This is my personal genealogy hobby site. The data contained here has been gathered through 20 years of genealogy. Some of it is my research, much of it has been shared with me.

DISCLAIMER: This is my speculative data. I've verified very little of it. Use it for hints and pointers, but do your own research!

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This data changes often. If you've arrived from a search engine, it's could be that you don't see the information you were looking for. The current index for can be found here. You can email me at genealogy at for updates, removal requests, etc.

Widener, Reuben - Widener, William Edmonson
Widener, William Edmonson - Wieden, Jacqueline Roy
Wieden, Jacqueline Roy - Wiese, Hazel
Wiese, Hazel - Wigg, Ann
Wigg, Ann - Wiggington, Nancy Elizabeth
Wiggington, Nancy Elizabeth - Wight, ---
Wight, --- - Wigley, M. E.
Wigley, M. E. - Wilbanks, J Martin
Wilbanks, J Martin - Wilbor, Joseph
Wilbor, Joseph - Wilbur, Sylvanus
Wilbur, Sylvanus - Wilcox, Alice
Wilcox, Alice - Wilcox, Daniel
Wilcox, Daniel - Wilcox, Experience
Wilcox, Experience - Wilcox, Jesse
Wilcox, Jesse - Wilcox, Lydia
Wilcox, Lydia - Wilcox, Patience
Wilcox, Patience - Wilcox, Thomas
Wilcox, Thomas - Wilcoxson, Josiah
Wilcoxson, Josiah - Wilde, Catherine W.
Wilde, Catherine W. - Wilder, Isaac
Wilder, Isaac - Wilder, Sarah
Wilder, Sarah - Wiles, Andrew Clay
Wiles, Andrew Clay - Wiles, Jesse
Wiles, Jesse - Wiles, Willie Lounell
Wiles, Willie Lounell - Wiley, Lena
Wiley, Lena - Wilford, Richard
Wilford, Richard - Wilhelm, Solms Braunfels Friedrich
Wilhelm, Solms Braunfels Friedrich - Wilhelmine, Princess Anhalt Auguste
Wilhelmine, Princess Anhalt Auguste - Wilkerson, Anna B.
Wilkerson, Anna B. - Wilkes, Elnora
Wilkes, Elnora - Wilkie, David
Wilkie, David - Wilkins, Genevieve Alice
Wilkins, Genevieve Alice - Wilkins, Tubman
Wilkins, Tubman - Wilkinson, Jr George Richard
Wilkinson, Jr George Richard - Wilkinson, Mary
Wilkinson, Mary - Wilks, Jr Gene Cameron
Wilks, Jr Gene Cameron - Willard, Sallie Grace Olivia
Willard, Sallie Grace Olivia - Willett, Jarry
Willett, Jarry - William, Count Of Flanders
William, Count Of Flanders - Williams, Abigail
Williams, Abigail - Williams, Andrew (Frank)
Williams, Andrew (Frank) - Williams, Barbara Jean
Williams, Barbara Jean - Williams, Bonnie
Williams, Bonnie - Williams, Charity Elizabeth
Williams, Charity Elizabeth - Williams, Clifton Beatrice
Williams, Clifton Beatrice - Williams, David Howard
Williams, David Howard - Williams, Drew
Williams, Drew - Williams, Eliza
Williams, Eliza - Williams, Emily Jo
Williams, Emily Jo - Williams, Floyd Alvin
Williams, Floyd Alvin - Williams, George F
Williams, George F - Williams, Hannah
Williams, Hannah - Williams, Herman Trenton
Williams, Herman Trenton - Williams, James
Williams, James - Williams, Jane
Williams, Jane - Williams, John
Williams, John - Williams, John M.
Williams, John M. - Williams, Josephine Eloise
Williams, Josephine Eloise - Williams, Kirk Kay
Williams, Kirk Kay - Williams, Lewis Jackson
Williams, Lewis Jackson - Williams, Lucy Marie
Williams, Lucy Marie - Williams, Mariah L.
Williams, Mariah L. - Williams, Mary
Williams, Mary - Williams, Mary Malinda
Williams, Mary Malinda - Williams, Miriam Alice
Williams, Miriam Alice - Williams, Nora
Williams, Nora - Williams, Peggy
Williams, Peggy - Williams, Richard
Williams, Richard - Williams, Roy Joseph
Williams, Roy Joseph - Williams, Sarah Capitola
Williams, Sarah Capitola - Williams, Susan
Williams, Susan - Williams, Sr Thomas Russell Yow
Williams, Sr Thomas Russell Yow - Williams, Weldon Ray
Williams, Weldon Ray - Williams, Woodrow Campbell
Williams, Woodrow Campbell - Williamson, Davis Ray
Williamson, Davis Ray - Williamson, John
Williamson, John - Williamson, Nathan
Williamson, Nathan - Williamson, William Washington
Williamson, William Washington - Willimon, Floy
Willimon, Floy - Willimon, William Gantt
Willimon, William Gantt - Willis, Brett Kenneth
Willis, Brett Kenneth - Willis, Gertrude
Willis, Gertrude - Willis, Justin Cody
Willis, Justin Cody - Willis, Randall
Willis, Randall - Willis, Zilpha
Willis, Zilpha - Willoughby, Lord George
Willoughby, Lord George - Wills, Hugh
Wills, Hugh - Wilmot, Elizabeth
Wilmot, Elizabeth - Wilson
Wilson - Wilson, Allene
Wilson, Allene - Wilson, Ashley Louise
Wilson, Ashley Louise - Wilson, Brooke Erica
Wilson, Brooke Erica - Wilson, Cindy
Wilson, Cindy - Wilson, Deidra
Wilson, Deidra - Wilson, Eliza A
Wilson, Eliza A - Wilson, Erin Elizabeth
Wilson, Erin Elizabeth - Wilson, G Elmo
Wilson, G Elmo - Holcomb, Harold Everett
Holcomb, Harold Everett - Wilson, Ira
Wilson, Ira - Wilson, James Floyd

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