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I'm Rob Salzman (email: genealogy at
8630 SW Scholls Ferry Rd #133, Beaverton OR is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. It contains everyone I know who are connected to European Royalty or Nobility. Some small part of it is my original research, but most of it has been generously shared with me!

It is important to understand: This is SPECULATIVE DATA. Most of it is unverified. Use it for hints and pointers, but DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!!!

You can leave a comment on each page here. If you want to be notified when this site changes, you can leave contact information here. I can always be reached at the mailing address above, or by email at genealogy at  

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This website updated on November 18, 2016.

Vosburgh, Of Stockport Eugene B. Or R. (b. 1841 at New York State)
Vosburgh, Eugene J. (b. 3 Apr 1848 at Mass.) (d. 10 Feb 1905)
Vosburgh, Eunice
Vosburgh, Eunice (b. 1 Sep 1828 at Sheffield, Mass.)
Vosburgh, Eunice
Vosburgh, Eunice (b. Abt 1845 at NY State)
Vosburgh, Eunice (b. 1 May 1788 at Vosburgh Boro., Washington Twp, Wymoning Cnty, PA)
Vosburgh, Euphesma (b. 1838 at Wyoming Cnty., PA)
Vosburgh, Eva (b. 5 Jan 1787)
Vosburgh, Eva (b. 21 Feb 1798 at Kinderhook, Col. Cnty., NY)
Vosburgh, Eva
Vosburgh, Eva (b. Aug 1888) (d. 1912)
Vosburgh, Eva (b. 1869-1870) (d. Aft 1897)
Vosburgh, Eva D. (b. 1869 at PA)
Vosburgh, Eva Maria (b. 18 Nov 1868) (d. 8 Jan 1917)
Vosburgh, Evaline (b. 7 Dec 181 ? at Ashtabula Area, Ohio)
Vosburgh, Eve
Vosburgh, Eve A. (b. Abt 1834 at New York State)
Vosburgh, Eveline (b. Abt 1838 at NY State)
Vosburgh, Evelyn
Vosburgh, Evelyn (b. 1924) (d. 1950)
Vosburgh, Everet
Vosburgh, Everet T. (b. Abt 1806 at NY State)
Vosburgh, Everett V.
Vosburgh, Evert
Vosburgh, Evert
Vosburgh, Of Kinderhook, Ny Evert (b. 23 May 1752) (d. 23 Apr 1796)
Vosburgh, Evert Arthur (b. 22 Oct 1868) (d. 14 Nov 1869)
Vosburgh, Of Kinderhook Evert E. (d. 29 Aug 1810)
Vosburgh, Evert Gilbert (b. 6 Oct 1807)
Vosburgh, Evert Isaac (d. 14 Jul 1832)
Vosburgh, Evert R. (b. 4 Jul 1802) (d. 8 May 1861 at Kinderhook, Col. Cnty., NY)
Vosburgh, Evin Ann
Vosburgh, Eytie
Vosburgh, Eytje
Vosburgh, Eytje
Vosburgh, Eytje (b. 19 Feb 1794)
Vosburgh, Eytje (b. Abt 1693)
Vosburgh, Ezra P. (b. Abt 1840 at NY State)
Vosburgh, Ezra W. (b. Abt 1854 at NY State) (d. 16 Jun 1896)
Vosburgh, F. Peter Masten (b. Abt 1839 at New York State)
Vosburgh, Fannie (b. Abt 1846 at New York State)
Vosburgh, Fannie (b. 1 Jan 1861 at Lime Rock, Salsbury, CT.) (d. 18 Jan 1954 at Auburn, Cayuga, NY)
Vosburgh, Fannie A. (b. 3 Feb 1858 at Wisconsin) (d. 19 Apr 1893)
Vosburgh, Fanny (b. 1858) (d. Apr 1897 at Newark, NJ?)
Vosburgh, Fanny Elienor (b. 27 Jan 1847 at New York State)
Vosburgh, Fanny Helinda (b. 11 Apr 1824 at Currytown, NY)
Vosburgh, Fanny L. (b. 1854 at Waukesesha, Wisc)
Vosburgh, Feytje (Phebe) (b. 17 May 1792)
Vosburgh, Feytje (b. 23 Feb 1789)
Vosburgh, Fitia (b. 27 Nov 1785)
Vosburgh, Fletcher (b. at Colby Lake, NY) (d. 30 Jul 1895 at Colby Lake, NY)
Vosburgh, Flora
Vosburgh, Flora (b. 11 Jul 1888) (d. 26 May 1978 at Schenectady, NY)
Vosburgh, Flora Belle (b. 4 Jul 1868) (d. 1877)
Vosburgh, Florence (b. Abt 1877)
Vosburgh, Florence
Vosburgh, Florence C. (b. 10 May 1859 at Meshoppen Bro, Wash. Twp, Wyoming Cnty., PA) (d. 11 Apr 1932 at Scranton, Lackawanna Cnty., PA)
Vosburgh, Florence M (b. 20 Dec 1901 at NY State) (d. 24 Jun 1987 at Stonnington, CT.)
Vosburgh, Florence Rachel (b. 12 May 1888 at Ravenswood, W.VA) (d. 4 May 1961)
Vosburgh, Frances (b. 30 Jan 1800) (d. 1847 ?)
Vosburgh, Frances (b. Abt 1847 at New York State)
Vosburgh, Frances (b. 1849 at Wyoming Cnty., PA) (d. Sep 1852 at Tunkhannock Tep, Luzerne Cnty, PA)
Vosburgh, Frances (b. 1853)
Vosburgh, Frances E. (b. 6 Sep 1846 at New York State)
Vosburgh, Dr. Frances Elizabeth (b. 12 Mar 1897 at Vooresville, NY) (d. 13 Feb 1989)
Vosburgh, Frances Irene
Vosburgh, Frances L. (b. 29 Jan 1856 at Washington Twp. Wyoming Cnty, PA) (d. 23 Oct 1942 at Waverly, Wymoning Cnty, PA)
Vosburgh, Frances Marion (b. 16 Jan 1828) (d. 11 Jul 1892)
Vosburgh, Frances P. (b. Abt 1846 at NY State)
Vosburgh, Francis (b. 1870)
Vosburgh, Francis
Vosburgh, Francis (b. 9 Jan 1928) (d. 12 Apr 1988)
Vosburgh, Francis Eugene (b. 1 Jun 1869 at Elmira, NY) (d. 2 Jul 1947 at Calif)
Vosburgh, Francis W. (b. Abt 1853) (d. 1891)
Vosburgh, Francis W. (b. 1833)
Vosburgh, Frank (b. Abt 1867)
Vosburgh, Frank
Vosburgh, Frank (b. 27 Jul 1852) (d. 18 Nov 1899)
Vosburgh, Frank
Vosburgh, Frank (d. 26 Jul 1891)
Vosburgh, Frank (b. Abt 1846 at Michigan)
Vosburgh, Frank (b. Abt 1853 at New York State)
Vosburgh, Frank E. (b. 4 Aug 1862 at Union City, Branch, MI) (d. 19 Mar 1939 at Union City, Branch, MI)
Vosburgh, Of Stuyvestant Falls Frank J.
Vosburgh, Frank Jones (b. 23 May 1886) (d. 9 Jun 1961 at Orange Cnty., CA)
Vosburgh, Jr. Frank Jones
Vosburgh, Frank M. (b. 9 Jan 1866 at Sardinia, Erie, NY) (d. 20 Aug 1946)
Vosburgh, Frank Marcellus Chase (b. Jul 1863) (d. 1 Feb 1946)
Vosburgh, Frank Milton (b. 1871) (d. 19 Jul 1937 at Cleveland, Ohio)
Vosburgh, Frank P. (b. 1863)
Vosburgh, Frank T. (b. Abt 1908) (d. 12 Apr 1932)
Vosburgh, Frank Wallace (b. 2 Sep 1861 at Ellenburgh, NY) (d. 7 Jan 1929 at Holden, Mass)
Vosburgh, Frankie Euphema
Vosburgh, Franklin (b. Abt 1862 at Wisconsin)
Vosburgh, Franklin Benjamin (b. 10 Sep 1828 at NY State) (d. 22 Apr 1896 at Wisconsin)
Vosburgh, Franklin Edward (b. 27 Nov 1865 at Sanford, Broome, Cnty., NY) (d. 1942)
Vosburgh, Franklin Gilbert (b. 26 Mar 1849 at Morrestown, St. Lawerence Cnty., NY) (d. 21 Mar 1934 at Kingsville, Ashtabula Cnty., Ohio)
Vosburgh, Franklyn Elbert
Vosburgh, Franklyn Raymond (b. 26 Aug 1892 at Rowayton, CT.) (d. 6 Feb 1973 at Holden Disrict Hosp., Holden Mass.)

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