This is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. Some of it is my research, much of it has been shared with me.

DISCLAIMER: This is my speculative data. I've verified very little of it. Use it for hints and pointers, but do your own research!

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This data changes often. If you've arrived from a search engine, it's could be that you don't see the information you were looking for. The current index for can be found here. You can email me at genealogy at for updates, removal requests, etc.

Dallas, Alexander Robert Charles - Dalrymple, Lady Jean Margaret Florence
Dalrymple, Lady Jean Margaret Florence - Dalton, Charles Grayson
Dalton, Charles Grayson - Dalton, Jessica Ashley
Dalton, Jessica Ashley - Dalton, Ralph
Dalton, Ralph - Daluga, John
Daluga, John - Damant, Mary
Damant, Mary - Damon, Abigail
Damon, Abigail - Pace, Jennifer Louise
Pace, Jennifer Louise - Dandridge, Alveretta Eoline
Dandridge, Alveretta Eoline - Dandridge, Roamy Eugene
Dandridge, Roamy Eugene - Daniel, Caroline
Daniel, Caroline - Daniel, Kristin Sheree
Daniel, Kristin Sheree - Daniel, Vastie
Daniel, Vastie - Daniels, Glenda
Daniels, Glenda - Danielsen, Sheryl Zane
Danielsen, Sheryl Zane - Dansie
Dansie - Darby, George Frank
Darby, George Frank - Darcy, George
Darcy, George - Darling, Daniel
Darling, Daniel - Darling, Moses
Darling, Moses - Darnell, Irene Elowese
Darnell, Irene Elowese - Darr, Roger Bruce
Darr, Roger Bruce - Darwin, M.D. F.R.S. Erasmus
Darwin, M.D. F.R.S. Erasmus - Daughdrill, Bertha Magdaline
Daughdrill, Bertha Magdaline - Davala, Lyndsey Marie
Davala, Lyndsey Marie - Davenport, Hannah
Davenport, Hannah - Davenport, Patrick Evans
Davenport, Patrick Evans - David, Anne
David, Anne - Davidson, Ada Ethel Sophie
Davidson, Ada Ethel Sophie - Davidson, Claudine Coy
Davidson, Claudine Coy - Davidson, George
Davidson, George - Davidson, James O.
Davidson, James O. - Davidson, Keith
Davidson, Keith - Davidson, Mary Pagan
Davidson, Mary Pagan - Davidson, Sr. Sam DeWitt
Davidson, Sr. Sam DeWitt - Davidson, William Henry
Davidson, William Henry - Davies, Elizabeth
Davies, Elizabeth - Davis, Albert R.
Davis, Albert R. - Davis, Annie
Davis, Annie - Davis, Bessie M.
Davis, Bessie M. - Davis, Carolyn Jean
Davis, Carolyn Jean - Davis, Clara Bell
Davis, Clara Bell - Davis, Debbie Gray
Davis, Debbie Gray - Davis, Dwight Filley
Davis, Dwight Filley - Davis, Elizabeth
Davis, Elizabeth - Davis, Eva Lu
Davis, Eva Lu - Davis, George
Davis, George - Davis, Harriett
Davis, Harriett - Davis, Imogene
Davis, Imogene - Davis, James H.
Davis, James H. - Davis, Jeffrie Bruce
Davis, Jeffrie Bruce - Davis, John
Davis, John - Davis, Joseph B
Davis, Joseph B - Davis, Kyle Wilson
Davis, Kyle Wilson - Davis, Liona
Davis, Liona - Davis, Mae Bell
Davis, Mae Bell - Davis, Martha Joanna
Davis, Martha Joanna - Davis, Mary Kate
Davis, Mary Kate - Davis, Minnie Caroline
Davis, Minnie Caroline - Davis, Newt
Davis, Newt - Davis, Rachel
Davis, Rachel - Davis, Robert Lewis
Davis, Robert Lewis - Davis, Samuel Craft
Davis, Samuel Craft - Davis, Stell
Davis, Stell - Davis, Thomas Mirabeau
Davis, Thomas Mirabeau - Davis, W Gwinn
Davis, W Gwinn - Davis, William Andrew
Davis, William Andrew - Davison, Bessie
Davison, Bessie - Dawing, Ruth
Dawing, Ruth - Dawson, Cora Lou Ida
Dawson, Cora Lou Ida - Dawson, James Alfred
Dawson, James Alfred - Dawson, Mabel
Dawson, Mabel - Dawson, Saralyn Jane
Dawson, Saralyn Jane - Day, Alonzo Rosenberry
Day, Alonzo Rosenberry - Day, Dallas Eudora
Day, Dallas Eudora - Day, George Frank
Day, George Frank - Day, Joseph Franklin
Day, Joseph Franklin - Day, Melinda Kaye
Day, Melinda Kaye - Day, Rufus Charles
Day, Rufus Charles - Day, William Walter
Day, William Walter - Dayton, Lydia
Dayton, Lydia - De Arderne, John
De Arderne, John - De Bayeux, Emme
De Bayeux, Emme - De Beaumont, Constance
De Beaumont, Constance - De Berkeley, Lord Maurice
De Berkeley, Lord Maurice - De Bohun, John Of Hereford
De Bohun, John Of Hereford - De Bourbon, Gabriel
De Bourbon, Gabriel - De Bourgogne, Eudes
De Bourgogne, Eudes - De Bragança, Maria Ana Francisca
De Bragança, Maria Ana Francisca - De Bruce, Robert
De Bruce, Robert - De Burgh, Ricard Of Roscan
De Burgh, Ricard Of Roscan - De Bêthune, Baldwin
De Bêthune, Baldwin - De Castile, Leonor
De Castile, Leonor - De Chalone, Charles
De Chalone, Charles - De Clare, Isabella Of Gloucester
De Clare, Isabella Of Gloucester - De Coligny, Henry (François) D''andelot
De Coligny, Henry (François) D''andelot - De Crêpon, Sibell
De Crêpon, Sibell - De Eschauffen, Giroie
De Eschauffen, Giroie - De Fiennes, John
De Fiennes, John - De Franesco, Michael Anthony

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