This is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. Some of it is my research, much of it has been shared with me.

DISCLAIMER: This is my speculative data. I've verified very little of it. Use it for hints and pointers, but do your own research!

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This data changes often. If you've arrived from a search engine, it's could be that you don't see the information you were looking for. The current index for can be found here. You can email me at genealogy at for updates, removal requests, etc.

Foy, Josephine - Frailey, Charles
Frailey, Charles - Frailey, John Joseph
Frailey, John Joseph - Fraim, Elizabeth
Fraim, Elizabeth - France, Anna Dell
France, Anna Dell - France, Mary Colette
France, Mary Colette - Francis, Beulah
Francis, Beulah - Francis, Samuel
Francis, Samuel - Frank, Matilda
Frank, Matilda - Franklin, Edith
Franklin, Edith - Franklin, Mary E.
Franklin, Mary E. - Franks, Alice Mable
Franks, Alice Mable - Franks, Louis Prince Of
Franks, Louis Prince Of - Frantz, Esther
Frantz, Esther - Frary, Elihu
Frary, Elihu - Fraser, Blanche Elizabeth
Fraser, Blanche Elizabeth - Fraser, Issac L.
Fraser, Issac L. - Fraser, Naomi
Fraser, Naomi - Fraunceys, C.
Fraunceys, C. - Frazier, David Mcdonald
Frazier, David Mcdonald - Frazier, William Jefferson
Frazier, William Jefferson - Frederick, Mabrey Ida Jane
Frederick, Mabrey Ida Jane - Frederickson, Jonathan Earl
Frederickson, Jonathan Earl - Free, Betty Jo
Free, Betty Jo - Free, Howard David
Free, Howard David - Free, Mary Helen
Free, Mary Helen - Free, Tommy Austin
Free, Tommy Austin - Freeland, Clint Champion
Freeland, Clint Champion - Freeman, Arby
Freeman, Arby - Freeman, Caroline
Freeman, Caroline - Freeman, Dav. S.
Freeman, Dav. S. - Freeman, Edward
Freeman, Edward - Freeman, Ethel Lorina
Freeman, Ethel Lorina - Freeman, Gregory Gerald
Freeman, Gregory Gerald - Freeman, Ivy Hutchins
Freeman, Ivy Hutchins - Freeman, Jeremiah
Freeman, Jeremiah - Freeman, John I
Freeman, John I - Freeman, Kristi Sue
Freeman, Kristi Sue - Freeman, Lynn Marie
Freeman, Lynn Marie - Freeman, Mary Beth
Freeman, Mary Beth - Freeman, Nancy Ellen
Freeman, Nancy Ellen - Freeman, Ray Bruce
Freeman, Ray Bruce - Freeman, Samuel Edgar
Freeman, Samuel Edgar - Freeman, Thomas Clifford
Freeman, Thomas Clifford - Freeman, William A
Freeman, William A - Freer, Eugenius Marion
Freer, Eugenius Marion - Freidenborough, Abraham
Freidenborough, Abraham - French, Clarance Henry
French, Clarance Henry - French, Herman Or Harmon
French, Herman Or Harmon - French, Marilla
French, Marilla - French, Sarah
French, Sarah - Fretwell, Bry
Fretwell, Bry - Frey, Ruth
Frey, Ruth - Fricks, Suzette
Fricks, Suzette - Friederike, Princess Of Holstein
Friederike, Princess Of Holstein - Friedrich, Count Of Hohenlohe
Friedrich, Count Of Hohenlohe - Friedrich, Count Hohenlohe Johann
Friedrich, Count Hohenlohe Johann - Friedrich, Prince Of Thuringia
Friedrich, Prince Of Thuringia - Frink, Cheryl Lea
Frink, Cheryl Lea - Fripp, Thomas Bower
Fripp, Thomas Bower - Frisbie, ? James
Frisbie, ? James - Frisbie, Susanna
Frisbie, Susanna - Frizzell, George E.
Frizzell, George E. - Frost, Anna
Frost, Anna - Frost, John M
Frost, John M - Frugia, Stanley James
Frugia, Stanley James - Fry, Mary
Fry, Mary - Frye, Mary E.
Frye, Mary E. - Fugee, Maude
Fugee, Maude - Fulkerson, Minnie
Fulkerson, Minnie - Fuller, Aaron
Fuller, Aaron - Fuller, Earl N
Fuller, Earl N - Fuller, Dr. Henry Middleton
Fuller, Dr. Henry Middleton - Fuller, Leander Joseph
Fuller, Leander Joseph - Fuller, R. Barnwell
Fuller, R. Barnwell - Fuller, Truman
Fuller, Truman - Fulsom, Alma
Fulsom, Alma - Funda, Anna E.
Funda, Anna E. - Funda, Lucinda
Funda, Lucinda - Funderdurk, Lawrence
Funderdurk, Lawrence - Fundy, Ruth
Fundy, Ruth - Funk, Peter
Funk, Peter - Furlong, George Morgan
Furlong, George Morgan - Furrow, Amy
Furrow, Amy - Fynes, Elizabeth
Fynes, Elizabeth - Brown, Charlotte Yvonne
Brown, Charlotte Yvonne - Gadsden, Alice
Gadsden, Alice - Gage, Col. Edward Thomas
Gage, Col. Edward Thomas - Gaillard, Cleremond Serre
Gaillard, Cleremond Serre - Gaillard, John Gourdin
Gaillard, John Gourdin - Gaillard, Tracey
Gaillard, Tracey - Gaines, Andrew Mattison
Gaines, Andrew Mattison - Gaines, David
Gaines, David - Gaines, Fletcher
Gaines, Fletcher - Gaines, Hoyt William
Gaines, Hoyt William - Gaines, John Henry
Gaines, John Henry - Gaines, M. J.
Gaines, M. J. - Gaines, Mary Tyler
Gaines, Mary Tyler - Gaines, Robert
Gaines, Robert - Gaines, Thomas
Gaines, Thomas - Gainsford, Agnes

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