This is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. Some of it is my research, much of it has been shared with me.

DISCLAIMER: This is my speculative data. I've verified very little of it. Use it for hints and pointers, but do your own research!

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This data changes often. If you've arrived from a search engine, it's could be that you don't see the information you were looking for. The current index for can be found here. You can email me at genealogy at for updates, removal requests, etc.

Gainsford, Agnes - Gaither, Steven Edward
Gaither, Steven Edward - Galbreath, Christine
Galbreath, Christine - Gales, Jr. Joseph
Gales, Jr. Joseph - Gallatin, J Hershel
Gallatin, J Hershel - Gallion, James
Gallion, James - Gallion, William
Gallion, William - Galloway, Annie
Galloway, Annie - Galloway, Carroll
Galloway, Carroll - Galloway, Dollie
Galloway, Dollie - Galloway, England Lloyd
Galloway, England Lloyd - Galloway, Gerald
Galloway, Gerald - Galloway, James Anderson
Galloway, James Anderson - Galloway, Joseph B.
Galloway, Joseph B. - Galloway, Lois
Galloway, Lois - Galloway, Martha Gaye
Galloway, Martha Gaye - Galloway, Nancy Nellius
Galloway, Nancy Nellius - Galloway, Rickey
Galloway, Rickey - Galloway, Shirley
Galloway, Shirley - Galloway, W Dennis
Galloway, W Dennis - Galloway, Word Daniel
Galloway, Word Daniel - GALTRESS, Jr. Thomas
GALTRESS, Jr. Thomas - Galyean, Fanny
Galyean, Fanny - Galyean, Mark Earl
Galyean, Mark Earl - Galyean, Virginia Ruth
Galyean, Virginia Ruth - Gamble", Lillian
Gamble", Lillian - Gambrell, Elisabeth
Gambrell, Elisabeth - Gambrell, James Madden
Gambrell, James Madden - Gambrell, Margaret E.
Gambrell, Margaret E. - Gambrell, Ricky
Gambrell, Ricky - Gamil, Mabel
Gamil, Mabel - Gann, Robert
Gann, Robert - Gantt, Ben
Gantt, Ben - Gantt, "Janie". Jane
Gantt, "Janie". Jane - Gantt, Samuel
Gantt, Samuel - Gantz, Mary Catherine
Gantz, Mary Catherine - Gardeman
Gardeman - Gardiner, William
Gardiner, William - Gardner, G C
Gardner, G C - Gardner, Mary
Gardner, Mary - Gardner, Thomas
Gardner, Thomas - Garfield, Thomas
Garfield, Thomas - Garlotte, Alice Marie
Garlotte, Alice Marie - Garner, Claude
Garner, Claude - Garner, Josh
Garner, Josh - Garner, Suttie Ida
Garner, Suttie Ida - GARNSEY, Ebenezer
GARNSEY, Ebenezer - Garren, Carl
Garren, Carl - Garren, Viola
Garren, Viola - Garrett, Barbara Jean
Garrett, Barbara Jean - Garrett, Cynthia Paulette
Garrett, Cynthia Paulette - Garrett, Elizabeth
Garrett, Elizabeth - Garrett, Gordon Henderson
Garrett, Gordon Henderson - Garrett, James Milford
Garrett, James Milford - Garrett, John Robert
Garrett, John Robert - Garrett, Linda M.
Garrett, Linda M. - Garrett, Mary
Garrett, Mary - Garrett, Oscar Napoleon
Garrett, Oscar Napoleon - Garrett, Samuel Mack
Garrett, Samuel Mack - Garrett, Thomas S
Garrett, Thomas S - Garrett, William T.
Garrett, William T. - Garris, Carolyn Ann
Garris, Carolyn Ann - Garrison, Benjamin
Garrison, Benjamin - Garrison, James
Garrison, James - Garrison, Mourning Caroline
Garrison, Mourning Caroline - Garrison Gruber, Violet May (Twin)
Garrison Gruber, Violet May (Twin) - Garst, Andrew Jackson
Garst, Andrew Jackson - Garst, Bonnie Lone
Garst, Bonnie Lone - Garst, Clara Ethel
Garst, Clara Ethel - Garst, Donald Lee
Garst, Donald Lee - Garst, Emma
Garst, Emma - Garst, Genevieve
Garst, Genevieve - Garst, Hazel M.
Garst, Hazel M. - Garst, James Clay
Garst, James Clay - Garst, John Arthur
Garst, John Arthur - Garst, Karen Belinda
Garst, Karen Belinda - Garst, Lottie
Garst, Lottie - Garst, Mary
Garst, Mary - Garst, Myrtle B.
Garst, Myrtle B. - Garst, Peter Pete
Garst, Peter Pete - Garst, Rose Alma
Garst, Rose Alma - Garst, Stella
Garst, Stella - Garst, Virginia Marie
Garst, Virginia Marie - Garton", Shannon
Garton", Shannon - Garvin, J B Frederick
Garvin, J B Frederick - Garvin, Samuel Ison
Garvin, Samuel Ison - Gary, William Walter
Gary, William Walter - Gash, Lucretia
Gash, Lucretia - Gassage, Christian
Gassage, Christian - Gasser, Donnie Leroy
Gasser, Donnie Leroy - Gaston, Isabelle
Gaston, Isabelle - Gaston, Jr Robert Warren
Gaston, Jr Robert Warren - Gates, Alice Hope
Gates, Alice Hope - GATES, Elizabeth
GATES, Elizabeth - GATES, Israel
GATES, Israel - Gates, Mary
Gates, Mary - Gates, Jr. Samuel
Gates, Jr. Samuel - Gathers, Sarah Elizabeth
Gathers, Sarah Elizabeth - Gault, James
Gault, James - Gawkroger, Mary Platts
Gawkroger, Mary Platts - Gay, William F.

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