This is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. Some of it is my research, much of it has been shared with me.

DISCLAIMER: This is my speculative data. I've verified very little of it. Use it for hints and pointers, but do your own research!

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This data changes often. If you've arrived from a search engine, it's could be that you don't see the information you were looking for. The current index for can be found here. You can email me at genealogy at for updates, removal requests, etc.

Layton, Leone - Layton, Sarah Jane
Layton, Sarah Jane - Lazenby, Dorothy Sue
Lazenby, Dorothy Sue - Le Goaec, Sophie Marie-Helena
Le Goaec, Sophie Marie-Helena - Leach, Candace
Leach, Candace - Leach, Rhoda
Leach, Rhoda - League, J. Trenton
League, J. Trenton - Leake, George Wesley
Leake, George Wesley - Leasure, Elizabeth
Leasure, Elizabeth - Leatherwood, Michelle Marie
Leatherwood, Michelle Marie - Leavitt, Deborah
Leavitt, Deborah - Lebby, Hess Waring
Lebby, Hess Waring - Lecroy, Jonathan
Lecroy, Jonathan - Ledbetter, Nancy
Ledbetter, Nancy - Ledford, Ellen
Ledford, Ellen - Ledford, Sally
Ledford, Sally - Lee, ---
Lee, --- - Lee, Anne
Lee, Anne - Lee, Charlotte
Lee, Charlotte - Lee, Edward Henry
Lee, Edward Henry - Lee, Georgia Evelyn
Lee, Georgia Evelyn - Lee, James Monroe
Lee, James Monroe - Lee, Joyce
Lee, Joyce - Moore, Margaret Melvina
Moore, Margaret Melvina - Lee, Myrtle
Lee, Myrtle - Lee, Col. Jr. Richard Bland
Lee, Col. Jr. Richard Bland - Lee, Sarah A
Lee, Sarah A - Lee, Virginia
Lee, Virginia - Leedom, Wilber Lee
Leedom, Wilber Lee - Lees, Agnes
Lees, Agnes - Lefevre, James Donald
Lefevre, James Donald - Legare, Elizabeth
Legare, Elizabeth - Legassick, Susannah
Legassick, Susannah - Legate, Matilda Ann
Legate, Matilda Ann - Legge, Catherine
Legge, Catherine - Legroo, Sarah M.
Legroo, Sarah M. - Leigh, Sir John
Leigh, Sir John - Leiningen, Sofie Sibylle Countess
Leiningen, Sofie Sibylle Countess - Leitch, John
Leitch, John - Leith, Tom
Leith, Tom - Lemieux, Lorraine Theresa
Lemieux, Lorraine Theresa - Lemon, Margaret
Lemon, Margaret - Lendon, Jr. Carl
Lendon, Jr. Carl - Leno, Steven Clayton
Leno, Steven Clayton - Leon, Henry III Castile And
Leon, Henry III Castile And - Leonard, Elizabeth
Leonard, Elizabeth - Leonard, Jonas
Leonard, Jonas - Leonard, Moria
Leonard, Moria - Leonard, Uriah
Leonard, Uriah - Leopard, Gayla Sherene
Leopard, Gayla Sherene - Leopard, Pamela Kay
Leopard, Pamela Kay - Lepper, Violet Harriet
Lepper, Violet Harriet - Lesley, Andrew
Lesley, Andrew - Lesley, Elizabeth J
Lesley, Elizabeth J - Lesley, Jerry Bennett
Lesley, Jerry Bennett - Lesley, Martha Elizabeth ''Mattie''
Lesley, Martha Elizabeth ''Mattie'' - Lesley, Ruth
Lesley, Ruth - Leslie
Leslie - Lessly, Willie Ethel
Lessly, Willie Ethel - Lester, William Gorden
Lester, William Gorden - Letts, Alfred
Letts, Alfred - Leutrud, Countess Of Mansfeld
Leutrud, Countess Of Mansfeld - Levi, Amanda L.
Levi, Amanda L. - Levi, Matthew
Levi, Matthew - Lewandowski, Cass
Lewandowski, Cass - Lewis, Abigail
Lewis, Abigail - Lewis, Anna
Lewis, Anna - LEWIS, Betsey Emogene (Elsworth)
LEWIS, Betsey Emogene (Elsworth) - Lewis, Charles C.
Lewis, Charles C. - Lewis, David
Lewis, David - Lewis, Edward
Lewis, Edward - Lewis, Ellen Caledonia
Lewis, Ellen Caledonia - Lewis, Frances Fielding
Lewis, Frances Fielding - Lewis, Grace Gertrude
Lewis, Grace Gertrude - Lewis, Homer
Lewis, Homer - Lewis, James Nelson
Lewis, James Nelson - Lewis, John
Lewis, John - Lewis, Joseph Berry Earle
Lewis, Joseph Berry Earle - Lewis, Lenore
Lewis, Lenore - Lewis, Maggie Templeton
Lewis, Maggie Templeton - Lewis, Mary
Lewis, Mary - Lewis, Mehitable
Lewis, Mehitable - Lewis, Nicholas
Lewis, Nicholas - Lewis, Preston
Lewis, Preston - Lewis, Rosa Lee
Lewis, Rosa Lee - Lewis, Sarah Ann
Lewis, Sarah Ann - Lewis, Thankful
Lewis, Thankful - Lewis, Wilford
Lewis, Wilford - LEWISON, Eldeen A.
LEWISON, Eldeen A. - Libby, Hannah
Libby, Hannah - Liddell, Jane
Liddell, Jane - Lightel, Rebecca Jean
Lightel, Rebecca Jean - Ligon, Mary
Ligon, Mary - Liley, ---
Liley, --- - Lilly, Maxine
Lilly, Maxine - Linacre, Cornelia
Linacre, Cornelia - Lincoln, Edward
Lincoln, Edward - Lincoln, Israel
Lincoln, Israel - Lincoln, Maria
Lincoln, Maria - Lincoln, Rebecca
Lincoln, Rebecca - Lincoln, Thomas

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