This is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. Some of it is my research, much of it has been shared with me.

DISCLAIMER: This is my speculative data. I've verified very little of it. Use it for hints and pointers, but do your own research!

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This data changes often. If you've arrived from a search engine, it's could be that you don't see the information you were looking for. The current index for can be found here. You can email me at genealogy at for updates, removal requests, etc.

Newman, Kelly - Newmark, Marco Ross
Newmark, Marco Ross - NEWSUM, (?)
NEWSUM, (?) - Newton, Elizabeth
Newton, Elizabeth - Newton, Jesse Lynn
Newton, Jesse Lynn - Newton, Mary Ellen
Newton, Mary Ellen - Newton, Sarah Ann
Newton, Sarah Ann - Nice, Michael Alan
Nice, Michael Alan - Nichols, Abraham
Nichols, Abraham - Nichols, Cora J.
Nichols, Cora J. - Nichols, Georgia Ann
Nichols, Georgia Ann - Nichols, John Edward
Nichols, John Edward - Nichols, Marily
Nichols, Marily - Nichols, Raymond Arthur
Nichols, Raymond Arthur - Nichols, Verlin Ray
Nichols, Verlin Ray - Nicholson, Bennett
Nicholson, Bennett - Nicholson, Edward
Nicholson, Edward - Nicholson, Harold
Nicholson, Harold - Nicholson, John
Nicholson, John - Nicholson, Martha
Nicholson, Martha - Nicholson, Otis
Nicholson, Otis - Nicholson, Syble
Nicholson, Syble - Nickell, William Washington
Nickell, William Washington - Nicoll, Ernest Eugene
Nicoll, Ernest Eugene - Nielsen, Margaret Elizabeth
Nielsen, Margaret Elizabeth - Nier, David Allan
Nier, David Allan - Nilsdotter, Cherstin
Nilsdotter, Cherstin - Nimmons, Nancy Keturah
Nimmons, Nancy Keturah - NIPE, James Bowman
NIPE, James Bowman - Nishimura, Roy Makoto
Nishimura, Roy Makoto - Nix, Bessie
Nix, Bessie - Nix, Donnie
Nix, Donnie - Nix, Hattie
Nix, Hattie - Nix, John T.
Nix, John T. - Nix, Mary
Nix, Mary - Nix, Rodney
Nix, Rodney - Nix, William F.
Nix, William F. - Njegos, Stanko Petrovich
Njegos, Stanko Petrovich - Noble, Amanda
Noble, Amanda - Noble, Nancy
Noble, Nancy - Noe, Charlie Wallace
Noe, Charlie Wallace - Noel, Marcel
Noel, Marcel - Nolan, Pamela Suzette
Nolan, Pamela Suzette - Noll, Joseph Edward
Noll, Joseph Edward - Nordquist, Pamela Sue
Nordquist, Pamela Sue - Norman, Boy
Norman, Boy - Norman, Dereck Anthony
Norman, Dereck Anthony - Norman, Gary Dean
Norman, Gary Dean - Norman, John
Norman, John - Norman, Margaret Hester
Norman, Margaret Hester - Norman, Norma Lynn
Norman, Norma Lynn - Norman, Samuel Patrick
Norman, Samuel Patrick - Norman, Walter Edwin
Norman, Walter Edwin - Norquay, Mary Harriet
Norquay, Mary Harriet - Norris, Carrie Ann
Norris, Carrie Ann - Norris, Sr. George Furman
Norris, Sr. George Furman - Norris, Joy
Norris, Joy - Norris, Nancy
Norris, Nancy - Norris, Timmy
Norris, Timmy - Norrod, Captola
Norrod, Captola - Norrod, J. B.
Norrod, J. B. - Norrod, Opal Clara
Norrod, Opal Clara - Norta, Anna Dorothea
Norta, Anna Dorothea - North, Matthew Rodgers
North, Matthew Rodgers - Northcutt, Mattie
Northcutt, Mattie - Northrop, Susan Elizabeth
Northrop, Susan Elizabeth - Norton, Abigail
Norton, Abigail - Norton, Clark Wade
Norton, Clark Wade - Norton, Elizabeth E
Norton, Elizabeth E - Norton, Hugh
Norton, Hugh - Norton, Kirt W
Norton, Kirt W - Norton, Mercer
Norton, Mercer - Norton, (Twin) Samuel
Norton, (Twin) Samuel - Norton, Winston Gayle
Norton, Winston Gayle - Nosti, Angelo
Nosti, Angelo - Novgorod Seversk, Duke Of Gleb Svyatoslavich &
Novgorod Seversk, Duke Of Gleb Svyatoslavich & - Nowlin, Sherod
Nowlin, Sherod - Nugent, Elizabeth
Nugent, Elizabeth - Nunius, Heinreich
Nunius, Heinreich - Nutt, Nancy
Nutt, Nancy - Nutter, Levi N.
Nutter, Levi N. - Nye, Samuel
Nye, Samuel - O''brian, Forggus Maccellaig
O''brian, Forggus Maccellaig - O''brien, Dearbforgail Ingen Donnchada
O''brien, Dearbforgail Ingen Donnchada - O''brien, Helen Rebecca
O''brien, Helen Rebecca - O''brien, Mary
O''brien, Mary - O''brien, King Of Thomond Teige Caeluisce
O''brien, King Of Thomond Teige Caeluisce - O''bryant, Thomas
O''bryant, Thomas - O''connor, Murchadh Macmuircheartaig Óig
O''connor, Murchadh Macmuircheartaig Óig - O''dell, Earl
O''dell, Earl - O''dell, John O
O''dell, John O - O''dell, Nica
O''dell, Nica - O''dempsey, Brian Mcdermod
O''dempsey, Brian Mcdermod - O''donnel, Mary Katherine
O''donnel, Mary Katherine - O''hare, Joseph
O''hare, Joseph - O''kelly, William Pinckney
O''kelly, William Pinckney - O''neal, Charlotte
O''neal, Charlotte - O''Neil, Stacy Marie
O''Neil, Stacy Marie - O''oyley, John
O''oyley, John - O''rourke, Donnchadh Mactighearnáin Óig
O''rourke, Donnchadh Mactighearnáin Óig - O''shields, Dora

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