This is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. Some of it is my research, much of it has been shared with me.

DISCLAIMER: This is my speculative data. I've verified very little of it. Use it for hints and pointers, but do your own research!

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This data changes often. If you've arrived from a search engine, it's could be that you don't see the information you were looking for. The current index for can be found here. You can email me at genealogy at for updates, removal requests, etc.

Roberts, Thomas - Robertson
Robertson - Robertson, Darlene Shana
Robertson, Darlene Shana - Robertson, Hugh Kenneth
Robertson, Hugh Kenneth - Robertson, Kenneth Richard
Robertson, Kenneth Richard - Robertson, Nora Opal (Nona)
Robertson, Nora Opal (Nona) - Robertson, Virginia
Robertson, Virginia - Robinet, Margaret
Robinet, Margaret - Robinett, Bertha
Robinett, Bertha - Robinett, Curtis Goddard
Robinett, Curtis Goddard - Robinett, Elizabeth
Robinett, Elizabeth - Robinett, Garfield
Robinett, Garfield - Robinett, Herbert D.
Robinett, Herbert D. - Robinett, John
Robinett, John - Robinett, Lillian Virginia
Robinett, Lillian Virginia - Robinett, Mary Ann
Robinett, Mary Ann - Robinett, Olive J.
Robinett, Olive J. - Robinett, Rose Alice
Robinett, Rose Alice - Robinett, Sylvia A.
Robinett, Sylvia A. - Robinett", Harvey
Robinett", Harvey - Robinette, Elva Mary
Robinette, Elva Mary - Robinette, Lola F.
Robinette, Lola F. - Robinette, Viola
Robinette, Viola - Robinson, A Damia
Robinson, A Damia - Robinson, Annie Willie
Robinson, Annie Willie - Robinson, Caroline Jutte
Robinson, Caroline Jutte - Robinson, David
Robinson, David - Robinson, Elizabeth
Robinson, Elizabeth - Robinson, Francis Truman
Robinson, Francis Truman - Robinson, Hazel
Robinson, Hazel - Robinson, James H
Robinson, James H - Robinson, John Alexander
Robinson, John Alexander - Robinson, Kathleen Virginia
Robinson, Kathleen Virginia - Robinson, Marcia Kim
Robinson, Marcia Kim - Robinson, Mary Gina
Robinson, Mary Gina - Robinson, Ohio
Robinson, Ohio - Robinson, Roena Ann
Robinson, Roena Ann - Robinson, Shirley Ann
Robinson, Shirley Ann - Robinson, W Benton
Robinson, W Benton - Robinson, Winnie Viola
Robinson, Winnie Viola - ROBISON, Nancy
ROBISON, Nancy - Roche, Lady Bromwich Ellen
Roche, Lady Bromwich Ellen - Rochester, Archie Iler
Rochester, Archie Iler - Rochester, Elizabeth C.
Rochester, Elizabeth C. - Rochester, James Nicholas
Rochester, James Nicholas - Rochester, Marion John Lee
Rochester, Marion John Lee - Rochester, Samuel Bruce
Rochester, Samuel Bruce - Rockefeller, William Teal
Rockefeller, William Teal - Rodden, Myrtle Catherine
Rodden, Myrtle Catherine - Rodgers, Clayton Ewell
Rodgers, Clayton Ewell - Rodgers, Royce Rae
Rodgers, Royce Rae - Roe, Bruce
Roe, Bruce - Roe, Martha Lucretia
Roe, Martha Lucretia - Roeder, Richard
Roeder, Richard - ROGERS, Adam Michael
ROGERS, Adam Michael - Rogers, Archie Vernon
Rogers, Archie Vernon - Rogers, Boles A.
Rogers, Boles A. - Rogers, Clifford
Rogers, Clifford - Rogers, Donald Ray
Rogers, Donald Ray - Rogers, Elizabeth
Rogers, Elizabeth - Rogers, Floyd Rudolph
Rogers, Floyd Rudolph - Rogers, Hannah
Rogers, Hannah - Rogers, Jack
Rogers, Jack - Rogers, Jane Ann
Rogers, Jane Ann - Rogers, John
Rogers, John - Rogers, Josephine
Rogers, Josephine - Rogers, Leonidas Dewitt
Rogers, Leonidas Dewitt - Rogers, Mamie
Rogers, Mamie - Rogers, Mary
Rogers, Mary - Rogers, Middleton D.
Rogers, Middleton D. - Rogers, Ottis Woodward
Rogers, Ottis Woodward - Rogers, Richard
Rogers, Richard - Rogers, Sara Katherine
Rogers, Sara Katherine - Rogers, Tanya
Rogers, Tanya - Rogers, Wade
Rogers, Wade - Rogers, William T.
Rogers, William T. - Rohan, Olivier II De
Rohan, Olivier II De - Rohrbach, Keely
Rohrbach, Keely - Roina, John
Roina, John - Roley, Ruth
Roley, Ruth - Sullins, Naomi V.
Sullins, Naomi V. - Rollins, Jeffrey Fredrick
Rollins, Jeffrey Fredrick - Rolston, George Everett
Rolston, George Everett - Romanov, Irina
Romanov, Irina - Romanovna, Mariya
Romanovna, Mariya - Ronald, James A.
Ronald, James A. - Rooker, Willard
Rooker, Willard - Rooper, Eva Montague
Rooper, Eva Montague - Rooper, Robert Leigh
Rooper, Robert Leigh - Root, Aaron H.
Root, Aaron H. - Roote, Thomas
Roote, Thomas - Roper, Anne
Roper, Anne - Roper, Artie J
Roper, Artie J - Roper, Benjamin
Roper, Benjamin - Roper, Betty Jane
Roper, Betty Jane - Roper, Broadus Franklin
Roper, Broadus Franklin - Roper, Caroline
Roper, Caroline - Roper, Charles
Roper, Charles - Roper, Charles W
Roper, Charles W - Roper, Claude
Roper, Claude - Roper, D''arcy Wentworth

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