This is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. Some of it is my research, much of it has been shared with me.

DISCLAIMER: This is my speculative data. I've verified very little of it. Use it for hints and pointers, but do your own research!

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This data changes often. If you've arrived from a search engine, it's could be that you don't see the information you were looking for. The current index for can be found here. You can email me at genealogy at for updates, removal requests, etc.

Coker, Tyler - Colburn, Nathaniel
Colburn, Nathaniel - Colcock, Hetty Esther
Colcock, Hetty Esther - Cole, Amy
Cole, Amy - Cole, Dorothea
Cole, Dorothea - Cole, Honor
Cole, Honor - Cole, Leroy
Cole, Leroy - Cole, Oliver Perry
Cole, Oliver Perry - Cole, Vickie
Cole, Vickie - Coleman, Blease
Coleman, Blease - Coleman, Hardy Robinson
Coleman, Hardy Robinson - Coleman, Leurener
Coleman, Leurener - Coleman, Robert John
Coleman, Robert John - Colepeper, Anna
Colepeper, Anna - Coler, Michael
Coler, Michael - Coleville, Walter
Coleville, Walter - COLLER, Floyd A
COLLER, Floyd A - Collie, Beaulah Belle
Collie, Beaulah Belle - Collier, John
Collier, John - Collin, Jeanne
Collin, Jeanne - Collins, Annie
Collins, Annie - Collins, Cidney Ocie Leuenia
Collins, Cidney Ocie Leuenia - Collins, Elijah
Collins, Elijah - Collins, Georgette
Collins, Georgette - Collins, James Patric
Collins, James Patric - Collins, Joseph Harrison
Collins, Joseph Harrison - Collins, Lynne
Collins, Lynne - Collins, Nettie Eugene
Collins, Nettie Eugene - Collins, Ruth
Collins, Ruth - Collins, Vera
Collins, Vera - Collison, William
Collison, William - Colt, John
Colt, John - Colvin, Andrew
Colvin, Andrew - Colvin, Thomas
Colvin, Thomas - Combs, Lester
Combs, Lester - Comer, Nellie
Comer, Nellie - Compton, Clarence Eugene
Compton, Clarence Eugene - Compton, Lois Hortense
Compton, Lois Hortense - Comstock, Clara Blanche
Comstock, Clara Blanche - Conant, Josiah
Conant, Josiah - Conarroe, Reba
Conarroe, Reba - Cone, Ella R.
Cone, Ella R. - Conger, Anna M
Conger, Anna M - Conger, Job
Conger, Job - Conger, Sharon Leora
Conger, Sharon Leora - Conley, Asia
Conley, Asia - Conley, Lenna A.
Conley, Lenna A. - Conn, Debbie
Conn, Debbie - Connelly, Camilla
Connelly, Camilla - Conner, ---
Conner, --- - Conner, Jane Katherine
Conner, Jane Katherine - Conner, Rose Ann (D.O. George Washington 1833)
Conner, Rose Ann (D.O. George Washington 1833) - Connolly, Francis M.
Connolly, Francis M. - Connor, Eucebia Quintillia
Connor, Eucebia Quintillia - Conrad, Barbara
Conrad, Barbara - Constable, Miranda Strickland-
Constable, Miranda Strickland- - Constant, Sondra
Constant, Sondra - Conway, Eleanor Rose
Conway, Eleanor Rose - Conyers, Margaret
Conyers, Margaret - Cook, Ann
Cook, Ann - Cook, Clara Lavina
Cook, Clara Lavina - Cook, Elizabeth
Cook, Elizabeth - Cook, Glenice Joy
Cook, Glenice Joy - Cook, James Garson
Cook, James Garson - Cook, Julia A.
Cook, Julia A. - Cook, Lydia
Cook, Lydia - Cook, Mercy
Cook, Mercy - Cook, Rebecca
Cook, Rebecca - Cook, Shirley
Cook, Shirley - Cook, William Ethan
Cook, William Ethan - Cooke, Elizabeth
Cooke, Elizabeth - Cooke, Joseph
Cooke, Joseph - Cooke, Rev Robert Bryan
Cooke, Rev Robert Bryan - Cookson, Samuel
Cookson, Samuel - Cooley, John J
Cooley, John J - Coolidge, Mary
Coolidge, Mary - Coombs, Mercy
Coombs, Mercy - Coon, Marvin
Coon, Marvin - Coop, Emily
Coop, Emily - Cooper, Bernard
Cooper, Bernard - Cooper, David A
Cooper, David A - Cooper, Emma
Cooper, Emma - Cooper, Hannah
Cooper, Hannah - Cooper, Jodie Marie
Cooper, Jodie Marie - Cooper, Lisa
Cooper, Lisa - Cooper, Mary Ellen
Cooper, Mary Ellen - Cooper, Phillip William James
Cooper, Phillip William James - Cooper, Sheba
Cooper, Sheba - Cooper, Walter Leonard
Cooper, Walter Leonard - Copas, Alma
Copas, Alma - Cope, John
Cope, John - Copeland, Catherine
Copeland, Catherine - Copeland, III George Elbert
Copeland, III George Elbert - Copeland, Malcolm
Copeland, Malcolm - Copeland, William Harold
Copeland, William Harold - Coppedge, Charles
Coppedge, Charles - Barr, Clara
Barr, Clara - Corbet, Julean
Corbet, Julean - Corbett, Margery
Corbett, Margery - Corbin, Charlsie
Corbin, Charlsie - Corbin, George

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