This is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. Some of it is my research, much of it has been shared with me.

DISCLAIMER: This is my speculative data. I've verified very little of it. Use it for hints and pointers, but do your own research!

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This data changes often. If you've arrived from a search engine, it's could be that you don't see the information you were looking for. The current index for can be found here. You can email me at genealogy at for updates, removal requests, etc.

Kilpatrick, Bertha - Kimball, Jeremiah Heber
Kimball, Jeremiah Heber - Kimbell, Jr. Walker Eugene
Kimbell, Jr. Walker Eugene - Kimble, Susannah
Kimble, Susannah - Kimes, Emerson
Kimes, Emerson - Kimmons, Ruby Lavonia
Kimmons, Ruby Lavonia - Kincaid, Benjamin Pinkney
Kincaid, Benjamin Pinkney - Kincaid, Robert L.
Kincaid, Robert L. - Kinder, James
Kinder, James - Kindle, Emma
Kindle, Emma - Kindle, Virginia
Kindle, Virginia - King, Ann Lunsford
King, Ann Lunsford - King, Bobbie
King, Bobbie - King, Clayton Lester
King, Clayton Lester - King, Earle
King, Earle - King, Eva
King, Eva - King, Greg
King, Greg - King, Jack
King, Jack - King, Jermirah
King, Jermirah - King, Joseph
King, Joseph - King, Laurence E
King, Laurence E - King, Margaret
King, Margaret - King, Mary F.
King, Mary F. - King, Nancy Adeline
King, Nancy Adeline - King, Rachel Emily
King, Rachel Emily - King, Sallee Susan
King, Sallee Susan - King, Susan A.
King, Susan A. - King, Virginia Nell
King, Virginia Nell - King, William Thomas
King, William Thomas - Kingman, Sarah
Kingman, Sarah - Kingsley, Nathaniel
Kingsley, Nathaniel - Kinnear, David J.
Kinnear, David J. - Kinney, Wayne Jackson
Kinney, Wayne Jackson - Kinnison, II Simeon English
Kinnison, II Simeon English - Kinsland, Eve
Kinsland, Eve - Kinsman, Asa
Kinsman, Asa - Kinsman, Hannah
Kinsman, Hannah - Kinsman, Maria E
Kinsman, Maria E - Kinsman, Sarah
Kinsman, Sarah - Kiphart, Otis
Kiphart, Otis - Kirby, Karissa Lynn
Kirby, Karissa Lynn - Kircher, Everett Monroe
Kircher, Everett Monroe - Kirk, Nancy Mae
Kirk, Nancy Mae - Kirkham, Philemon
Kirkham, Philemon - Kirkpatrick, Jane
Kirkpatrick, Jane - Kirksey, Sarah
Kirksey, Sarah - Kiser, John
Kiser, John - Kiszczanka, Elzbieta
Kiszczanka, Elzbieta - Kitchen, Tressia
Kitchen, Tressia - Kittel, Eva
Kittel, Eva - Klapper, Kenneth
Klapper, Kenneth - Klein, Magdalen Louise
Klein, Magdalen Louise - Klihentz, George W.
Klihentz, George W. - Klingensmith, George
Klingensmith, George - Klob, Shirley
Klob, Shirley - Knapp, Jane Lucinda
Knapp, Jane Lucinda - Kneeland, Edward
Kneeland, Edward - Knight, Allen Goodwin
Knight, Allen Goodwin - Knight, Douglas
Knight, Douglas - Knight, James Charles
Knight, James Charles - Knight, Louisa A
Knight, Louisa A - Knight, Reba Louise
Knight, Reba Louise - Knight, Wesley Kent
Knight, Wesley Kent - Knighton, Johnny
Knighton, Johnny - Knoblock, Lynn
Knoblock, Lynn - Knorr, Louis
Knorr, Louis - Knowles, David Allen
Knowles, David Allen - Knox, Alice Louella
Knox, Alice Louella - Knox, Frank
Knox, Frank - Knox, John Wesley
Knox, John Wesley - Knox, Robert
Knox, Robert - Knuckolls, Polly
Knuckolls, Polly - Koball, Christin Leah
Koball, Christin Leah - Kocher, Daniel Dale (S.O. Claude)
Kocher, Daniel Dale (S.O. Claude) - Koffman, Lindsay Elizabeth
Koffman, Lindsay Elizabeth - Kohr, Mary
Kohr, Mary - Konegsmork, Paul
Konegsmork, Paul - Konynenbelt, Morgan Marie
Konynenbelt, Morgan Marie - Kording, Jeffrey Thomas
Kording, Jeffrey Thomas - Koshkin, Yakov Ivanovich "Kasak"
Koshkin, Yakov Ivanovich "Kasak" - Koyle, Anna
Koyle, Anna - Kramer, Clarence
Kramer, Clarence - Krasinska, Katarzyna
Krasinska, Katarzyna - Kreager, Nettie
Kreager, Nettie - Kreke, Matilda
Kreke, Matilda - Kristophoros, Prince Of Byzantine Empire
Kristophoros, Prince Of Byzantine Empire - Krueger, Karl
Krueger, Karl - Kuchenbecker, Gertraut
Kuchenbecker, Gertraut - Kugley, Edward Lennox
Kugley, Edward Lennox - Kuhn, Sean Michael
Kuhn, Sean Michael - Kunerth, Kellie Ann
Kunerth, Kellie Ann - Kurland, Marie Amalie Princess Of
Kurland, Marie Amalie Princess Of - Kyerton, Agatha
Kyerton, Agatha - Kythin, Isabel
Kythin, Isabel - La Zouche, Emery
La Zouche, Emery - Laboon, Caroline
Laboon, Caroline - Laboon, Sara
Laboon, Sara - Lachicotte, William
Lachicotte, William - Lacy, Idonea
Lacy, Idonea - Ladd, James
Ladd, James - Ladnier, Ralph Anthony

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