This is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. Some of it is my research, much of it has been shared with me.

DISCLAIMER: This is my speculative data. I've verified very little of it. Use it for hints and pointers, but do your own research!

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This data changes often. If you've arrived from a search engine, it's could be that you don't see the information you were looking for. The current index for can be found here. You can email me at genealogy at for updates, removal requests, etc.

Roper, D''arcy Wentworth - Roper, David Hartley
Roper, David Hartley - Roper, Dianne
Roper, Dianne - Roper, Dorothy Lorene
Roper, Dorothy Lorene - Roper, Edward
Roper, Edward - Roper, Elizabeth
Roper, Elizabeth - Roper, Ellender
Roper, Ellender - Roper, Erin Paige
Roper, Erin Paige - Roper, Evelyn Mary
Roper, Evelyn Mary - Roper, Frances
Roper, Frances - Roper, Fred Dwight
Roper, Fred Dwight - Roper, George Alvin
Roper, George Alvin - Roper, Gerould J
Roper, Gerould J - Roper, Hamilton
Roper, Hamilton - Roper, Heather Fyfe
Roper, Heather Fyfe - Roper, Hester Delores
Roper, Hester Delores - Roper, Irene
Roper, Irene - Roper, James Alexander
Roper, James Alexander - Roper, James Ned
Roper, James Ned - Roper, Jayme Leigh
Roper, Jayme Leigh - Roper, Jessie Corrine
Roper, Jessie Corrine - Roper, John
Roper, John - Roper, John Gary
Roper, John Gary - Roper, John Wesley
Roper, John Wesley - Roper, Joseph Woodson
Roper, Joseph Woodson - Roper, Kate Jewell
Roper, Kate Jewell - Roper, Kisiah
Roper, Kisiah - Roper, Leann
Roper, Leann - Roper, Levisa
Roper, Levisa - Roper, Lois
Roper, Lois - Roper, Lucinda
Roper, Lucinda - Roper, Mae
Roper, Mae - Roper, Margaret Noel
Roper, Margaret Noel - Roper, Martha Elizabeth
Roper, Martha Elizabeth - Roper, Mary
Roper, Mary - Roper, Mary Henrietta
Roper, Mary Henrietta - Roper, Matilda Evelyn
Roper, Matilda Evelyn - Roper, Michael Edwin
Roper, Michael Edwin - Roper, Myra
Roper, Myra - Roper, Nellie
Roper, Nellie - Roper, Oscar Fields
Roper, Oscar Fields - Roper, Pearl
Roper, Pearl - Roper, Rachel Vanzie
Roper, Rachel Vanzie - Roper, Richard
Roper, Richard - Roper, Robert Alexander
Roper, Robert Alexander - Roper, Roberta Jean
Roper, Roberta Jean - Roper, Roy R
Roper, Roy R - Roper, Sally Jo
Roper, Sally Jo - Roper, Sarah A
Roper, Sarah A - Roper, Sheila Jean
Roper, Sheila Jean - Roper, Stephen Thomas
Roper, Stephen Thomas - Roper, Tahlia Whitney
Roper, Tahlia Whitney - Roper, Thomas N
Roper, Thomas N - Roper, Vashti Louisa
Roper, Vashti Louisa - Roper, Walter Earl
Roper, Walter Earl - Roper, William
Roper, William - Roper, William Floyd
Roper, William Floyd - Roper, William Stanley
Roper, William Stanley - Roper-Curzon, Henrietta Margaret
Roper-Curzon, Henrietta Margaret - Rosa, Phoebe
Rosa, Phoebe - Rose, Addy
Rose, Addy - Rose, Infant
Rose, Infant - Rose, Mary Goodsell
Rose, Mary Goodsell - Rose Ellen (Rozella), Dennis
Rose Ellen (Rozella), Dennis - Rosencranse, George
Rosencranse, George - Ross, Betsey
Ross, Betsey - Ross, Elizabeth Griscom
Ross, Elizabeth Griscom - Ross, Isaac Mann
Ross, Isaac Mann - Ross, Kelli Elizabeth
Ross, Kelli Elizabeth - Ross, Maryon
Ross, Maryon - Ross, Sarah
Ross, Sarah - Rossen, Mattie Martha
Rossen, Mattie Martha - Rothell, Jr Claude Webster
Rothell, Jr Claude Webster - Rough, Lula
Rough, Lula - Rouse, Charles Buford
Rouse, Charles Buford - Rouse, Orlie Bessie
Rouse, Orlie Bessie - Rousey, James
Rousey, James - Rousey, Sarah
Rousey, Sarah - Rovere, Frederico Ubaldo De La
Rovere, Frederico Ubaldo De La - Rowe, Helen
Rowe, Helen - Rowell, Howell Culberson
Rowell, Howell Culberson - Rowland, Ester
Rowland, Ester - Rowland, Nona
Rowland, Nona - Rowley, Henry
Rowley, Henry - Roy, Melinda E.
Roy, Melinda E. - Royce, Frank
Royce, Frank - Royer, Noe
Royer, Noe - Ruby, Daniel William
Ruby, Daniel William - Rudd, Frances
Rudd, Frances - Ruddell, Matthew D.
Ruddell, Matthew D. - Rudilphi, Margaret
Rudilphi, Margaret - Rueter, Zachary Austin
Rueter, Zachary Austin - Ruffles, Robert
Ruffles, Robert - Ruguley, Catherine Allen
Ruguley, Catherine Allen - Rumburg, Austin Taylor
Rumburg, Austin Taylor - Rumsey, George
Rumsey, George - Runion, Harry
Runion, Harry - Runyan, Micahah Dunn
Runyan, Micahah Dunn - Runyon, Julia
Runyon, Julia - Ruppanner, Austin Andrew
Ruppanner, Austin Andrew - Rush, Jr Archie Truman

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