This is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. Some of it is my research, much of it has been shared with me.

DISCLAIMER: This is my speculative data. I've verified very little of it. Use it for hints and pointers, but do your own research!

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This data changes often. If you've arrived from a search engine, it's could be that you don't see the information you were looking for. The current index for can be found here. You can email me at genealogy at for updates, removal requests, etc.

(none), Rosie - (none), Sabra
(none), Sabra - (none), Sarah
(none), Sarah - (none), Sarah
(none), Sarah - (none), Queen Of Wessex Sexburh
(none), Queen Of Wessex Sexburh - (none), Count Of Luxemburg Sigefrid
(none), Count Of Luxemburg Sigefrid - (none), Master Of The Palace Son Of Guerin Of Poitiers
(none), Master Of The Palace Son Of Guerin Of Poitiers - (none), Susan
(none), Susan - (none), Tabitha A.
(none), Tabitha A. - (none), Duke Of Bavaria Theodo II Of Bavaria
(none), Duke Of Bavaria Theodo II Of Bavaria - (none), Tia
(none), Tia - (none), Count Of Helfenstein Ulrich V
(none), Count Of Helfenstein Ulrich V - (none), Velasquita
(none), Velasquita - (none), Of Orleans Waldrat
(none), Of Orleans Waldrat - (none), Count Of Julich Wilhelm IV
(none), Count Of Julich Wilhelm IV - (none), Wittikind
(none), Wittikind - (none), Zimran
(none), Zimran - (Ealdorman), Ealdorman Of Devon Ordgar
(Ealdorman), Ealdorman Of Devon Ordgar - ---, ---
---, --- - ---, ---
---, --- - ---, Anna Catharina
---, Anna Catharina - ---, Elizabeth
---, Elizabeth - ---, Judith
---, Judith - ---, Mary
---, Mary - ---, Sarah A.
---, Sarah A. - A., Ida
A., Ida - Abbot, Ann
Abbot, Ann - Abbott, Julie
Abbott, Julie - Abdon, John
Abdon, John - Abels, Arthur
Abels, Arthur - Aber, Mary
Aber, Mary - Abercrombie, Francis
Abercrombie, Francis - Abercrombie, Permelia
Abercrombie, Permelia - Abernathy, Samuel
Abernathy, Samuel - Ables, Sr John Benjamin
Ables, Sr John Benjamin - Abraham, Russell
Abraham, Russell - Abt, Barbara
Abt, Barbara - Acker, Joseph
Acker, Joseph - ACKERMAN, Archibald Charles
ACKERMAN, Archibald Charles - Ackerson, Dorcus
Ackerson, Dorcus - Acourt, Verda
Acourt, Verda - Adair, Billy Russell (Rusty)
Adair, Billy Russell (Rusty) - Adair, Hue Leonard
Adair, Hue Leonard - Adair, Margie Masourie
Adair, Margie Masourie - Adair, Sabrina E.
Adair, Sabrina E. - Adam, Ronald Vincent
Adam, Ronald Vincent - Adams, Allison
Adams, Allison - Adams, Benjamen John
Adams, Benjamen John - Adams, Charles
Adams, Charles - Adams, Curtis Dean
Adams, Curtis Dean - Adams, Edith
Adams, Edith - Adams, Elliott Darby
Adams, Elliott Darby - Adams, Francis Caldona
Adams, Francis Caldona - Adams, Hannah
Adams, Hannah - Adams, Israel Lee
Adams, Israel Lee - Adams, Jane
Adams, Jane - Adams, John
Adams, John - Adams, Joseph
Adams, Joseph - Adams, Laurie Lynn
Adams, Laurie Lynn - Adams, Lydia
Adams, Lydia - Adams, Mary
Adams, Mary - Adams, May
Adams, May - Adams, Norman
Adams, Norman - Adams, Ray
Adams, Ray - Adams, Ross A
Adams, Ross A - Adams, Sarah
Adams, Sarah - Adams, Theadore
Adams, Theadore - Adams, Walter Fisher
Adams, Walter Fisher - Adams, William Tell
Adams, William Tell - Adcock, Jacob Kyle
Adcock, Jacob Kyle - Adcox, Helen Lorraine
Adcox, Helen Lorraine - Addington, Betty Jean
Addington, Betty Jean - Addis, Lewis
Addis, Lewis - Addison, Helen A.
Addison, Helen A. - Adeane, Mp, Jp, Henry John
Adeane, Mp, Jp, Henry John - Aders, Rhoda
Aders, Rhoda - Adkins, Edith Laura
Adkins, Edith Laura - Admire, Annettie Ernestine
Admire, Annettie Ernestine - Adolf, Count Of Nassau
Adolf, Count Of Nassau - Affonsez, Prince Of Portugal Diniz
Affonsez, Prince Of Portugal Diniz - Agnes, Countess Of Eberstein
Agnes, Countess Of Eberstein - Agnew, Charles Robert
Agnew, Charles Robert - Ahlefeldt, Christian Von
Ahlefeldt, Christian Von - Aiken, Agnes
Aiken, Agnes - Aiken, Bill Cowan
Aiken, Bill Cowan - Aiken, David Anthony
Aiken, David Anthony - Aiken, Euel
Aiken, Euel - Aiken, Homer Lee
Aiken, Homer Lee - Aiken, John Davis
Aiken, John Davis - Aiken, Littleton Meeks
Aiken, Littleton Meeks - Aiken, Melanie Faye
Aiken, Melanie Faye - Aiken, Jr Ralph
Aiken, Jr Ralph - Aiken, Stephanie Jo
Aiken, Stephanie Jo - Aiken, William
Aiken, William - Ainon, Gunmore
Ainon, Gunmore - Akbarzaden, Hannah Rose
Akbarzaden, Hannah Rose - Akin, Lenord
Akin, Lenord - Albee, Abial
Albee, Abial - Albee, Jemima
Albee, Jemima - Albee, Thomas
Albee, Thomas - Albertson, Andrew Scott

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