This is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. Some of it is my research, much of it has been shared with me.

DISCLAIMER: This is my speculative data. I've verified very little of it. Use it for hints and pointers, but do your own research!

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This data changes often. If you've arrived from a search engine, it's could be that you don't see the information you were looking for. The current index for can be found here. You can email me at genealogy at for updates, removal requests, etc.

RAIFORD, Roseanne - Raikes, Catherine Octavia
Raikes, Catherine Octavia - Raines, Barry
Raines, Barry - Raines, Nancy
Raines, Nancy - Rainey, Melton
Rainey, Melton - Rait, William
Rait, William - Raleigh (Rawley), Frances
Raleigh (Rawley), Frances - Ramey, Andrew
Ramey, Andrew - Ramey, Jimmy Ray
Ramey, Jimmy Ray - Ramirez, King Of Arragon Sancho V
Ramirez, King Of Arragon Sancho V - Rampey, Henry Joe
Rampey, Henry Joe - Rampey, Rebecca Nicole
Rampey, Rebecca Nicole - Ramsdell, Mary J.
Ramsdell, Mary J. - Ramsey, Eugene Basken
Ramsey, Eugene Basken - Ramsey, Minda Lee
Ramsey, Minda Lee - RAND, (?)
RANDALL, REGINA LYNN - Randle, Margaret
Randle, Margaret - Randolph, Anne
Randolph, Anne - Randolph, Clara M. Fitz
Randolph, Clara M. Fitz - Randolph, Elizabeth
Randolph, Elizabeth - Randolph, Grief
Randolph, Grief - Randolph, Jane
Randolph, Jane - Randolph, Jonathan Fitz
Randolph, Jonathan Fitz - Randolph, Mariah Jane Fitz
Randolph, Mariah Jane Fitz - Randolph, Nancy Fitz
Randolph, Nancy Fitz - Randolph, Of Bizarre Richard
Randolph, Of Bizarre Richard - Randolph, Stephen Fitz
Randolph, Stephen Fitz - Randolph, William Henry
Randolph, William Henry - Ranken, William
Ranken, William - Rankin, Margaret
Rankin, Margaret - Rans, Charles Alexander
Rans, Charles Alexander - Ransom, Sarah
Ransom, Sarah - Ransome, Kevin Nigel
Ransome, Kevin Nigel - Rantzau, Margrethe
Rantzau, Margrethe - Rape, Steven
Rape, Steven - Rappoltstein, Egenolf Von
Rappoltstein, Egenolf Von - Rash, Mary Diane
Rash, Mary Diane - Ratchford, Jean "Janet"
Ratchford, Jean "Janet" - Ratliff, Babbette Rae
Ratliff, Babbette Rae - Rattray, Grizel
Rattray, Grizel - Ravan, C C
Ravan, C C - Ravenel, Mary
Ravenel, Mary - Rawlins Rollins, Thomas
Rawlins Rollins, Thomas - Raxter, Leota
Raxter, Leota - RAY, Cassey Kelly
RAY, Cassey Kelly - Ray, Emelis M
Ray, Emelis M - Ray, Jane
Ray, Jane - Ray, Logan
Ray, Logan - Ray, Nathan
Ray, Nathan - Ray, Sara Anne
Ray, Sara Anne - Rayder, Miranda
Rayder, Miranda - Rea, Fanny Mariah
Rea, Fanny Mariah - Read, Martha Jane "Janey"
Read, Martha Jane "Janey" - Reade, Phillip
Reade, Phillip - Reagan, Michael Steven
Reagan, Michael Steven - Reams, Halestine
Reams, Halestine - Reaves, Peter Alonzo
Reaves, Peter Alonzo - Reblogel", Barbara
Reblogel", Barbara - Rector, Mary
Rector, Mary - Redd, George Washington
Redd, George Washington - Redden, Florence Belle
Redden, Florence Belle - Redfield, Ambrose
Redfield, Ambrose - Redfield, Orrin
Redfield, Orrin - Redman, Grace
Redman, Grace - Redwine, Emma C.
Redwine, Emma C. - Reece, Charles A.
Reece, Charles A. - Reece, Hattie
Reece, Hattie - Reece, Lewis Montgomery
Reece, Lewis Montgomery - Reece, Richard Harrison
Reece, Richard Harrison - Reed, Alice
Reed, Alice - Reed, David
Reed, David - Reed, (3) Hannah
Reed, (3) Hannah - Reed, John
Reed, John - Reed, Mariah Leeann
Reed, Mariah Leeann - Reed, R. D.
Reed, R. D. - Reed, Thomas Alex
Reed, Thomas Alex - Reeder
Reeder - Reedy, Johsua
Reedy, Johsua - Reese, Betty Lou
Reese, Betty Lou - Reese, Irene
Reese, Irene - Reese, Minnie
Reese, Minnie - Reeve, Luke
Reeve, Luke - Reeves, Carol Marie
Reeves, Carol Marie - Reeves, Elizabeth Grace
Reeves, Elizabeth Grace - REEVES, Sr. James
REEVES, Sr. James - Reeves, Larry
Reeves, Larry - Reeves, Melissa Carrie
Reeves, Melissa Carrie - Reeves, Rhoda
Reeves, Rhoda - Reeves, Thomas William
Reeves, Thomas William - REGAN, CAPT. RALPH
Regnier, I - Reid, Betty Sue
Reid, Betty Sue - Reid, Elizebeth "Betsy"
Reid, Elizebeth "Betsy" - Reid, Honor
Reid, Honor - Reid, Judy Lee
Reid, Judy Lee - Reid, Martha Jane
Reid, Martha Jane - Reid, Rev Robert Hardin
Reid, Rev Robert Hardin - Reid, Vester Talmadge
Reid, Vester Talmadge - Reilly, Mabel Evelyn
Reilly, Mabel Evelyn - Reinig, Terry Dean

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