This is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. Some of it is my research, much of it has been shared with me.

DISCLAIMER: This is my speculative data. I've verified very little of it. Use it for hints and pointers, but do your own research!

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This data changes often. If you've arrived from a search engine, it's could be that you don't see the information you were looking for. The current index for can be found here. You can email me at genealogy at for updates, removal requests, etc.

Auvil, Venice May Abel - Averett, Robert Leo
Averett, Robert Leo - Avery, John
Avery, John - Avilla, Carmen
Avilla, Carmen - Axline, Betty
Axline, Betty - Axline, Henry Asbury P
Axline, Henry Asbury P - Axline, Mary Jane
Axline, Mary Jane - Axson, Erin
Axson, Erin - Ayers, Charlotte
Ayers, Charlotte - Ayers, Margaretta
Ayers, Margaretta - Aylesbury, William
Aylesbury, William - Ayres, Nannie Mabel
Ayres, Nannie Mabel - Babb, Calvin Chapman
Babb, Calvin Chapman - Babb, Lysa Erin
Babb, Lysa Erin - Babb, Ulysee Joseph
Babb, Ulysee Joseph - Babcock, Samuel
Babcock, Samuel - Bachelor, Gary
Bachelor, Gary - Bacon, Burl B.
Bacon, Burl B. - Bacon, Sarah
Bacon, Sarah - Baden, Hermann VI Margrave
Baden, Hermann VI Margrave - Baer, Gary George
Baer, Gary George - BAGGETT, Keith Thomas
BAGGETT, Keith Thomas - Bagley, Richard Baldwin
Bagley, Richard Baldwin - Bagwell, B Austin
Bagwell, B Austin - Bagwell, Easter Pearl
Bagwell, Easter Pearl - Bagwell, Iber L
Bagwell, Iber L - Bagwell, Kimberly
Bagwell, Kimberly - Bagwell, Jr Oscar M
Bagwell, Jr Oscar M - Bagwell, Thomas L
Bagwell, Thomas L - Bailes, Robert William
Bailes, Robert William - Bailey, Caroline
Bailey, Caroline - Bailey, Edward Louis
Bailey, Edward Louis - Bailey, Harris Perry
Bailey, Harris Perry - Bailey, John
Bailey, John - Bailey, Louis B
Bailey, Louis B - Bailey, Michelle Leeann
Bailey, Michelle Leeann - Bailey, Rose
Bailey, Rose - Bailey, Thomas
Bailey, Thomas - Baily, Helen Adeline
Baily, Helen Adeline - Bainum, Sarah E.
Bainum, Sarah E. - Baker
Baker - Baker, Barbara Harolyn
Baker, Barbara Harolyn - Baker, Clara
Baker, Clara - Baker, Elizabeth
Baker, Elizabeth - Baker, Harold
Baker, Harold - Baker, Jerry
Baker, Jerry - Baker, Lena
Baker, Lena - Baker, Mary
Baker, Mary - Baker, Nathan
Baker, Nathan - Baker, Ronald F.
Baker, Ronald F. - Baker, Terry A.
Baker, Terry A. - Baker?, ---
Baker?, --- - Baldridge, Edward Arthur
Baldridge, Edward Arthur - Baldwin, E. A.
Baldwin, E. A. - Baldwin, John Hardie
Baldwin, John Hardie - Baldwin, Oscar D
Baldwin, Oscar D - Bales, Archibald
Bales, Archibald - Baliol, Cecilia De
Baliol, Cecilia De - Ball, Elizabeth
Ball, Elizabeth - Ball, Lille
Ball, Lille - Ball, Thomas
Ball, Thomas - Dickinson, Gwendolyn
Dickinson, Gwendolyn - Ballard, Zilpha
Ballard, Zilpha - Ballenger, William H
Ballenger, William H - Ballew, Bobby
Ballew, Bobby - Balliou, Thomas
Balliou, Thomas - Baltz, Anna Elisabeth
Baltz, Anna Elisabeth - Bambrick, Donna
Bambrick, Donna - BANCROFT, Patience
BANCROFT, Patience - Banffy, Of Losoncz Gyorgy
Banffy, Of Losoncz Gyorgy - Banita, Hendrick Epkese
Banita, Hendrick Epkese - Banks, Emma
Banks, Emma - Banks, Margaret Eleanora
Banks, Margaret Eleanora - Banks, _________________
Banks, _________________ - Bannister, Rex
Bannister, Rex - Banther, William
Banther, William - Barbare, Genieve
Barbare, Genieve - Barber, Charlotte
Barber, Charlotte - Barber, Mary (Mercy)
Barber, Mary (Mercy) - Barbery, Tenzel Olvin
Barbery, Tenzel Olvin - Barclay, John
Barclay, John - Barden, ---
Barden, --- - Bardwell, Quartus
Bardwell, Quartus - Barfield, Robert Boyd
Barfield, Robert Boyd - Barham, Alice
Barham, Alice - Barham, James
Barham, James - Barham, Nancy
Barham, Nancy - Bari, Cheryl Jean
Bari, Cheryl Jean - Baring, Patricia
Baring, Patricia - Barker, Betty
Barker, Betty - Barker, Elizabeth
Barker, Elizabeth - Sullins, Inez
Sullins, Inez - Barker, Josiah Clinton
Barker, Josiah Clinton - Barker, Mary Ann
Barker, Mary Ann - Barker, Sarah
Barker, Sarah - Barkley, Jr Dawson A
Barkley, Jr Dawson A - Barksdale, Jr. James
Barksdale, Jr. James - BARLOW, John Mack
BARLOW, John Mack - Barnard, Irene Margaret
Barnard, Irene Margaret - Barnes, Alice
Barnes, Alice - BARNES, (twin) Desiree Irene

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