This is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. Some of it is my research, much of it has been shared with me.

DISCLAIMER: This is my speculative data. I've verified very little of it. Use it for hints and pointers, but do your own research!

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This data changes often. If you've arrived from a search engine, it's could be that you don't see the information you were looking for. The current index for can be found here. You can email me at genealogy at for updates, removal requests, etc.

De Franesco, Michael Anthony - De Gometz, Guillaume
De Gometz, Guillaume - De Harcourt, Sir John
De Harcourt, Sir John - De Journet, John
De Journet, John - De Lacy, Maud
De Lacy, Maud - De Leyburne, John
De Leyburne, John - De Lorraine, Princess Lorraine Elisabeth
De Lorraine, Princess Lorraine Elisabeth - De Macon, Gerberga
De Macon, Gerberga - De Mello, Francesco
De Mello, Francesco - De Montferrat, Beatrix
De Montferrat, Beatrix - De Montpensier, Fran├žois De Bourbon
De Montpensier, Fran├žois De Bourbon - De Muscegros, Hawise
De Muscegros, Hawise - De Normandie, Compte De St Clair Margar
De Normandie, Compte De St Clair Margar - De Percy, Alexander
De Percy, Alexander - De Portugal, Branca
De Portugal, Branca - De Roos, Maud
De Roos, Maud - De Savoie, Agnes
De Savoie, Agnes - De Shuckburgh, John
De Shuckburgh, John - De Tellieres, Ralph
De Tellieres, Ralph - De Ufford, Robert Of Suffolk
De Ufford, Robert Of Suffolk - De Verdon, Theobald
De Verdon, Theobald - De Vermandois, IV Herbert
De Vermandois, IV Herbert - De Welles, Lord Eudo
De Welles, Lord Eudo - Deak, Of Deakfalu Mrs Janos
Deak, Of Deakfalu Mrs Janos - Dean, Aaron
Dean, Aaron - Dean, Charles
Dean, Charles - Dean, Ella
Dean, Ella - Dean, Israel
Dean, Israel - Dean, (4) Joshua
Dean, (4) Joshua - Dean, Mary
Dean, Mary - Dean, Richard Arthur
Dean, Richard Arthur - Dean, Thomas Marion
Dean, Thomas Marion - Deane, [Admiral] Richard
Deane, [Admiral] Richard - Deas, Henry
Deas, Henry - Deason, Ralph Edward
Deason, Ralph Edward - Deaton, Pinckney
Deaton, Pinckney - DeBerry, Edmond
DeBerry, Edmond - Debord, Rosa
Debord, Rosa - Deck, Estella Jane
Deck, Estella Jane - Decker, Richard
Decker, Richard - Deem, Silvannus
Deem, Silvannus - Deewall, Scott
Deewall, Scott - Degood, Esta
Degood, Esta - Deike, Fritz
Deike, Fritz - Delameter, Dale
Delameter, Dale - Delany, Laura
Delany, Laura - Delashaw, Steven Todd
Delashaw, Steven Todd - Delauder, Laura
Delauder, Laura - Hurren, William
Hurren, William - Dellinger, Ross William
Dellinger, Ross William - Delves, John
Delves, John - Demidoff, Peter Alexandre Tissot
Demidoff, Peter Alexandre Tissot - Dempsey, Barbara Anne
Dempsey, Barbara Anne - Dempsey, Morris
Dempsey, Morris - Denbow, Bazeleel
Denbow, Bazeleel - Denham, Alvie
Denham, Alvie - Denmark, Feodora Of
Denmark, Feodora Of - Denning, Alexander Michael
Denning, Alexander Michael - Dennis, Gilbert
Dennis, Gilbert - DENNIS*
DENNIS* - Denny, Carlton
Denny, Carlton - Denny, Minnie
Denny, Minnie - Densmore, Cicero L.
Densmore, Cicero L. - Densmore, Mary Ann
Densmore, Mary Ann - Dent, Elizabeth Truman
Dent, Elizabeth Truman - Denton, Augustus
Denton, Augustus - Denton, Irene
Denton, Irene - Denton, Mollie
Denton, Mollie - Denucci, Michael Carmen
Denucci, Michael Carmen - Derby, Laura Caroline
Derby, Laura Caroline - Dering, Robert C
Dering, Robert C - Derringer, Chancey Edward
Derringer, Chancey Edward - Desaussure, Louis
Desaussure, Louis - Deshler, Tana Rae
Deshler, Tana Rae - Desvaux, Sabina Leigh
Desvaux, Sabina Leigh - DEVAIME, Francoise
DEVAIME, Francoise - Devereaux, Sybil
Devereaux, Sybil - Devoe, Jana Lee
Devoe, Jana Lee - Dewalt, Catherine
Dewalt, Catherine - Deweese, Rory Dale
Deweese, Rory Dale - Dewitt, Elizabeth Cathryn
Dewitt, Elizabeth Cathryn - Dexter, Sarah
Dexter, Sarah - Dias, Sandra Arlene
Dias, Sandra Arlene - Dick, Jenna Marie
Dick, Jenna Marie - Dickard, Homer
Dickard, Homer - Dickens, Jenny Bell
Dickens, Jenny Bell - Dickerson, Albert Edward
Dickerson, Albert Edward - Dickerson, Jacob Iva
Dickerson, Jacob Iva - Dickerson, Rebecca Darlene
Dickerson, Rebecca Darlene - Dickey, David
Dickey, David - Dickey, John
Dickey, John - Dickey, Robert
Dickey, Robert - Dickinson, Ebenezer
Dickinson, Ebenezer - Dickinson, Oratia
Dickinson, Oratia - Dickson, Sr David Hugh
Dickson, Sr David Hugh - Dickson, Lucy
Dickson, Lucy - Dickson, Venice Pamelia
Dickson, Venice Pamelia - Diehl, Debbie
Diehl, Debbie - Diether, Count Of Katzenelnbogen Lichtenberg
Diether, Count Of Katzenelnbogen Lichtenberg - DIFFENDORF, Don
DIFFENDORF, Don - Diggs, David

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