This is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. Some of it is my research, much of it has been shared with me.

DISCLAIMER: This is my speculative data. I've verified very little of it. Use it for hints and pointers, but do your own research!

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This data changes often. If you've arrived from a search engine, it's could be that you don't see the information you were looking for. The current index for can be found here. You can email me at genealogy at for updates, removal requests, etc.

Wessex, Mrs-Cutha (Cuthwulf) Princessof - West, Carl Rome
West, Carl Rome - West, Elizabeth
West, Elizabeth - West, James
West, James - West, Keziah
West, Keziah - West, Mary Lou
West, Mary Lou - West, Sam
West, Sam - West, Sir William
West, Sir William - Westbrook, James Wiley
Westbrook, James Wiley - Westenhaver, Jacob
Westenhaver, Jacob - Western, Charles
Western, Charles - Western, Isabel Caroline
Western, Isabel Caroline - Western, Peter Leslie Patrick
Western, Peter Leslie Patrick - Westervelt, Mattie M.
Westervelt, Mattie M. - Westmoreland, Annette
Westmoreland, Annette - Weston, Bentley
Weston, Bentley - Weston, Laura Jane
Weston, Laura Jane - Weston, William
Weston, William - Wethering, Edmund
Wethering, Edmund - Wettstein, Chad
Wettstein, Chad - Whaley, Barbara
Whaley, Barbara - Whartenby, James Buchanan
Whartenby, James Buchanan - Wheat, Ester
Wheat, Ester - Wheeler, Allison Rae
Wheeler, Allison Rae - Wheeler, Elizabeth
Wheeler, Elizabeth - Wheeler, John
Wheeler, John - Wheeler, Mary L.
Wheeler, Mary L. - Wheeler, Susan
Wheeler, Susan - Wheelock, John
Wheelock, John - Wheler, Sir 5Th Bart William
Wheler, Sir 5Th Bart William - Whiddon, William Norman
Whiddon, William Norman - Whipple, Robert
Whipple, Robert - Whisenant, Roy
Whisenant, Roy - WHITAKER, Chris Martin
WHITAKER, Chris Martin - WHITAKER, John Martin
WHITAKER, John Martin - Whitaker, Robert
Whitaker, Robert - Whitbeck, Pieter
Whitbeck, Pieter - Whitcombe, Charlotte
Whitcombe, Charlotte - White, Alice
White, Alice - White, Barbara Ann
White, Barbara Ann - White, Carol Ann
White, Carol Ann - White, Cornelius
White, Cornelius - White, Donna
White, Donna - White, Elizabeth
White, Elizabeth - White, Eunice Elizabeth
White, Eunice Elizabeth - White, Capt. Gideon
White, Capt. Gideon - White, Helen W
White, Helen W - White, James Elijah
White, James Elijah - White, Jerry
White, Jerry - White, John Dee
White, John Dee - White, Julia Leigh
White, Julia Leigh - White, Louella Mae
White, Louella Mae - White, Margaret J
White, Margaret J - White, Mary
White, Mary - White, Milton
White, Milton - White, Oliver
White, Oliver - White, Rebecca
White, Rebecca - White, Russell
White, Russell - White, Sarah Ann
White, Sarah Ann - White, Susannah
White, Susannah - White, Trotter
White, Trotter - White, William
White, William - Whitefoord, James
Whitefoord, James - Whitehead, Mike
Whitehead, Mike - Whiten, Winnie Frances
Whiten, Winnie Frances - Whitfield, Bobby Joe
Whitfield, Bobby Joe - Whiting, Albert
Whiting, Albert - WHITLEY, James M.
WHITLEY, James M. - Whitlock, Jannet Renna
Whitlock, Jannet Renna - Whitlock, William Harold
Whitlock, William Harold - Whitman, Roger L
Whitman, Roger L - Whitmire, Andrew P
Whitmire, Andrew P - Whitmire, Crawford
Whitmire, Crawford - Whitmire, Frances
Whitmire, Frances - Whitmire, J Palmer
Whitmire, J Palmer - Whitmire, Joseph Franklin
Whitmire, Joseph Franklin - Whitmire, Martha Caroline
Whitmire, Martha Caroline - Whitmire, Nellie Gertrude
Whitmire, Nellie Gertrude - Whitmire, Sarah
Whitmire, Sarah - Whitmire, Voyd
Whitmire, Voyd - WHITNEY, Adam Benjamin
WHITNEY, Adam Benjamin - Whitney, Henry
Whitney, Henry - WHITNEY, Reina
WHITNEY, Reina - Whiton, Tamar
Whiton, Tamar - Whitson, William
Whitson, William - Whittaker, Donald Aaron
Whittaker, Donald Aaron - Whitted, Betty
Whitted, Betty - Whittemore, Samuel
Whittemore, Samuel - Whitten, Erin Leigh
Whitten, Erin Leigh - Whitten, Jo Carol
Whitten, Jo Carol - Whitten, Mildred Ona
Whitten, Mildred Ona - Whitten, William
Whitten, William - Whittington, Marjorie
Whittington, Marjorie - Whitworth, Nancy Caian
Whitworth, Nancy Caian - Wicker, Sarah
Wicker, Sarah - Widdrington, Mary
Widdrington, Mary - Widener, Catherine
Widener, Catherine - Widener, Eunice (Unis)
Widener, Eunice (Unis) - Widener, John Barton
Widener, John Barton - Widener, Mary C.
Widener, Mary C. - Widener, Reuben

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