This is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. Some of it is my research, much of it has been shared with me.

DISCLAIMER: This is my speculative data. I've verified very little of it. Use it for hints and pointers, but do your own research!

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This data changes often. If you've arrived from a search engine, it's could be that you don't see the information you were looking for. The current index for can be found here. You can email me at genealogy at for updates, removal requests, etc.

Venters, George (b. Abt 1890)
Ventres, Susannah (b. Abt 1668 at Haddam, , , CT) (d. 26 Jan 1754)
Ventres, Susannah
Ventres, Susannah
Ventrus (Ventres, Moses
Venturella, Amy
Venturella, Debbie
Venturella, III George
Venturella, Jr George
Venturella, Sr George
Venturella, Laura
Venturella, Nancy
Venturella, Ron
Venus, Emma (b. Sep 1877) (d. Abt 1913)
Venvetti, Carl (b. 5 Oct 1935)
Venvetti, Julie Ann (b. 17 May 1980)
Ver Planck, Abigael (b. 1635) (d. Bef Apr 1672 at Wilwick, , , New York)
Ver Planck, Abraham Isaacsen (b. 1610 at Edam, , , Netherlands) (d. 1685 at South River, , , New Jersey)
Ver Planck, Ariaantje (b. 2 Dec 1646 at New Amsterdam, , Kings Co., New York) (d. Bef 1692 at Albany, , , New York)
Ver Planck, Ariaantje
Ver Planck, Catalyn (b. 1646)
Ver Planck, Catalyn (b. 1639)
Ver Planck, Guleyn (b. 1 Jan 1637)
Ver Planck, Hillegond (b. Oct 1648 at New Amsterdam, , Kings County, New York) (d. Bef 1724 at Bergen, , Hudson County, New Jersey)
Ver Planck, Isaac (b. 26 Feb 1651)
Ver Planck, Isaac (b. 16 Jun 1641 at New Amsterdam, , Kings Co., New York)
Ver Planck, Isaac (b. 1580 at Netherlands, , ,)
Ver Planck, Jacomyntje (b. 6 Jul 1644 at New Amsterdam, , Kings Co., New York)
Ver Planck, Susanna (b. 25 May 1642 at New Amsterdam, , Kings Co., New York)
Vera, Grand Duchess Russia (b. 16 Feb 1854 at St Petersburg, , St Petersburg, Russia) (d. 11 Apr 1912 at Stuttgart, , Neckarkreis, Wurttemburg)
Vera, Jane
Verb, Frank
Verb, John Frank (b. 26 May 1968) (d. Bef Jun 1996)
Verbank, J. C.
Verbank, John P.
Verbank, Nicholas P.
Verbeck, Frank (b. Abt 1870)
Verble, A. Arminda (b. 29 Jul 1860) (d. 9 Apr 1940)
Verble, Adas Howard
Verble, Adas James
Verble, Adas James
Verble, Adasjames (b. 21 Aug 1895 at Old Zion Community, , White Co., TN) (d. 31 May 1975 at Huntsville, , , AL)
Verble, Agusta (b. 1894) (d. at Fort Worth, , , TX)
Verble, Aleda Gayle
Verble, Alex Qualls (b. 5 Apr 1919 at Livingston, , , TN)
Verble, Alma Lee
Verble, Alonzo V (b. 22 Aug 1881 at Putnam Co., , , TN) (d. 18 Dec 1908 at Putnam Co., , , TN)
Verble, Angela
Verble, Angela Nicole
Verble, Anna Bell (b. 31 Jul 1912 at Algood, , , TN)
Verble, Barbara Ellen
Verble, Beecher Pearl
Verble, Ben Wheeler (b. 7 Mar 1898 at Oak Hill, , Overton Co., TN) (d. 23 Nov 1956 at Detroit, , , MI)
Verble, Bernard Arnold
Verble, Betty Jo
Verble, Betty Sue
Verble, Billy Morris
Verble, Bobbie Ruth
Verble, Brenda Louise
Verble, Brenda Sue
Verble, Candace Diane
Verble, Candice Nicole
Verble, Cara Beth
Verble, Carlos Kenneth (b. 19 Oct 1924 at Oak Hill, , Overton Co., TN) (d. Sep 1986)
Verble, Carly Rhea
Verble, Carol Ann
Verble, Carol Sue
Verble, Catharine (b. 9 Feb 1815 at Rowan Co., , , NC) (d. 1 Feb 1872 at Falling Water Comm, , Putnam Co., TN)
Verble, Cathryn Olivia
Verble, Charles Bruce
Verble, Charles Hill
Verble, Charles Howard (b. 23 Oct 1921 at Livingston, , , TN)
Verble, Charles Lehner
Verble, Charles Randall
Verble, Charlie Andrew (b. 11 Nov 1877 at Oak Hill, , Overton Co., TN) (d. 19 May 1964 at Livingston, , , TN)
Verble, Charlie Lee (b. 7 Oct 1887 at Putnam Co., , , TN) (d. 15 Feb 1967 at Cookeville, , , TN)
Verble, Cherri Threase
Verble, Christina (b. at NC, , ,)
Verble, Christy Renee
Verble, Claude Irving (b. 5 Sep 1905 at Lane, , Hunt Co., TX) (d. 1970 at Richardson, , , TX)
Verble, Clyde Lee (b. 8 Aug 1915 at Oak Hill, , Overton Co., TN) (d. 14 Apr 1981 at Indianapolis, , , IN)
Verble, Cora Lee (b. 2 Jul 1880 at Oak Hill, , Overton Co., TN) (d. 23 Apr 1881 at Oak Hill, , Overton Co., TN)
Verble, Courtney Renee
Verble, Dan Royce
Verble, Dan Tyler
Verble, Dana Lynn
Verble, Darrell Lee
Verble, David
Verble, David Alexander (b. 24 Aug 1850 at TN, , ,) (d. 4 Dec 1934 at Putnam Co., , , TN)
Verble, Jr David Alexander (b. 11 Aug 1870 at Overton Co., , , TN) (d. 22 Jun 1925 at Putnam Co., , , TN)
Verble, Sr David Alexander (b. 7 Jul 1827 at Standing Stone, , , TN) (d. 27 Apr 1905 at Overton Co., , , TN)
Verble, David Alexander (b. 7 Jul 1902 at Monterey, , , TN) (d. 11 May 1945)
Verble, David Freise
Verble, David Gary
Verble, David Michael
Verble, David Thomas
Verble, Dawn Mischelle
Verble, Debra Ann
Verble, Dennis Ray (b. 1915 at Sinking Cane, , , TN) (d. 1966 at Memphis, , , TN)
Verble, Dolores Lee

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