1931)
Quinn, Hank
Quinn, Harlow Or Harlan
Quinn, Harold (b. Abt 1912)
Quinn, Harrison
Quinn, Henry
Quinn, Hiedie (b. Abt 1954)
Quinn, Homer Wright
Quinn, Honor (Norrie) (b. Abt 1859-1860 at Clare, , , Ireland)
Quinn, Houston
Quinn, Howard
Quinn, Hugh Anderson (b. 29 Dec 1850) (d. 15 Mar 1929)
Quinn, James
Quinn, James David
Quinn, Jena (b. 24 Jan 1992)
Quinn, Jessie Adelaide (b. 5 Oct 1868 at New York City, , Kings County, NY)
Quinn, John
Quinn, John Daniel (b. 12 Jan 1989)
Quinn, John Nathan (b. 8 Jun 1888 at Asheville, , , NC) (d. Apr 1972 at Asheville, , , NC)
Quinn, Judith Elizabeth
Quinn, Kelly
Quinn, Lavina (b. Feb 1862)
Quinn, Lula
Quinn, Marion (b. Bef 1896 at Oldest Of Siblings, , ,) (d. at When Larry Glenmiller B.1942 Was Baby, , ,)
Quinn, Matthew (b. May 1841) (d. Nov 1872)
Quinn, McKinley
Quinn, Melinda Caroline
Quinn, Michelle Hollingsworth
Quinn, Minnie
Quinn, Nancy
Quinn, Nannie
Quinn, Nina (b. 1915 at Morrilton, , , AR)
Quinn, Othanil Or Otho (b. Abt 1870) (d. at While Charles Henry Bud Miller In Hs, , ,)
Quinn, Philip Ronald
Quinn, Randall (b. 11 Mar 1960)
Dodson, Rebecca (b. at Probably Mcminn Co., TN, ,)
Quinn, Sarah (b. 7 Aug 1819) (d. 8 Mar 1902)
Quinn, Sarah Elizabeth (b. 1 Mar 1823 at SC, , ,) (d. 10 Nov 1912 at Oaklevel, , Cleburne, AL)
Quinn, Shirley
Quinn, Tommy
Quinn, Unity Jane (b. 14 Oct 1835 at GA, , ,)
Quinn, W. Ambrose
Quinn, Willard
Quinn", Helen?
Quinn", Jo
Quinn", Mildred (b. 21 Jan 1910 at Independence, , Jackson County, Missouri) (d. 12 Jan 2000)
Quinney, Ida (d. at Y, , ,)
Quint, Estelle Leona
Quintano, Dixie Lee
Quintano, Earl
Quintano, Pamela
Quintano, Samuel

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