This is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. Some of it is my research, much of it has been shared with me.

DISCLAIMER: This is my speculative data. I've verified very little of it. Use it for hints and pointers, but do your own research!

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This data changes often. If you've arrived from a search engine, it's could be that you don't see the information you were looking for. The current index for can be found here. You can email me at genealogy at for updates, removal requests, etc.

O''shields, Dora - O''shields, William Pascal
O''shields, William Pascal - Oakes, Ursa
Oakes, Ursa - Oakley, Sallie C.
Oakley, Sallie C. - Oates, Mae
Oates, Mae - Obermayer, Barbara
Obermayer, Barbara - Odding, George
Odding, George - Odom, David B.
Odom, David B. - Odom, Michael
Odom, Michael - Odykirk, Aubrey
Odykirk, Aubrey - Of Saxe-Coburg, Ferdinand
Of Saxe-Coburg, Ferdinand - Offutt, James D.
Offutt, James D. - Ogden, Nancy
Ogden, Nancy - Ogilvy, David William Stanley
Ogilvy, David William Stanley - Ogle, Elizabeth "Betsy"
Ogle, Elizabeth "Betsy" - Oglesby, Mark
Oglesby, Mark - Olafsson, King Of Dublin Sihtric Silkbeard Of Dublin
Olafsson, King Of Dublin Sihtric Silkbeard Of Dublin - Oldenburg, King Of Greece Constantine II
Oldenburg, King Of Greece Constantine II - Oldham, Glen Roy
Oldham, Glen Roy - OLDS, Mercy
OLDS, Mercy - Oliphant, 5th Lord Lawrence
Oliphant, 5th Lord Lawrence - Oliver, Cora Beatrice
Oliver, Cora Beatrice - Oliver, Jamima
Oliver, Jamima - Oliver, Newton
Oliver, Newton - Oliver, William
Oliver, William - Olmstead, Samuel
Olmstead, Samuel - Olsen, Lisa
Olsen, Lisa - Olson, Ole
Olson, Ole - Ongnies, Claude De
Ongnies, Claude De - Orchard, Joan
Orchard, Joan - Orem, George
Orem, George - Ormiston, Roger
Ormiston, Roger - Orr, Babbs
Orr, Babbs - Orr, Dick
Orr, Dick - Orr, Glenn Dalphia
Orr, Glenn Dalphia - Orr, Jessie Dora
Orr, Jessie Dora - Orr, Lyndon
Orr, Lyndon - Orr, Oliver O. (Ival)
Orr, Oliver O. (Ival) - Orr, Susan Kay
Orr, Susan Kay - Orreby, Alice
Orreby, Alice - Orton, Robert Martin
Orton, Robert Martin - Osborn, Mary D
Osborn, Mary D - Osborne, Duell Zachary
Osborne, Duell Zachary - Osborne, Mary
Osborne, Mary - Osburn, James Dale
Osburn, James Dale - Osteen, Dora Ann
Osteen, Dora Ann - Ostrander, Abraham
Ostrander, Abraham - Ostrander, Catrina
Ostrander, Catrina - Ostrander, Ernest
Ostrander, Ernest - Ostrander, Hester Ophelia
Ostrander, Hester Ophelia - Ostrander, John W.
Ostrander, John W. - Ostrander, Mary
Ostrander, Mary - Ostrander, Rachel
Ostrander, Rachel - Ostrander, William (S.O. Jacobus 1731)
Ostrander, William (S.O. Jacobus 1731) - Oswalt, Guy
Oswalt, Guy - Otterstrom, Joseph Harold
Otterstrom, Joseph Harold - Otto, Count Of Nassau
Otto, Count Of Nassau - OULD, Ebenezer
OULD, Ebenezer - Overall, Christopher Gregg
Overall, Christopher Gregg - Overman, Eloise
Overman, Eloise - Overton, Sarah Meriwether
Overton, Sarah Meriwether - Owen, Annie Lou
Owen, Annie Lou - Owen, Crayton Berry
Owen, Crayton Berry - Owen, Frances Caroline
Owen, Frances Caroline - Owen, Jr. James Edward
Owen, Jr. James Edward - Owen, Kenneth Dale
Owen, Kenneth Dale - Owen, Mary Caroline
Owen, Mary Caroline - Owen, Rebecca Jean
Owen, Rebecca Jean - Owen, Thomas
Owen, Thomas - Owenby, Addie
Owenby, Addie - Owens, Billy D
Owens, Billy D - Owens, Dessie M.
Owens, Dessie M. - Owens, George A.
Owens, George A. - Owens, James M
Owens, James M - Owens, Larry
Owens, Larry - Owens, Mary Frances
Owens, Mary Frances - Owens, Ray Huskey
Owens, Ray Huskey - Owens, Theodore J
Owens, Theodore J - Owings, Alice Jane
Owings, Alice Jane - Oxenden, Henry
Oxenden, Henry - Ozbirn, Emily Kay
Ozbirn, Emily Kay - Ozment, Martha J.
Ozment, Martha J. - Pace, Angie Ramell
Pace, Angie Ramell - Pace, Debbie
Pace, Debbie - Pace, Helen Jeanette
Pace, Helen Jeanette - Pace, John Henry
Pace, John Henry - Pace, Marvin Matthew
Pace, Marvin Matthew - Pace, Richard Ivy
Pace, Richard Ivy - Pace, Waymon Parker
Pace, Waymon Parker - Packard, Adin
Packard, Adin - Packard, Mary
Packard, Mary - Packer, Eli
Packer, Eli - Padbury, Stephen
Padbury, Stephen - Padgett, Garner
Padgett, Garner - Padgett, Sarah
Padgett, Sarah - Pagan, Mary Ann
Pagan, Mary Ann - Page, Don
Page, Don - Page, John
Page, John - Page, Nannie
Page, Nannie - Page, Victoria Cecilia
Page, Victoria Cecilia - Paige, Mary

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