This is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. Some of it is my research, much of it has been shared with me.

DISCLAIMER: This is my speculative data. I've verified very little of it. Use it for hints and pointers, but do your own research!

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This data changes often. If you've arrived from a search engine, it's could be that you don't see the information you were looking for. The current index for can be found here. You can email me at genealogy at for updates, removal requests, etc.

Yeater, Billy Gene (b. 4 Nov 1926 at Kenedy, , Karnes County, Texas) (d. 4 Nov 1926 at Kenedy, , Karnes County, Texas)
Yeater, Clifton Edmund (b. 18 Apr 1906 at Runge, , Karnes County, Texas) (d. 8 Feb 1908 at Dewitt County, , , Texas)
Yeater, Joseph
Yeater, Nola Leone (b. 14 Aug 1903 at Helena, , Karnes County, Texas) (d. Mar 1985 at City Cemetery In Karnes County, , , Texas)
Yeater, Virginia (b. 7 Feb 1890 at Normanna, , Bee County, Texas) (d. 27 Jun 1934 at Kenedy, , Karnes County, Texas)
Yeater, William Henry (b. 13 Mar 1879 at Normanna, , Bee County, Texas) (d. 8 Jan 1958 at Kenedy, , Karnes County, Texas)
Yeazel, Naomi Elaine
Yee, Elizabeth (Eye)
Yeganeh, Melissa Lou
Yeggy, Douglas
Yeggy, Laurel
Yeggy, Maurice
Yeggy, Robert
Yeka, Alice (b. 28 Oct 1900 at Nebraska, , ,) (d. Nov 1980 at Hastings, , Adams County, Nebraska)
Yeley, James Hershal
Sullins, Paula Kay
Yeley, _____
Yelken, Kate
Yell, Rachael Elizabeth (b. 3 Sep 1876) (d. 13 Feb 1963)
Yellott, Jeremiah (b. Abt 1755)
Yellott, Mary (b. Bet 1 Nov 1783 and 1789 at England, , ,) (d. 31 Aug 1864)
Yelton, Brooke Nikkol
Yelton, Daniel Evan Fredenburg
Yelton, Diane Elaine
Yelton, Jackson Lewis
Yelton, James Lowery (b. 18 Mar 1909 at Clarendon, , , TX) (d. 30 May 1977 at Nevada City, , Nevada Co., CA)
Yelton, Jason Lance
Yelton, Kari Lei Fredenburg
Yelton, Loran M
Yelton, Lorian Marvin
Yelton, Preston Lowery
Yelton, Preston Marc
Yelton, Shannon Lynn
Yelton, Sylvia Lavonne
Yelton, William
Yelverton, Anne (b. 1625 at Easton Maudnit, , Northampton, England) (d. 21 Jul 1698)
Yelverton, Hon Barbara (b. 1849) (d. 1924)
Yelverton, Barbara (b. 1810) (d. 1858)
Yelverton, Lady Barbara (b. 1760) (d. 1781)
Yelverton, Hon Barbara
Yelverton, Barbara Mae
Yelverton, Bt Christopher
Yelverton, Sir Bart Christopher
Yelverton, Sir Bart Henry (d. 28 Jan 1676)
Yelverton, Henry (b. 1728) (d. 1799)
Yelverton, Lord Grey Henry
Yelverton, Henry Edward (b. 1780) (d. 1810)
Yenicheck, Carolyn Sue
Yenicheck, Junior Raymond
Yenicheck, Melvin
Yenkinson, Sara (b. Abt 1905 at Baltimore, , , Maryland ?) (d. Abt 1935)
Yenne, George
Yennowine, Margaret
Yenshaw, \\
Yenten, Mary E. (b. 19 Feb 1839 at Oxford, , Johnson County, IA) (d. 2 Jun 1892 at Evans, , Erie county, NY)
Yeo, Ebbott
Yeo, Harvey (b. 8 Apr 1964)
Yeo, Megan Reanne (b. 9 Mar 1992 at Hawaii, , , USA)
Yeoman, Charles
Yeoman, Kallie Blain
Yeoman, Kimberly Brook
Yeoman, Margaret
Yeoman, Margaret
Yeoman, Phoebe (b. Abt 1805 at NY State, , ,)
Yeomans, Agnes
Yeomans, Diane (d. Aft 1994)
Yeomans, Donna (d. Aft 1994)
Yeomans, Jack
Yeomans, Jackson (d. Aft 1994)
Yeomans, Lydia K (b. 5 Dec 1904 at Chillicothe, , , MO)
Yeomans, Mary Severne
Yeomans, William
Yeovilton, Heiress Of (b. Abt 1295)
Yerby, Dick
Yerby, John
Yerby, Stacy
Yerby, Stacy
Yerby, Susan
Yerex, Jacqeline
Yerger, Campbell
Yerger, Jacob Schall
Yerrington, Abraham
Yerrington, Ebenezer
Yerrington, Ebenezer (d. Bef 3 Jan 1757 at Preston, , , CT)
Yerrington, Lydia
Yerrington, Mary
Yerrington, Reuben
Yerrington, Sarah
Yestremski, Thomas Robert (b. 1945)
Yetmir, Hannah
Yetter, Blanche
Yetter, John (b. Jan 1833 at Sussex Co., , , NJ) (d. 26 Jul 1883 at Franklin Twp., , , NJ)
Yetter, Laura (b. at Carthage, , Hancock Co., IL)
Yetter, Loretta
Yetter, Raymond
Yetter, Ruth
Yetter, Wilbur Thompson
Yewn, Kathy
Yi, Sang Hwa (b. 1961)
Yielding, Sarah Elizabeth "Lizzie" (b. 31 Jul 1879 at AL, , ,) (d. May 1972 at Blount Co., , , AL)

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