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This data changes often. If you've arrived from a search engine, it's could be that you don't see the information you were looking for. The current index for can be found here. You can email me at genealogy at for updates, removal requests, etc.

Sheffield, Martha
Sheffield, Mary
Sheffield, Mary (b. 18 Feb 1884) (d. 1973)
Sheffield, Mary
Sheffield, Lady Mary
Sheffield, Mary (b. 7 Sep 1722 at Sherborn, Middlesex Co., MA, USA)
Sheffield, Mary (b. 27 Nov 1710 at Sherborn, , Middlesex Co., Massachusetts)
Sheffield, Mary
Sheffield, Mary
Sheffield, Nancy
Sheffield, Nancy
Sheffield, Nathaniel (b. 7 Mar 1681 at Sherborn, , Middlesex Co., Massachusetts)
Sheffield, Nellie
Sheffield, Nicholas
Sheffield, Rachel (b. 12 Oct 1702 at Sherborn, , Middlesex Co., Massachusetts)
Sheffield, Rachel (d. 20 Nov 1714)
Sheffield, Rachel
Sheffield, Rachel (d. 20 Nov 1714)
Sheffield, Rachel
Sheffield, Reginald Adrian Berkeley (b. 1946)
Sheffield, Richard Lewis
Sheffield, Robert (b. Abt 1540 at Butterwick, , Lincoln, Ire.)
Sheffield, Mp Robert
Sheffield, Mp Robert
Sheffield, Sir Robert
Sheffield, Sir Robert (d. 15 Nov 1531)
Sheffield, Robin Anthony (b. 30 Nov 1904 at Cardston, , Alberta, Canada) (d. 10 Jun 1933 at Cardston, , Alberta, Canada)
Sheffield, Samantha Gwendoline (b. 1971)
Sheffield, Samuel (b. 1836)
Sheffield, Sarah (b. 18 Jun 1708 at Sherborn, , Middlesex Co., Massachusetts)
Sheffield, Sarah L. (b. 1849 at GA, , ,)
Sheffield, Susan
Sheffield, Susanna (b. 12 Dec 1675 at Sherborn, , Middlesex Co., Massachusetts)
Sheffield, Thamasine
Sheffield, Thamasine
Sheffield, Thomas (b. 1294 at Bedale, , , Yorkshire)
Sheffield, Thomas
Sheffield, Thomas (b. Abt 1550)
Sheffield, Thomazine
Sheffield, Thomazine
Sheffield, William (b. 19 Mar 1667 at Dover, , , Massachusetts)
Sheffield, William (b. 28 Feb 1699-1700 at Sherborn, , Middlesex Co., Massachusetts)
Sheffield, William (d. 6 Dec 1700 at Sherborn, , Middlesex Co., Massachusetts)
Sheffield, William A.
Sheffington, Margaret
Shehan, Allen
Shehan, Clarence
Shehan, David
Shehan, Jr Dewey B (b. 17 Jan 1927) (d. 2 Oct 1967)
Shehan, Sr Dewey Bryant (b. Abt 26 Oct 1899)
Shehan, Elizabeth
Shehan, George
Shehan, George E.
Shehan, Hazel Ruth
Shehan, Jason Edward
Shehan, John
Shehan, Margaret Eleanor
Shehan, Michael
Shehereh, Martinus Hans (Scear) (d. 11 Dec 1694 at Pennsneck, , , NJ)
Shehorn, Cornelius
Sheibel, Jacob
Sheideier, David Christopher (b. 26 Mar 1995 at Hampton, , , Virginia)
Sheideier, Mike
Sheifler, Mary (b. 5 May 1772 at Loudon Cty, , , VA.) (d. 14 May 1845 at Valle Crucis, , , NC.)
Sheilds, Joann (b. Jul 1836 at Kentucky Or Indiana, , ,) (d. 28 Apr 1912 at Bloomington, , , IN)
Sheilds, Joe
Sheilds, Mary (b. at Williamsburg, , , VA) (d. Sep 1750 at York Co., , , VA)
Sheilds, Nancy L.
Sheilds, Sarah
Sheilds, Thomas
Sheilhel, Annika
Sheilhel, Elizabeth
Sheilhel, Ella
Sheilhel, Hance (d. 1696)
Sheilhel, Hance Mons (d. 1692 at Penns Neck, , , NJ)
Sheilhel, Kathern
Sheilhel, Kiln (d. 1690)
Sheilhel, Margaretha
Sheilhel, Mortah
Sheilhel, Reneir
Shelburn, James
Shelburn, Phoebe Ann
Shelburn, William
Shelburne, Alva N.
Shelburne, Lester (b. 4 Oct 1904) (d. Feb 1987 at Sheridan, , , Indiana)
Shelburne, Lord
SHELBY, ALFRED J. (b. 1811 at Tennessee, , ,) (d. Aft 1880 at Texas, , ,)
Shelby, Alfred
Shelby, Alfred (d. Bef 1847)
Shelby, Anne (b. 1612)
Shelby, Aurenia (b. 1866 at Texas, , ,)
SHELBY, DORMA SMYTHE (b. 5 Feb 1877) (d. 17 Jan 1922 at Jasper Co, , , Texas)
Shelby, Eddie (b. 1857 at Texas, , ,)
Shelby, Emily M. (b. 20 Sep 1873) (d. at buried Hancock Cemetery, , ,)
Shelby, Emma Jean
Shelby, Evan W. (b. 1801 at Tennessee, , ,)

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