This is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. Some of it is my research, much of it has been shared with me.

DISCLAIMER: This is my speculative data. I've verified very little of it. Use it for hints and pointers, but do your own research!

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This data changes often. If you've arrived from a search engine, it's could be that you don't see the information you were looking for. The current index for can be found here. You can email me at genealogy at for updates, removal requests, etc.

Feilden, Dorothy Priscilla - Felder, Brenda Jane
Felder, Brenda Jane - Felker, Billye
Felker, Billye - Fellows, Caleb
Fellows, Caleb - FELLOWS, Obil Dill
FELLOWS, Obil Dill - Fender, Hazel
Fender, Hazel - Fennell, Marilyn Dare
Fennell, Marilyn Dare - Fenwick, Edward Ambrose
Fenwick, Edward Ambrose - Ferdinandez, Sancho II The Strong
Ferdinandez, Sancho II The Strong - Ferguson, Carolyn
Ferguson, Carolyn - Ferguson, Flora Lucille
Ferguson, Flora Lucille - Ferguson, James Irvine
Ferguson, James Irvine - Ferguson, Leona
Ferguson, Leona - FERGUSON, Moses
FERGUSON, Moses - Ferguson, Jr Thomas C.
Ferguson, Jr Thomas C. - Fergusson, George Adam Duncan Camperdown
Fergusson, George Adam Duncan Camperdown - Fernandes, Alistair
Fernandes, Alistair - Ferrell, Elsie
Ferrell, Elsie - Ferrers, Henry
Ferrers, Henry - Ferris, Judith
Ferris, Judith - Fetzer, Lillian
Fetzer, Lillian - Feyh, Austin Conrad
Feyh, Austin Conrad - Fickling, David L.
Fickling, David L. - Field, Doris Wynette
Field, Doris Wynette - Field, John Westfield
Field, John Westfield - Field, Sara Jane
Field, Sara Jane - Fielding, Henry Bradley
Fielding, Henry Bradley - Fields, Greg
Fields, Greg - Fields, Savannah Nicole
Fields, Savannah Nicole - Fife, Robert Adamson
Fife, Robert Adamson - Filkins, ---
Filkins, --- - Filley, John
Filley, John - Finamore, Connie Sue Hebb
Finamore, Connie Sue Hebb - Finch, Daniel
Finch, Daniel - Finch, Jane
Finch, Jane - Finch, Sarah
Finch, Sarah - FINDLAY, Brandon Graham
FINDLAY, Brandon Graham - Fine, Jimmie
Fine, Jimmie - Finklestein (Stone), Gittel (Gertrude)
Finklestein (Stone), Gittel (Gertrude) - Finley, Barbara Ann
Finley, Barbara Ann - Finley, Clate
Finley, Clate - Finley, Elaine
Finley, Elaine - Finley, Frances
Finley, Frances - Finley, Hezekiah
Finley, Hezekiah - Finley, Jesse
Finley, Jesse - Hanson, Kaye
Hanson, Kaye - Finley, Margaret A
Finley, Margaret A - Finley, Melissa
Finley, Melissa - Finley, Quillan F
Finley, Quillan F - Finley, Sara Katherine
Finley, Sara Katherine - Finley, Walter O
Finley, Walter O - Finney, Ann
Finney, Ann - Fiori, George
Fiori, George - Fischer, Melvin F.
Fischer, Melvin F. - Fish, Joseph Adam
Fish, Joseph Adam - Fisher, (Mrs)
Fisher, (Mrs) - Fisher, Clara J
Fisher, Clara J - Fisher, Eurie E "Edwin"
Fisher, Eurie E "Edwin" - Fisher, Jephta
Fisher, Jephta - Fisher, L. E.
Fisher, L. E. - Fisher, N Herbert
Fisher, N Herbert - Fisher, Sarah Elizabeth
Fisher, Sarah Elizabeth - Fisherdick, Francis
Fisherdick, Francis - Fiske, George
Fiske, George - Fiske, Nicholas
Fiske, Nicholas - Fitch, Samuel
Fitch, Samuel - Fitz-Herbert, Peter
Fitz-Herbert, Peter - Fitzalan-Howard, Anne
Fitzalan-Howard, Anne - Fitzforne, Sigulf
Fitzforne, Sigulf - Fitzgerald, Harry Linville"Boots"
Fitzgerald, Harry Linville"Boots" - Fitzgerald, Maurice Of Glassely
Fitzgerald, Maurice Of Glassely - Fitzhenry, Amabel
Fitzhenry, Amabel - Fitzjames, Joan
Fitzjames, Joan - Fitzpatrick, Nathaniel Meek
Fitzpatrick, Nathaniel Meek - Fitzranulf, Robert
Fitzranulf, Robert - Fitzroy, Ivo
Fitzroy, Ivo - Fitzwater, James Lee
Fitzwater, James Lee - Flaad, Seneschal Dapifer
Flaad, Seneschal Dapifer - Flaming, ---
Flaming, --- - Flanders, Naomi
Flanders, Naomi - Fleche, Jean De La
Fleche, Jean De La - Fleming, Cary Barton
Fleming, Cary Barton - Fleming, John
Fleming, John - Fleming, Sarah
Fleming, Sarah - Flesher, Sarah Elizabeth
Flesher, Sarah Elizabeth - Fletcher, Joseph
Fletcher, Joseph - Flick, Summer Ann
Flick, Summer Ann - Flint, Joseph
Flint, Joseph - Flitton, Curtis Monroe
Flitton, Curtis Monroe - Floro, James
Floro, James - Flowers, Green
Flowers, Green - Floyd, Eula Claire
Floyd, Eula Claire - Green, Tunis
Green, Tunis - Flude, Mary
Flude, Mary - Flynn, Trophena
Flynn, Trophena - Foix, Jean De
Foix, Jean De - Folger, Clive
Folger, Clive - Folger, Orlando R.
Folger, Orlando R. - Folks, Nan
Folks, Nan - Folsom, Jeff Brant
Folsom, Jeff Brant - Fonda, Abram

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