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This data changes often. If you've arrived from a search engine, it's could be that you don't see the information you were looking for. The current index for can be found here. You can email me at genealogy at for updates, removal requests, etc.

Scott, Joseph Adam
Scott, Joseph John (b. 3 Dec 1786 at Robertville, , Beaufort District, South Carolina) (d. at Cheneyville, , , Louisiana)
Scott, Joseph Kindred (b. 4 Apr 1841 at Mason Co., , , KY) (d. 24 Mar 1885 at Edwards Co., , , IL)
Scott, Joseph M.
Scott, Joseph S. (b. Abt 1755)
Scott, Josephine (b. 19 Mar 1847) (d. 27 Sep 1858 at Died Of Diptheria, , ,)
Scott, Josephine Elis (b. 1823)
SCOTT, Joshua
Scott, Josiah (b. 1801 at Washington County, , , Pennsylvania)
Scott, Josiah (b. Abt 1814)
Scott, Josiahs Franklin-Stephen
Scott, Joyce
Scott, Juanita Haroldine
Scott, Judd
Scott, Judith
Scott, Judith
Scott, Julia (b. 1915) (d. 1984)
Scott, Julia
Scott, Julia (b. Abt 1825 at St. Helena s Island, , , South Carolina)
Scott, Julia Evans
Scott, Julia Lynn
Scott, Julian
Scott, Julianna
Scott, Julianna
Scott, Julyna
Scott, June Marie
Scott, Kara Kristi (b. 30 Jun 1963)
Scott, Kate
Scott, Katharine (b. 1 Jan 1850 at Iowa, , ,) (d. at Shadyside, , , Ohio)
Scott, Katherine (b. 2 Aug 1859) (d. 10 May 1890)
Scott, Kathleen
Scott, Kathy Sue
Scott, Katie A (b. 1878 at Edwards Co., , , IL)
Scott, Keila Ann
Scott, Keith (b. 2 Jan 1910)
Scott, Kelly (b. 3 Mar 1982 at Lewes Sussex, , ,)
Scott, Kelly Dale
Scott, Kenneth G. (b. 10 Feb 1914)
Scott, Kerri Lynn (b. at Tulsa, , Tulsa County, Oklahoma)
Scott, Kerry Alison (b. 5 Feb 1992 at Ipswich, , ,)
Scott, Kevin Curtis (b. 12 Jun 1961 at Cave Junction, , Josephine, Or.)
Scott, Kip E.
Scott, Kissiah (b. 13 Mar 1846) (d. 30 Jan 1943)
Scott, Kristen Michelle (b. 28 May 1978)
Scott, Kristi Leigh
Scott, Lacy Nicole (b. 4 Dec 1989 at Frankfort, , Clinton Co., Indiana)
Scott, Lamar
Scott, Lance Mathew (b. 4 Jun 1968)
Scott, Lansing Wayne (b. 2 Aug 1972 at Des Moines, , Polk, Iowa)
Scott, Larry
Scott, Laura
Scott, Laura
Scott, Laura
Scott, Laura Belle (b. 4 Aug 1873 at Edwards Co., , , IL) (d. 29 May 1908 at Edwards Co., , , IL)
Scott, Laura Lee (b. 20 Mar 1962)
Scott, Lavern Vivian
Scott, Leatie
Scott, Lee
Scott, Lee Roy (b. 4 May 1890 at Bolton Twp., , Cowley, Ka.) (d. 20 May 1959 at Norton, , Norton, Ka.)
Scott, Lelia
Scott, Lemuel (b. Abt 1747)
Scott, Lenora Patricia (b. 3 Jan 1949 at Klamath Falls, , Klamath County, Oregon)
Scott, Leo Lennis (b. 11 Jul 1913)
Scott, Leon Lemoyne
Scott, Leonard (b. 1849) (d. 1939)
Scott, Leonard (b. 1800 at Washington Co., Virginia, ,) (d. 1854 at Cole Co., MO, ,)
Scott, Leonard Joe (b. 22 Mar 1943 at Emmett, , Gem Co., ID) (d. 2 Dec 1965 at Ocean Side, , , CA)
Scott, Leta
Scott, Levi (b. Abt 1823 at OH, , ,)
Scott, Levon Joy
Scott, Lillian A
Scott, Lillian Ann (b. 22 Aug 1878 at Kansas, , ,) (d. 11 Oct 1911 at Peoria, , Peoria County, Illinois)
Scott, Linda
Scott, Linda Beth (b. 30 Aug 1957)
Scott, Linda Susann
Scott, Lindsay Nicole
Scott, Liza (b. 1843)
Scott, Lizzie (D.O James O. 1831)
Scott, Lizzie (b. Abt 1883)
Scott, Lloyd
Scott, Lois
Scott, Lois Arlene
Scott, Lois Lee (b. private)
Scott, Lonnie Lee (b. 18 Jun 1910 at Whitesboro, , , TX)
Scott, Loretta (b. 30 Jul 1859) (d. 1 Aug 1945)
Scott, Loretta
Scott, Louisa
Scott, Louisa
Scott, Louisa Caroline Williams (b. 25 Sep 1818 at Trimble Co, , , Ky) (d. 6 Apr 1898 at Republican City, , , Nebr)
Scott, Lovina (d. 29 Aug 1858)
Scott, Lowell Dean (b. 21 Feb 1929 at Leon, , Decatur, Iowa)
Scott, Lucas Ray (b. 24 Jan 1982)
Scott, Luci Dawn (b. 31 Mar 1966 at Mount Ayr, , Ringold, Iowa)
Scott, Lucinda (b. 1832) (d. 1889)
Scott, Lucy (d. 18 Aug 1943)
Scott, Luke (b. 1850) (d. 1935)
Scott, Lula
Scott, Lula Marie
Scott, Lydia (b. 1848)
Scott, Lyndon Jeffrey (b. 12 Jan 1959)

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