This is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. Some of it is my research, much of it has been shared with me.

DISCLAIMER: This is my speculative data. I've verified very little of it. Use it for hints and pointers, but do your own research!

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This data changes often. If you've arrived from a search engine, it's could be that you don't see the information you were looking for. The current index for can be found here. You can email me at genealogy at for updates, removal requests, etc.

Louden", Marlene - Loughborough, Jr Edward Turner
Loughborough, Jr Edward Turner - Lovayne, Margaret
Lovayne, Margaret - Love, Ella Pearl
Love, Ella Pearl - Love, Mary
Love, Mary - Loveday, ---
Loveday, --- - Loveday, Keziah
Loveday, Keziah - Lovel, Maud
Lovel, Maud - Loveless, Dollie
Loveless, Dollie - Lovell, Pina
Lovell, Pina - Lovewell, Isaac
Lovewell, Isaac - Low, Wayne Roger
Low, Wayne Roger - Lowe, Darnell
Lowe, Darnell - Lowe, James Ralph
Lowe, James Ralph - Lowe, Mark
Lowe, Mark - Lowe, Stella
Lowe, Stella - Cross, Gaynelle
Cross, Gaynelle - Lowery, James H
Lowery, James H - Lowman, Ernest Belvin
Lowman, Ernest Belvin - Lowndes, Robert
Lowndes, Robert - Lowry, Frank
Lowry, Frank - Lowther, Anne
Lowther, Anne - Loyd, Cindy Lou
Loyd, Cindy Lou - Loyd, Mary Flonnie
Loyd, Mary Flonnie - Lucas, Camilla Cordes
Lucas, Camilla Cordes - Lucas, Jonathan
Lucas, Jonathan - Lucas, William Johnstone
Lucas, William Johnstone - LUCKIE, Richard
LUCKIE, Richard - Ludbrook, Frances
Ludbrook, Frances - Ludbrook, William James
Ludbrook, William James - Ludwig, Count Of Gleichen Blanken
Ludwig, Count Of Gleichen Blanken - Ludwig, Prince Nassau Georg
Ludwig, Prince Nassau Georg - Ludwig, Burgrave Kirchberg Wilhelm
Ludwig, Burgrave Kirchberg Wilhelm - Luise, Princess Nassau Johanne
Luise, Princess Nassau Johanne - Luke, Emeline
Luke, Emeline - Lumley, Catherine
Lumley, Catherine - Lund, Alan Lynn
Lund, Alan Lynn - Lunny, Jr Theron Richard
Lunny, Jr Theron Richard - Lunsford, Lucy Ann
Lunsford, Lucy Ann - Luper, Jerry Wayne
Luper, Jerry Wayne - Lusk, Amber Lynn
Lusk, Amber Lynn - Lusk, Erastus Capehart
Lusk, Erastus Capehart - Lusk, John Smith
Lusk, John Smith - Lusk, Pauline
Lusk, Pauline - Lusk, Virginia
Lusk, Virginia - Luthy, Vicky Lynn
Luthy, Vicky Lynn - Luttrell, William
Luttrell, William - Luxemburg, John Of
Luxemburg, John Of - Lyden, Wilma
Lyden, Wilma - Lyle, Dale
Lyle, Dale - Lyles, Mary Mayes
Lyles, Mary Mayes - Lyman, Richard
Lyman, Richard - Lynch, Elizabeth Anne
Lynch, Elizabeth Anne - Lynch, Joseph
Lynch, Joseph - Lynch, Patrick
Lynch, Patrick - Lynde, Thomas
Lynde, Thomas - Lyon, ??
Lyon, ?? - Lyon, 7th Lord Glamis John
Lyon, 7th Lord Glamis John - Lyon, __
Lyon, __ - Lyons, Robert
Lyons, Robert - Lyttelton, John
Lyttelton, John - Sullins, Bessie
Sullins, Bessie - Mabry, John F.
Mabry, John F. - Macauley, William
Macauley, William - Macdonald, Mary Aseneth
Macdonald, Mary Aseneth - Macdúnlainge, Riacán
Macdúnlainge, Riacán - Machi, Sandra Marie
Machi, Sandra Marie - Mackay, Elizabeth
Mackay, Elizabeth - Mackenzie, Maria
Mackenzie, Maria - Mackinnon, William
Mackinnon, William - Mackworth, Digby Frances
Mackworth, Digby Frances - Macmahon, Donough Carrach
Macmahon, Donough Carrach - MACOCK(E), Samuel
MACOCK(E), Samuel - Macrory, Maelbrighde
Macrory, Maelbrighde - Madden, Ann
Madden, Ann - Madden, Harriett Leonora
Madden, Harriett Leonora - Madden, Mary
Madden, Mary - Madder, Ellen
Madder, Ellen - Maddox, Kenneth Walton
Maddox, Kenneth Walton - Madison, Conner Blair
Madison, Conner Blair - Madsdatter, Johanne
Madsdatter, Johanne - Magdalene, Countess Leiningen Christine
Magdalene, Countess Leiningen Christine - Magee, Sarah
Magee, Sarah - Magnus, Prince Of Mecklenburg
Magnus, Prince Of Mecklenburg - Magruder, Jane Sprigg
Magruder, Jane Sprigg - Mahaffey, Augustus Lewis
Mahaffey, Augustus Lewis - Mahaffey, Levesta
Mahaffey, Levesta - Mahaney, Reynolds Cornelius
Mahaney, Reynolds Cornelius - Mahoney, David Anthony
Mahoney, David Anthony - Main, Cathy
Main, Cathy - Mains, Jesse
Mains, Jesse - Maitland, Hannah Charlotte
Maitland, Hannah Charlotte - Major, Jessica Lauren
Major, Jessica Lauren - Majorca, James III Of
Majorca, James III Of - Malaga, Debra Ann
Malaga, Debra Ann - Mallara, Andrew Thomas
Mallara, Andrew Thomas - Mallonee, Brian Hobbs
Mallonee, Brian Hobbs - Malm, Michaeleen
Malm, Michaeleen - Malone, James
Malone, James - Malonee, Mart
Malonee, Mart - Maltbie, Benjamin

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