This is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. Some of it is my research, much of it has been shared with me.

DISCLAIMER: This is my speculative data. I've verified very little of it. Use it for hints and pointers, but do your own research!

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This data changes often. If you've arrived from a search engine, it's could be that you don't see the information you were looking for. The current index for can be found here. You can email me at genealogy at for updates, removal requests, etc.

Gay, William F. - Gaylord, Martha
Gaylord, Martha - Gearlds, Louis
Gearlds, Louis - Gee, Sarah
Gee, Sarah - Geiger, Charles
Geiger, Charles - Gemelcks, Anna Margaret
Gemelcks, Anna Margaret - Gent, William
Gent, William - Gentry, Louisa Jane
Gentry, Louisa Jane - Georg, Count Leiningen
Georg, Count Leiningen - George, Bennie
George, Bennie - George, Gary
George, Gary - George, Leonard
George, Leonard - George, Roy
George, Roy - Gera, Mrs. Heinrich III
Gera, Mrs. Heinrich III - Gerber, ---
Gerber, --- - Gerber, Michael
Gerber, Michael - Gerlach, Count Wied
Gerlach, Count Wied - Gerrish, III Louis Everett
Gerrish, III Louis Everett - Gerst, Maria Catharina
Gerst, Maria Catharina - Gervais, Dr. John Lewis
Gervais, Dr. John Lewis - Getchell, Nathaniel
Getchell, Nathaniel - Gharst, Delores Ann
Gharst, Delores Ann - Gheen, Elizabeth Atkins
Gheen, Elizabeth Atkins - Gibbes, John
Gibbes, John - Gibbons, Hilda Odell
Gibbons, Hilda Odell - Gibbs, Emily-Anna
Gibbs, Emily-Anna - Gibbs, Luman
Gibbs, Luman - GIBBS, (Mrs) William
GIBBS, (Mrs) William - Gibson, Arlene
Gibson, Arlene - Gibson, Crystal Lee
Gibson, Crystal Lee - Gibson, Ferrel
Gibson, Ferrel - Gibson, Jack Eugene
Gibson, Jack Eugene - Gibson, Junior
Gibson, Junior - Gibson, Mary Lou
Gibson, Mary Lou - Gibson, Robert M
Gibson, Robert M - Gibson, Vilanta
Gibson, Vilanta - Gick, Jr. James E.
Gick, Jr. James E. - Giebelhausen, Anna Christina
Giebelhausen, Anna Christina - Giffard, John
Giffard, John - Gifford, Alexander Hamilton
Gifford, Alexander Hamilton - Gifford, Infant Son
Gifford, Infant Son - Gifford, Peleg
Gifford, Peleg - Gignilliat, Jr George Warren
Gignilliat, Jr George Warren - Gilbert, Edward
Gilbert, Edward - Gilbert, John
Gilbert, John - Gilbert, Mordecai
Gilbert, Mordecai - Gilbert, Wayne
Gilbert, Wayne - Gilchrist, Mary Alice
Gilchrist, Mary Alice - Giles, Sr James Ralph (Jimmy)
Giles, Sr James Ralph (Jimmy) - Gill, Benjamin
Gill, Benjamin - Gill, John Taylor
Gill, John Taylor - Gill, Twin. Colonel William Smith
Gill, Twin. Colonel William Smith - Gillespie, Jr Albert Westmoreland
Gillespie, Jr Albert Westmoreland - Gillespie, Calvin
Gillespie, Calvin - Gillespie, Eliza Jane
Gillespie, Eliza Jane - Gillespie, Harold
Gillespie, Harold - Gillespie, Jennifer
Gillespie, Jennifer - Gillespie, Leila Agnes
Gillespie, Leila Agnes - Gillespie, Mary
Gillespie, Mary - Gillespie, Paula Ann
Gillespie, Paula Ann - Gillespie, Sharon Elaine
Gillespie, Sharon Elaine - Gillespie, William Bowen
Gillespie, William Bowen - Gillet, Amy
Gillet, Amy - Gillet, Eliphalet
Gillet, Eliphalet - Gillet, John
Gillet, John - Gillet, Mary
Gillet, Mary - Gillet, Sarah Ann
Gillet, Sarah Ann - Gillette, A.
Gillette, A. - Gilliam, Emma Gertrude
Gilliam, Emma Gertrude - Gilliland, James Othel
Gilliland, James Othel - Gillispie, Diane
Gillispie, Diane - Gilman, Samuel
Gilman, Samuel - GILMOUR, Richard Douglas
GILMOUR, Richard Douglas - Gilstrap, Aaron
Gilstrap, Aaron - Gilstrap, Arthur N.
Gilstrap, Arthur N. - Gilstrap, Bright
Gilstrap, Bright - Gilstrap, Claude
Gilstrap, Claude - Gilstrap, Delila A.
Gilstrap, Delila A. - Gilstrap, Edwin E.
Gilstrap, Edwin E. - Gilstrap, Ethel (Clem)
Gilstrap, Ethel (Clem) - Gilstrap, Gertie
Gilstrap, Gertie - Gilstrap, Homer R
Gilstrap, Homer R - Gilstrap, Jr James Hardy
Gilstrap, Jr James Hardy - Gilstrap, Jewell Eugenia
Gilstrap, Jewell Eugenia - Gilstrap, Johnny
Gilstrap, Johnny - Gilstrap, Laura
Gilstrap, Laura - Gilstrap, Lois
Gilstrap, Lois - Gilstrap, Margie Viola
Gilstrap, Margie Viola - Gilstrap, Mary Isbel
Gilstrap, Mary Isbel - Gilstrap, Missouri
Gilstrap, Missouri - Gilstrap, Pat L.
Gilstrap, Pat L. - Gilstrap, Remus Vally
Gilstrap, Remus Vally - Gilstrap, Jr Rufus Wiley
Gilstrap, Jr Rufus Wiley - Gilstrap, Sopia Ann
Gilstrap, Sopia Ann - Gilstrap, Toni
Gilstrap, Toni - Gilstrap, William Calvin
Gilstrap, William Calvin - Gimblett, Courtney Lynn
Gimblett, Courtney Lynn - Giovanini, Chuck
Giovanini, Chuck - Girardeau, Karen Marie
Girardeau, Karen Marie - Girnus, Daryl Edward
Girnus, Daryl Edward - Gist, Silas

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