This is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. Some of it is my research, much of it has been shared with me.

DISCLAIMER: This is my speculative data. I've verified very little of it. Use it for hints and pointers, but do your own research!

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This data changes often. If you've arrived from a search engine, it's could be that you don't see the information you were looking for. The current index for can be found here. You can email me at genealogy at for updates, removal requests, etc.

Carne, Sir Knt Edward - Carnell, Nannie
Carnell, Nannie - Carnes, Ray
Carnes, Ray - Carney, Samantha Josephine
Carney, Samantha Josephine - Carpenter, Lady Almeria
Carpenter, Lady Almeria - Carpenter, Frankie
Carpenter, Frankie - CARPENTER, Katie Lentz
CARPENTER, Katie Lentz - Carpenter, Roger Anthony
Carpenter, Roger Anthony - Carr, Bob
Carr, Bob - Carr, Judy Lynn
Carr, Judy Lynn - Carr, Theresa Lynn
Carr, Theresa Lynn - Carriere, Charles Edward
Carriere, Charles Edward - Carrington, Frances
Carrington, Frances - Carrington, Philip Allan
Carrington, Philip Allan - Carroll, Bartholomew Rivers
Carroll, Bartholomew Rivers - Carroll, Grace
Carroll, Grace - Carroll, Mary Emily
Carroll, Mary Emily - Carroll, William Lawton
Carroll, William Lawton - Carson, Debbie Ann
Carson, Debbie Ann - Carson, Lemuel Pinckney
Carson, Lemuel Pinckney - Carswell, Beatrice Ellen
Carswell, Beatrice Ellen - Cartee, Andrew Wade
Cartee, Andrew Wade - Cartee, Randy Lee
Cartee, Randy Lee - Carter, Anna Pearl
Carter, Anna Pearl - Carter, Charles Manley
Carter, Charles Manley - Carter, Elizabeth
Carter, Elizabeth - Carter, Helen
Carter, Helen - Carter, Joe
Carter, Joe - Carter, Landon
Carter, Landon - Carter, Martha Permelia
Carter, Martha Permelia - Carter, Pearl
Carter, Pearl - Carter, Sewell Brooks
Carter, Sewell Brooks - Carter, William
Carter, William - Cartwright, Dorcas
Cartwright, Dorcas - Carver, Boyd
Carver, Boyd - Carver, Maxine
Carver, Maxine - Cary, Ella
Cary, Ella - Cary, Zebulon
Cary, Zebulon - Case, Anne
Case, Anne - Case, Edward
Case, Edward - Case, Holcomb
Case, Holcomb - Case, Laura Jane
Case, Laura Jane - Case, Myrtle E.
Case, Myrtle E. - Case, Sarah
Case, Sarah - Casebier, Joshua Carmen
Casebier, Joshua Carmen - Casey, Jr. Lawrence
Casey, Jr. Lawrence - Cash, James Ralph
Cash, James Ralph - Cashow, Rem
Cashow, Rem - Cason, Katherine Clifford
Cason, Katherine Clifford - Cassat, John Henry
Cassat, John Henry - Cassell, Carrie Lee
Cassell, Carrie Lee - Cassell, Jennifer Lee
Cassell, Jennifer Lee - Cassell, T B
Cassell, T B - Cassou (Cashow), Marya
Cassou (Cashow), Marya - Castenskiold, Jorgen
Castenskiold, Jorgen - Castile & Leon, Fernando Prince Of
Castile & Leon, Fernando Prince Of - Castleberry, Jemima
Castleberry, Jemima - Caswell, Anne
Caswell, Anne - Caswell, John Edward
Caswell, John Edward - Caswell, Virginia W
Caswell, Virginia W - Cate, Susan Henrietta
Cate, Susan Henrietta - Cater, Reuben
Cater, Reuben - Cates, William Anderson
Cates, William Anderson - Cathey, Samuel
Cathey, Samuel - Catron, Addie
Catron, Addie - Caudle, Elizabeth Sue
Caudle, Elizabeth Sue - Cauley, Theodora M
Cauley, Theodora M - Cave, Bridget
Cave, Bridget - Cavender, Jolen
Cavender, Jolen - Cavendish, Lord John
Cavendish, Lord John - Cavinder, Shelia Diane
Cavinder, Shelia Diane - Cayley, Sir Bt Thomas
Cayley, Sir Bt Thomas - Cearley, Elbert C.
Cearley, Elbert C. - Ceballos, Gonsalo Diaz
Ceballos, Gonsalo Diaz - Cecil, William
Cecil, William - Cely, Sandy
Cely, Sandy - Cerda Y Lara, Blanca De La
Cerda Y Lara, Blanca De La - Chadwick
Chadwick - Chaffee, John Adams
Chaffee, John Adams - Chalon-Montbelia, Jeanne De
Chalon-Montbelia, Jeanne De - Chamberlain, Nathaniel
Chamberlain, Nathaniel - Chamberlin, Mary
Chamberlin, Mary - Chambers, Emily Charlotte
Chambers, Emily Charlotte - Chambers, Mary Ann
Chambers, Mary Ann - Chamblee, Elisha C.
Chamblee, Elisha C. - Chamblin, Martha C
Chamblin, Martha C - Champe, Lucy
Champe, Lucy - Champlin, Thomas
Champlin, Thomas - Chandler, Barbara
Chandler, Barbara - Chandler, Elizabeth Lurania
Chandler, Elizabeth Lurania - Chandler, Jerry Ansel
Chandler, Jerry Ansel - Chandler, Mary
Chandler, Mary - Chandler, Ryland J.
Chandler, Ryland J. - Chandonnet, Jim
Chandonnet, Jim - Channing, Jessica Anne
Channing, Jessica Anne - Chapin, Mary Nelson
Chapin, Mary Nelson - Chaplin, Hilda Mable
Chaplin, Hilda Mable - Chaplin, William Francis
Chaplin, William Francis - Chapman, Anna Dean
Chapman, Anna Dean - Chapman, Betty Jean
Chapman, Betty Jean - Chapman, Charles F.

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