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I'm Rob Salzman (email: genealogy at
8630 SW Scholls Ferry Rd #133, Beaverton OR is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. It contains everyone I know who are connected to European Royalty or Nobility. Some small part of it is my original research, but most of it has been generously shared with me!

It is important to understand: This is SPECULATIVE DATA. Most of it is unverified. Use it for hints and pointers, but DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH!!!

You can leave a comment on each page here. If you want to be notified when this site changes, you can leave contact information here. I can always be reached at the mailing address above, or by email at genealogy at  

I've added a changelog so you can see what's upcoming here.

This website updated on November 18, 2016.

Wessman, Mary Catherine - West, Charles
West, Charles - West, Ella Bradford
West, Ella Bradford - West, James N.
West, James N. - West, Lenora Frances
West, Lenora Frances - West, Mike
West, Mike - West, Sarah
West, Sarah - West, William Grady
West, William Grady - Westbrook, Julia
Westbrook, Julia - Wester, Dennis Wayne
Wester, Dennis Wayne - Western, Lt. Colonel Charles Maximilian Thomas
Western, Lt. Colonel Charles Maximilian Thomas - Western, Jane
Western, Jane - Western, Richard Walsingham
Western, Richard Walsingham - Westfall, Anrew
Westfall, Anrew - Westmoreland, Elvia
Westmoreland, Elvia - Weston, Charles
Weston, Charles - Weston, Martha
Weston, Martha - Weston, Zachariah
Weston, Zachariah - Wetmore, Jane
Wetmore, Jane - Wetzel, James Owen
Wetzel, James Owen - Sullins, Dianna
Sullins, Dianna - Wharton, Elizabeth
Wharton, Elizabeth - Wheatley, Billy Joe
Wheatley, Billy Joe - Wheeler, Ann
Wheeler, Ann - Wheeler, Elizabeth
Wheeler, Elizabeth - Wheeler, John Edwin
Wheeler, John Edwin - Wheeler, Mollie Mae
Wheeler, Mollie Mae - Wheeler, Thomas
Wheeler, Thomas - Wheelock, Mary
Wheelock, Mary - Wherry, Edith
Wherry, Edith - Whipley, Philip
Whipley, Philip - Whipple, Virginia Agnes
Whipple, Virginia Agnes - Whisenhunt, Heidi Alicia
Whisenhunt, Heidi Alicia - Whitaker, Dennis Neal
Whitaker, Dennis Neal - Whitaker, Judyth Stowe
Whitaker, Judyth Stowe - Whitaker, Samuel
Whitaker, Samuel - Whitbread, Ellen
Whitbread, Ellen - White
White - White, Alonzo James
White, Alonzo James - White, Benjamin
White, Benjamin - White, Catherine Belinda
White, Catherine Belinda - White, Cynthia
White, Cynthia - White, Dorothy
White, Dorothy - White, Elizabeth
White, Elizabeth - White, Experience
White, Experience - White, Glenda Carol
White, Glenda Carol - White, Henry Foster
White, Henry Foster - White, James Jones
White, James Jones - White, Jessica Denise
White, Jessica Denise - White, John Joseph
White, John Joseph - White, Karen Sue
White, Karen Sue - White, Lucille
White, Lucille - White, Marion Curtis
White, Marion Curtis - White, Mary Ann
White, Mary Ann - White, Mitch
White, Mitch - White, Orville M
White, Orville M - White, Rebecca C.
White, Rebecca C. - White, Ruth
White, Ruth - White, Sarah Jane
White, Sarah Jane - White, Talley
White, Talley - White, Vada
White, Vada - White, William A.
White, William A. - Whitehead, Abiah
Whitehead, Abiah - Whitehead, Ransom
Whitehead, Ransom - Whites, Clyde William
Whites, Clyde William - Whitfield, Emma Mae
Whitfield, Emma Mae - Whiting, Cleo Eunice
Whiting, Cleo Eunice - Whitley, Sam
Whitley, Sam - Whitlock, Kathy
Whitlock, Kathy - Whitlow, Dianne
Whitlow, Dianne - Whitman, Scott
Whitman, Scott - Whitmire, Barbara Helen
Whitmire, Barbara Helen - Whitmire, David
Whitmire, David - Whitmire, Frona Esther
Whitmire, Frona Esther - Whitmire, James Matison
Whitmire, James Matison - Whitmire, K Z
Whitmire, K Z - Whitmire, Mary
Whitmire, Mary - Whitmire, Oscar Paul
Whitmire, Oscar Paul - Whitmire, Sarah C.
Whitmire, Sarah C. - Whitmire, Walter Furman
Whitmire, Walter Furman - WHITNEY, Annalee
WHITNEY, Annalee - WHITNEY, Jennifer
WHITNEY, Jennifer - Whitney, Robert Ellis
Whitney, Robert Ellis - Whitsel, Karen
Whitsel, Karen - Whitt, Brookie
Whitt, Brookie - Whittaker, Frederick Albert
Whittaker, Frederick Albert - Whitted, Elizabeth Caroline
Whitted, Elizabeth Caroline - Whitten, Andrew Lewis
Whitten, Andrew Lewis - Whitten, Fanny
Whitten, Fanny - Whitten, John Harrison
Whitten, John Harrison - Whitten, Nora Alice
Whitten, Nora Alice - Whitten, William Michler
Whitten, William Michler - Whittington, William
Whittington, William - Whitzel, William Albert
Whitzel, William Albert - Wickert, Edward
Wickert, Edward - Wideman, Emily Harris
Wideman, Emily Harris - Widener, Charley Davis
Widener, Charley Davis - Widener, Floyd Felix
Widener, Floyd Felix - Widener, John W.
Widener, John W. - Widener, Mary Susan
Widener, Mary Susan - Widener, Roy

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